Friday, August 10, 2018

Chocolate World

Summer is fast coming to an end for the kids. We are getting in all the fun we can before 8-4, five days a week (school) gets here. 

Today after picking up Gina, we headed to Hershey, PA, otherwise known as Chocolate Town. No, we didn't go to Hershey Park, although a lot of people did. We love Chocolate World which is near the entrance to the park and is free. We like free! 

A lot of people apparently also like free. It was full! 

The line was long to the ride but was moving which was good. 

Looking out over the retail space full of Hershey's stuff.....anything you can possibly want and more!!

We finally go down the stairs to the ride....

We love this place! (We rode it twice...we got free chocolate candy twice!)

Noah's favorite part.... the cows! 

Taking it all in!

Ellen's favorite part!! 

Silly kids!!

We were hungry so to Wendy's we go.....

The line to order wasn't long but it was s.l.o.w.

Our order was a bit messed up but it was remedied and our bellies were filled. 

Watching one of the roller coasters in the park. 

It was maybe the next group of cars that stopped on the way to the top...was partway up and sat there! Was still like that when we left at least 15 minutes later. Can you even imagine?!! I stay off roller coaster for many reasons, yikes. 

We love Hershey! The kids want to do the trolley ride sometime. Dale and I did that last year and really enjoyed it. Next time, kids :)

We aren't finished with the fun yet....stay tuned! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Nana and the Kids

Monday is always a kid day for me. This day though, mommy and daddy weren't working, they were away for the day. That called for some fun for us.....while the parents are away, the kids play :)

But first....there ware some chores to do. I asked them to pick up toys and craft supplies in the living room and dining room while I took care of the dishes and put dinner in the crockpot. Then I asked if someone would like to vacuum the floor. No takers on that one. Oh dear. Would someone like to vacuum with my new little sweeper I just got for our area downstairs??? You bet....

They all wanted to and needed to take turns :)) 

Love it. 

We piled into my van to take Ellen to camp. Then, let the fun begin!! (Ellen was having a fun day too. They took a bus to Indian Echo Caverns) 

We needed lunch. 

Several options were discussed and Five Guys won! Yummy burgers and fries. 

Next, we went down the road to....

That Fish Place. We went there last summer but decided it was a good place to go on a very hot was very hot! 

I told them I would not go into the reptile room. I just can't do it. The mice outside that room was enough to make me feel creepy. 

I stood at the doorway while they went exploring snakes and tarantulas and....I'm not sure what else. Just can't go there!

Then we went to see the fish. My phone is about out of memory so I'm constantly deleting stuff so I can take pictures. It's a pain. 

Had to get a picture of them with the bear :)

Just before this was taken we had spent time at the stingray pool. Every time Noah tried to touch one he would jerk back his hand and water went flying all over me!! 

Unfortunately this is the only picture I could take of them in the fish room. There are lots of neat fish and we totally enjoyed ourselves. 

From there, on this very hot day, we went to Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt with lots of toppings. Yum, yum! No pictures because my phone wouldn't take sad. 

We still had some time to kill before going to get Ellen again. Barns and Noble or the thrift store, Community Aid, to look for books. Thrift won but the two youngest soon went to sleep so we just went home! They continued their naps on the sofa and Aidan entertained himself on his iPad. He was fine with that! 

Thankfully Pop Pop came home so no one needed to be disturbed to go get Ellen. 

Fun day and more to come.....still some items on our list to do before school starts!