Friday, March 27, 2020

Thursday was a Good Day

Any of you struggling to figure out what day it is??

The other day when I got up

(which is getting later and later
because no one needs to go anywhere
so what's  the point??)

and went to my pill organizer
(what I do every morning)

I had to think hard what day it was!
The day before I had filled it 
so no empty spaces as a clue!

I eventually figured it out...
it's still good to use my brain ☺

Yesterday was a good, no, great day in our neighborhood.

The teachers from the elementary school 
were doing a drive by parade!

They couldn't come to our street because we are a cul-de-sac.

It was a beautiful day,
the first in awhile,
so some of us walked to the development below us to see the teachers.
Zoe didn't want to walk so Christy drove.

Sooo good to see these blooms!!

I put on my sneakers and off we went!

Let me tell you something you may not expect,

I haven't worn sneakers (any sneakers) in about a year!
I've had these shoes for several years and only wore them a few times.

I don't like sneakers!! 
If it had been warmer I would have worn my Crocs sandals.
My feet love them. ☺

A beautiful day for a walk!

There were a lot of cars,
some decorated, some with signs,
all of them honking the horn
and teachers waving!

Many called out a hello and that they missed the kids.

It was amazing!!

I wiped a few tears.

We will be patient.
We will be strong.
We will be able to go about life again, 
at least in a somewhat familiar way,
as we have known it.
All in good time!!

But won't we all be so much more appreciative of
life that what we were a few weeks ago?!!

Our neighborhood also had an art show.

This is what we displayed.

Love it!

Some of the neighborhood art displays.

Neighbors and walkers stopped to look at the art ♥

Also, an art teacher that our kids had in the Primary center 
walked our street to see the displays!!

So heartwarming.

A moral boost for everyone!

Earlier in the day 
Ellen had an exercise session with her trainer
by Facetime!

She got a very good workout 
without one single piece of equipment! 

Fitness4Focus is amazing!

Life is calling me back to some dusting and sweeping.
That crazy stuff will not go away ☺

Take care dear friends!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trusting through the Storm

I'll start this while the meatloaf is finishing in the oven.
Meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner tonight,
a favorite of mine!

Yesterday was a rainy, raw day.
We needed some groceries since it's been a week since we got any.

My DIL went to Costco
banking on the fact that maybe not many people would
be out on that ugly day.

She was right.
The store was emptier than it's been since this thing started,
per the employees.

It takes a ton of food to feed our household of 8.
She got a lot but meat is rationed.
If they had it.
She got what she could and we will make do.

Last night we had rotisserie chicken.
We usually get two and use what's left of the second one for another meal
which was in our plans.

 I also made mashed potatoes.
Normally use 5lbs. of potatoes
but wanted to be sure to save some for another meal.
 I used a little bit less.

This is what was left of our meal!

Pulled a very little bit off that bird to put away!

That bowl got scraped clean when I announced that 
too little was in it to make it worth putting in the frig!!

It takes a ton ☺

Today it wasn't raining but still chilly.

Was so happy to see some patches of blue skies this morning.
 It cleared more as the day progressed.
But not warm enough for porch sitting,
not by a long shot!

This robin sat on the tree outside our bedroom window just preening itself.
Was wishing it would turn so I could get a better picture.
Guess I should have asked ☺

Then I saw a bit of red! 
Those cardinals will not cooperate for good pictures!
Certainly isn't a good pic at all.

The world outdoors is waking up which causes
some sinus discomfort.

So thankful for this diffuser today
with lavender, peppermint and lemon 
essential oils in it.
(I only use Young Living EO's 
because I trust how they are planted, harvested and distilled.)

That blend is perfect for seasonal discomfort.

Yes, my desk is a mess.
Working on it....

But I'd rather read than clean!

Dinner is now over
and this is it from a 2 1/2 lb meatloaf.....

It takes a ton to feed 8 ☺

I pray that you are growing in trust.
Our God is absolutely trustworthy
even in the hard times.