Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas, Snow, Family

Christmas came to our house on Saturday! So did snow. Not as crazy about the snow as I am about Christmas and family =)

We had a little help decorating the tree! 

Christy is in charge of the help....I was working on the rest of the decorating. I'm not showing pictures yet because I'm not finished and I'll be moving things around for days before I'm satisfied! 

The wreath on the front door. Changed the batteries so the lights are now bright and cheery again. This wreath was a cheap one from Boscov's purchased several years ago. I added a bow, a string of lights, and some decorations. 

It snowed all day. I was so busy decorating that I hardly noticed!! Took some pictures in the afternoon. Lot more snow than I thought we would get! 

Sunday morning......

Sunny days are the best!! 

Also Sunday morning.....

Our granddaughters participated in the Advent reading and candle lighting. Paityn reads, Brinley hung the ornament on the Jesse tree, Their dad, Scott, helps Brinley light the candles. Didn't get a picture of that because I was holding Cambrie so their mommy could video. Of course, seeing my precious Grands participate warms my heart!

Sunday afternoon was spent with some of my siblings. My sister, Barb, and her hubby, John, from Idaho were here visiting his parents and spent time with us on Sunday. It's always so special to be together. 

We met at my brother's home. He and his wife prepared a wonderful dinner for us. But first we had to talk, catch-up, laugh, sing!

Our hosts, Dick and Nancy. 


Jean, Barb and I sang as a trio for many years. We still sing together when we are together! 

(I didn't take many pictures so some are borrowed from my sister, Jean) 

Barb, John, and our sweet Mary! 

For my newer readers, Mary was married to my Dad for almost 25 years. She is the best step-mother we could have asked for. Our parents are now in Heaven but we still have our Mary! 

Dale, Ellen and me. 

Left to Right:

Jean, her hubby, Dick standing behind her; Dale, Ellen and me; Barb, John, Mary; Dick, Nancy, Mary Ellen. 

Siblings are: Dick, Mary Ellen, Jean, me, Barb. 

Missing are: Janet who lives in Heaven, Betty from New Hampshire, Rose from Georgia. 

Pretty sunset! (too cold to go outdoors to take the pic so there's a reflection of the light behind me!) 

Beautifully set table!

Good times around that table. 

Love these people!! All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Barb and John. They fly home this afternoon. Would love to go see them in Idaho sometime. I've been there once but Dale has never been. It's a dream....and one we need to make a reality! 

One last picture....

Saturday evening Nancy posted this on FB saying that her table is set for our dinner on Sunday :))

God bless your I must get mine started!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

A Busy Time, my December!

Oh my goodness, I have been a busy bee! Almost too busy to read blogs and certainly too busy to post on mine. Here's what I've been up to......

Saturday, Dec. 2

Ellen and I joined three of her friends and their moms 
Saturday afternoon to see this musical.
It was so well done and we enjoyed it tremendously!

Sunday, Dec. 3
Marcy and Scott and the girls came over in the evening. I finally gave Paityn and Brinley their birthday gifts....I'm so embarrassed it took me so long =(

Brinley is always in a hurry 
so you need to be quick with the pictures!!

Cambrie comes to check it out!

Cambrie wonders why her sister moved it out of her way!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Brinley with her opened gifts.
Like I said, you have to be quick 
and I wasn't!

Paityn opens her gift...

She loves crafts and is thrilled with her gift!

One more picture....

This cutie is soon gonna walk!
Such a doll baby 

Tuesday, Dec. 5
I was up early because I had a bus  coach to catch.....I was going on another Bob Neff tour! 

Last week my friend, Marge, asked me if I wanted to go so I did. Well, it wasn't quite that easy. I had to cancel an appointment and make sure I wasn't needed at home. It's so busy around here all the time and there was more than once when I thought I shouldn't have said I'd go. But Christy said to just go and enjoy. So I did ☺

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this it was a Christmas mystery tour....We had no idea where we were headed for the day. So fun!!

