Saturday, May 27, 2023

Baseball, Birthday Party, School concert and more!

 Hello again! Now May is almost over and I'm wondering how that can be. I'll highlight some of our fun and maybe go back to March to something we did then too. I'm all for summer so let June, July and August roll on in...and for goodness sake, may it slow down a bit ;-)

We went to a Lancaster Barnstormers Game!

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Ellen and three of her friends each got two free tickets at the Nite to Shine dance.

We were thrilled that it suited her friend Bri and her mom to go with us. 

Noah decided to come too.

We got lunch and ice cream before the game...everything is so expensive

 but we don't go often so why not make it memorable.

Noah was chosen to dance to some songs on top of the dugout!! 
He was having so much fun!

The day before this he celebrated his 8th birthday.

Oh that sweet little baby is now 8!
But he will always be my little buddy πŸ’–

Dad made burgers on the grill, Noah decorated his with ketchup,
and then we got ice cream at Scoops!
He also did a game of mini golf...full fun day!

After the baseball game
we celebrated Noah with a party at the bowling ally near our home.
He is such a fun loving people person...
he had a blast!!

Big cousins, little cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, parents and grandparents
all having a great time!

Besides this wonderful setout
there was also Domino's pizza.

What a delightful 8yr old!

Zoe had a concert and art show at her middle school.

The concert was wonderful!

She read an introduction to one of the songs.

Zoe sits to sing because standing for long periods of time is not good for her.

After the concert we went to find her artwork.

This elephant is perfection!
She is a very good artist.

Pointing to another piece she submitted for display.

And a third one!

I just love this sweet girl!

Ellen attended a Journey's Formal.

Our pretty girl all ready to go
 and dance, dance dance!

It was a travel theme.

Ellen and Emily pose with the queen!
All the decorations were amazing.

Ellen was so happy to have her friends Nicole and Emily 
attend Journey's with her this year.

Found their table!

And dance, dance, dance she did!

She must have said a million times on the way home how much fun she had.

Christie Hunt is a wonderful leader
and the many, many volunteer's it took 
to make this a memorial evening for our special adults...

So thankful!

Now for a look-back to March.
(not that I'm finished with May....but more on that later)

We attended my 50th high school reunion!
50 years, I must be getting old....

Even though we had gone through a very challenging week before this night
and I felt completely worn out,
 I still thoroughly enjoyed the evening with my classmates.

So good to see these friends again!!
A few reunions ago these name tags were made with our yearbook picture on therm.
We didn't use them at the 45th one
 but the committee decided to use them again this time.

These guys formed a quartette way back during our school days.
They may not look the same as they did back then but wow,
they still sound so good!

Joan and I were best friends especially during our senior year.
Always so good to catch up with  her at our reunions.

About that challenging week prior to the class reunion...
Our daughter-in-law had surgery in Philadelphia that Monday.
Our son stayed with her for the week in the hospital.
(thankful for less restrictions than a year ago when she was there)
So that meant we were responsible for the three kids.

So thankful we could keep their lives as normal as possible
because we live here too!
But I must say that what I often heard my dad say..
we know why God gave children to young people =)

So happy we are able to fill in the gaps
and so thankful the parents are usually here to parent!

Our DIL is doing well, 
we are grateful for the goodness of God through it all!


Kathy said...

Your life is as busy as mine! I went to my class reunion several years ago amd had a good time. But I probably won't go again. I'm so glad Ellen had a good time at the formal. She looks so happy in the pictures. And how did Noah get so big? Wasn't he just 4 years old when we met him?

Have a wonderful time on your vacation. Wish I were back there with you.

Mari said...

The bluebird is so pretty!
Happy Birthday to Noah. I like the green shirt on him - makes it easy to spot him dancing up there!
Good for Zoe! She is a good artist.
Glad Ellen had such fun. She looks cute in her dress.
50 years! How does this happen. I'm at 45, so not far behind you.
Good to hear your DIL is doing well.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful pst. Happy Birthday to Noah and Zoe did a wonderful job on that elephant. It looks like everyone had a really great time. There is nothing like spending time with family and friends. I don't know about you but I never thought I would be this busy at this age. lol. xo Diana

Theresa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment. We have been SO busy and there just hasn’t been time to blog. But. I still love my blog friends and catch up when I can. Now… HOW is that baby 8 years old 😒. Time just needs to slow down. Ellen is adorable and I know she loves to dance. Your reunion sounds wonderful. I missed mine due to, life. Love you bunches and I am thankful to hear surgery went well. I had the great-grands a couple nights ago and whew. They wear me out. Love you bunches.

Jean said...

Wow, I loved those class reunion pics. I need names!!!

Yes, so grateful Christy is doing well and for the strength God gave you to get through it all.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, this was a nice catch-up on what was going on in May with your family. Glad to read that your daughter-in-law, Christy, is recovering well. Looks like Noah had a great 8th birthday with a party and gifts and fun food too! Ellen and her friends looked like they also had a great time at the dance. Those high school reunions come around way faster than anyone likes.

We were so glad for the chance to catch-up with you and Dale on our recent PA trip. Thanks for taking the time.

baili said...

what a lovely sharing !
family time is precious and most comforting thing in life no doubt
i am glad you had it lots of it :)
more blessings!