Saturday, July 23, 2016

Camp Photos

Yesterday was the last day of Aaron's Acres camp for Ellen. The last ever for her since she is now too old to participate in their programs. How quickly this has come :(

It was a great two weeks again this year. We are so thankful that she was able to get coverage at work, allowing her to enjoy all 10 days!

On Wednesday afternoon I drove to Lancaster shopping center where they were raising money for Alex Lemonade Stand. I was early so I sat in the van and watched. 

Getting set up. 

Getting into place to hand out cups of lemonade and collect donations. 

There's our girl ready to raise lots of money for a good cause!
I believe they ended up with about $400!!

Did you notice the bandaged legs? There are also some on her hands and one elbow. On Monday after it rained and they couldn't swim as planned, they played kickball. Ellen was going after the ball and fell flat out on the pavement (they were playing on the grass but she ended up on the pavement!). Nothing serious, just some scuffs. 

Thursday evening was the awards picnic. Ellen loves this event. She loves getting awards!

She got the Tough Cookie Award! 
Because of how tough she was with her fall and handling it so well :))

Friday end of camp pictures....

This girl took great care of our girl!

Another buddy that helped our Ellen have a great two weeks. 

Campers and buddy's. Great people, great friends!!

It's sad to say goodby to this camp. There are others we can explore for future years.....change is hard for Ellen so we will have to begin the conversation now. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday, Kim!

My oldest child has a birthday today, Kimberly Rose. I remember holding my beautiful baby girl (didn't know our baby was a girl till she was born) in my arms, just marveling at this miracle!

Me and Kimmy

Me and Kim
taken in 2013

First birthday!

Giving her cousin, Anthony, a hug....looks like he's not too sure if this is a good thing!

Feeding goats at a tourist attraction on a trip to Florida. 

Another birthday. Marcy and Corey seem to be focused on getting some of that cake!!

Kimmy, the helper :)

Growing happened so fast!

Kim with her family.

So proud of this hard working girl! She and her hubby have raised a fine young man, Andrew,
 Kim also was very involved in raising her step daughter.

Kim with Laurencia and her grandson, Kaden. (2014)

Happy Birthday, Kim!!
Love you!