Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fun with the Grands

It's been a busy week. So many days of appointments and meetings. And I've been working to get ready for a week at the beach. Can't believe that is just around the corner!

Gathering, gathering....

Trying not to take too much but what I take we won't need to buy later.
I kinda like that idea!

Today the weather was the exact opposite of yesterday.

Damp and dreary today.

I had the 3 kiddos this afternoon.
They needed something to do.

We baked some cookies!

Aidan mixes up the regular chocolate chip cookie dough.
He's quite good at it and is mostly independent in doing the tasks.

These two worked on the gluten free chocolate chip dough.

They all took turns filling the pans for baking.

They kept me stepping helping them using two different recipes...
had to keep my wits about me so I didn't mess anything up!

Choosing which one eat was quite the struggle!

Zoe says the GF cookies are good....
are they ever!!
So hard to let them be!

Aidan used my phone to take this picture....
isn't it awesome?!!

After the baking was done
it was high time to get dinner started.

Pulled chicken sandwiches tonight.
Was yummy!

Some pictures of my other grandchildren....

Sweet sisters,
Cambrie and Brinley

On Sunday after Ellen's baseball game
we went to get ice cream at a favorite little place in the town of Lititz.

very good homemade ice cream and Italian Ice.
I had peaches and good!

Toby, Cambrie and Carson.

Gina spent the weekend with us again.
Cambrie really enjoyed that!

Gina's t shirt is from Sister B's Tees,
two of my nieces from Idaho design and sell them.

Her T says:
God is greater than the ups and downs.


We missed granddaughter Paityn who was away with a friend that day.

Love them all!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day
so I snapped some pictures around the yard....

What you up to, Mr. Squirrel?

The berries on this tree are attracting a large number of birds....

and squirrels!
I counted at least four squirrels bouncing around in the tree.

And a chipmunk was eating berries that had fallen to the ground.

One thing for sure,
it's a dangerous thing to walk under that tree right now.

Just ask Aidan ;-)

Looks like the geranium will soon be showing some pretty.
Aidan bought it for his mother ☺

Can't wait!!

Basil and rosemary.

Last week Corey took a vacation day and painted the play set.
Should have taken the pic from the other side of the washline!
But I was in my bare feet and didn't want to travel too far from my back door.

Yesterday afternoon I took Zoe to her dance class for pictures.
They have a show on Saturday...
we will miss it because we will be at the beach =(

Pretty even from the back!
Our neighbor girl did her hair....
Molly is only a few years older than Zoe 
and they are really good friends.

I'll show the pictures I took from the front after the show is over. 

I'll close with a picture from the past.
This was taken June 2015

Aidan and Paityn with Scott
at the wonderful Knoebels Amusement park.

We hope to get there this summer!

Friday, June 7, 2019

A Happy Birthday and a Project Complete (maybe)

It's a beautiful day today....sunny, warm, and low humidity. Perfect! It's also my grandson's 11th birthday!

Aww, look at that little sweet cheeks!

This is how big (little!) he was when we moved here!

Now he getting taller and an overall wonderful young man!

Right now he's helping his mom make his cake.
We love birthdays around here....
we get yummy (GF) cake!

Here's something that I had in mind for some time.

Grabbed hubby on a slow day last week to get these hung.

It's a project in progress but it may stay like this for awhile.
Probably a few more pieces will be added....
as I find them. Or not. ☺

Loving it!

I'll close with another look back in time.....

Baby Aidan with my dad.
How he loved the little ones!

I miss my Dad!