It rained all day.

First stop was a rest stop....
McD's or Starbucks....

Well of course!!

Next stop,
Purity Candy, Allenwood, PA

We watched them make candy canes!
Then they handed us each a huge candy cane when we got back on the bus!

Me with my friends...
I only met Ada, standing next to me, that day.
The other three I have known longer.
Lydiann went to my church some  years ago.
Two are moms of Ellen's friends,
Reba, Marge.

We all have kids with special needs.

Next stop,
lunch at the Historic Lewisburg Hotel.

When have you last needed one of these??   

Leaving to head to the next stop....
where? we don't know!
Our bus coach driver standing on the brick sidewalk.
She was a wonderful driver!
And the owner of the Hotel is standing at the door 
with the blue jacket.
He apologized for his casual appearance.
It was a maintenance day for him!

One more picture of this beautiful building.....

Totally enjoyed eating there!
They made me a gluten free apple crisp dessert....
above and beyond, I'd say.
And I appreciate ♥

Next stop, a Christmas Tree Farm.

The owner shows us how they make wreaths
while he tells us the history of the farm.

Also at the farm are rooms and rooms and rooms
full of Christmas tree ornaments!

A selfie is in order!

Next Stop......
Bill's Old Bike Barn, Bloomsburg, PA

Um, I was not at all sure I was going to enjoy this stop.

But, was I ever wrong!!

Here's Bill, the owner of this place, telling us about it.
What an amazing collection he has!!

We started wandering through....
warning, lots of pictures!

Loads of beautiful carousel horses!

All kinds of toys!
Lydiann had a Cabbage Patch telephone as a teen!
That doll buggy looks like something I played with ☺
A Barbie camper....always thought that was neat.

I think I was always a little jealous of any kid that had one of these....
even Sally in the Dick, Jane and Sally books!!

Elvis, musical instruments, Cola Cola, a fireman's pole!

Can't imagine getting a perm with that contraption!
I'm sure I had a hairdryer similar to the yellow one shown here ☺

Being silly!

No words.....still don't like going to the dentist!

Tons of things the guys are interested in!!
There was more outside but it was raining
and an hour was not long enough!

Loads and loads of cameras!
I had one like the bottom pic!
Remember flash cubes?
How about the clicking sounds of the reel projectors?

I had one like the middle left!

I love old stuff!

Hope to go again sometime! 

Back on the bus coach to the next stop.
Dinner at a Front Street Station in Northumberland, PA.
It was very neat and the food was so good!

They seated us in the banquet room.
How pretty and so very cool to have a train car at each side of the room!

We were coming to the close of a very fun day.
I will join these ladies next year too....
can't wait!

If you ever have an opportunity to take a bus tour,
consider Bob Neff Tours! 

Wednesday, Dec. 6  

Zoe participated in the Nutcracker!

Getting ready!

And after this picture, my phone was full and I couldn't take any more pictures =(
I took some on Christy's phone, 
I'll have to ask her to send me a few.

The show was amazing! 
They all did such a good job.
Several kids from our church were in it.

Then that evening, our Women's group at church
went out for dessert. 

Gina and I spent some time together that afternoon 
so she joined us too.
Ellen heard the word dessert.
Of course she wanted  to go!

Small group
but each one is precious to me!

Greta brought Carson too.
Baby boy coming soon!
Can. Not. Wait!

Yesterday I mostly stayed home. Laundry day! I did take Zoe to dance because her mommy was working and her daddy had to take big brother to karate. 

Today I need to make a return and will do some looking while I'm at the mall anyway. While I do most of my Christmas shopping online, I do like to shop some in stores too. Love the experience as long as it's not too crazy busy. Don't like it as I once did. Must be showing my age!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be the day to do some Christmas decorating at home! Won't do it all but hopefully just enough to make it feel festive. I can work at it next week. I'm just anxious to get started.

God bless you! Enjoy each day of this special month!