Saturday, January 20, 2018

Snow and Decorating

So it has warmed up and of course I'm loving it. It's rather hard to remember earlier this week when it snowed and was freezing outside. But freezing cold it's proof!

As you can tell,
I was on the inside looking out ☺

They made snow angels!

I stayed home a lot this week because of the weather. Yesterday was not a kid duty day for me and Ellen was with her life-skills coach. I had a day to do as I pleased! Cool.

I went to Micheal's all by myself. There was a few things I needed but who doesn't also enjoy just browsing? I do and I did. 

I made the purchases I needed then to the grocery store to get milk. Exciting, eh? Oh well, sometimes the same old can be fun. 

As soon as I returned home (everyone was away so I had a quiet house, something that's rather rare when you live with 7 other people!) so I went to work with my purchases.  

Empty pitchers need filled....
while I'd rather have fresh (always)
fake will do.

Vases need filled too!

Fake is good.
Fake is less expensive ♥

Today I decided that Christmas must go away in our downstairs living room. I really liked the Christmas decorations.....and I apparently never took any pictures. Just went looking for one and I cannot find any.  

* So I looked back through my blog because I was sure I took some....sure enough, there they were. But where are they on this computer?? It's a mystery.

I really have enjoyed this pretty! 
But as I said, it was time to put it away.

I enjoy decorating. I don't ever really have a plan, I just move stuff around until I'm pleased. Then I'll probably move a few things again after a few days. Anyone else decorate like that??

We bought a little cabinet to put our towels in rather than using bins on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. Our very small bathroom on this level does not include a linen closet. We also have a small microwave down here. That used to be on the bookshelf too. The bookshelf got moved to make room for the cute cabinet....

 I really like it!

The little house and tree is staying....
I like it too much to pack it away.

So I continued moving thing around.....

The back of the sofa has lots of glitter from the Christmas decorations I had there!
I'll sweep it another day.
Forgot to put batteries in that string of lights.

I'll probably move some things around here till I'm satisfied. 

 The grandkids like my sign =)
I like old stuff!

This morning while I was having my coffee and reading the newspaper
I got visitors.....

Zoe brought me a picture she drew then went back upstairs for a picture for Noah.
She told him to shut his eyes.
He did ☺

He likes it!

Then they both found books.
I read to Noah....

And Zoe read some jokes!

What a sweet way to start the day!

You know how I love a pretty sky.
At the end of this day....

May God Bless the rest of this day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter, Snow, Pretty

It's easier to say the above words because I don't need to go anywhere. Makes a huge difference!!

It was snowing when I got up.....

Outside the front window.

Outside the back window....

Outside the screened porch door.....

The porch with the 'lacy curtain'.

I couldn't believe there wasn't a start delay for school
but there wasn't.

They got there safely and were sent home again 
3 hours early.

No make-up day needed later.....
but not sure it was a wise decision to go at normal time.

How do you like my new wreath on the front door?

I had $20 bonus bucks from Kohl's to spend by Monday.
Didn't look like there was time to go to the store
so I looked on-line.

There were things I liked but....
I had to spend way too much to get free shipping.
I wanted to spend close to $20.
Of course.

on Sunday afternoon Ellen and I went to Kohl's. 
I found this wreath.

It looks more winter to me than Holiday
which is just what I wanted!

a $79 wreath was mine for around

Totally pleased ☺

Yesterday I  mentioned getting a certain brand of Gluten Free pasta that we enjoy. It doesn't get mushy. Believe me, there is many a GF pasta that does! Some even before I think it's finished cooking. Ugh. Someone asked about it and here it is....

We all really like it!

I'm working at rearranging a few things in our basement living room this afternoon. Time to get back to work!!

God bless your day. More snow is coming, I'll be staying in!