Saturday, July 24, 2021



I'm sure you all get it that I'm rather over the top crazy about my bunch.

But just in case you need more evidence....

Check out my Thursday and Friday this week.

(*adding Sunday too)

Every time my daughter Greta brings her two boys

 over for a playdate ..



The boys wanted to come for lunch.
Love eating on our porch with family!!

After lunch the kiddoes went off to play.
The adults were content to stay right where we were 
and, you know,
talk and talk and talk!

Toby wants to be sure I watch him!

Not to be outdone...
Noah and Carson show their power too!

Then the pumpkins won their attention.

Noah really wanted Toby, the neighbor dog,
to meet Toby.

Normally Toby (the dog)
 has no desire to stay long anywhere but his home.
He constantly will tug on the leash indicating his desire.

Not this day.
After meeting Toby (the boy)
no amount of coaxing worked!!

I think Molly finally called her dad to come in the car to take him home!

Slide fun!

They played hide and seek too
and jumped on the trampoline.

Love seeing them have so much fun together.

All too soon it was time for Toby and Carson to go home again.

Till next time...
next time came sooner than most times 👍👍


We were preparing to take some stuff to a yard sale.
Since Gina decided she really didn't need our sofa bed we no longer needed,
we decided to try selling it at the yard sale.

Two issues.
We do not have a way of getting it there.
It weighs a ton and will need some extra strong backs
 to get it out of our basement (tight fit through the doorway),
and up the hill to the driveway. 

Greta volunteered her hubby and his truck...
he was fine with helping.


The guys got it to the driveway and on the truck.

Not a good picture!
Don't know why I didn't think to take one when it was loaded...

While they took it to the yard sale site,
the boys played.

Pop Pop and Lynn returned
and then....

it was to Scoops for some ice cream, whoop whoop!

We took the three kiddos that live with us too.
Their parents stayed to set up for the yard sale.

These kids certainly do love ice cream!

Zoe loves lemon water ice!

So pleased with himself!!
He ordered it himself
and I didn't know it was a milkshake till they were adding everything up!

It was fine 
and he was so stinking pleased
with the Death by Chocolate shake!!

Loved seeing the Christmas lights too.

As I was writing this post,
was thinking that I hadn't highlighted another family visit.


Marcy and Scott and their three girls came to visit!

After days and days of 90's and humid weather,
it felt chilly with low 70's!

Decided to sit on the porch incase it rained...
only a few drops while they were here.

Kim came too.
No one complained about having some snacks 😊


No end to the fun...
just get in as much as they possibly can!

Kim, our firstborn, had a birthday this week
and brought her birthday present.

Nice wheels, Kim!!

So, as you can see
I love being with my family whenever it suits for them to come.
Unfortunately it didn't suit Gina and Justin that day.

They bless me tremendously!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Merry Christmas!!

 I love Christmas...

it's my favorite time of the year!

Love Hallmark Christmas movies too

which are on this month (👍)

and will be back again in October!!

Today I decided that Ellen and I were going to go have some fun.

We love Scoops

which is a little sandwich and ice cream shop near our home.

Went there for lunch....

it's Christmas in July week!

What a delightful surprise!

It's all outdoor seating right now and we love it!

Christmas music....
Silent Night
I'll be home for Christmas
Frosty the Snowman
And little Michael Jackson singing Santa Claus is coming to town!

It was absolutely delightful!!

Ellen and I get the same thing every time...
Hot dog and fries for her,
BBQ grilled chicken wrap for me...GF of course.
Mine has their homemade potato chips with it, so yummy.
And Ellen doesn't like dill pickles so I get hers too 🙌

Santa visits too!

Looks like Ellen is patting this Santa's head!

We loved this snowman by the drive-up window!!

Entrance to mini golf...
I'm sure the whole course is decorated too.

Admiring the beautiful planters...

Ellen thought this one was the prettiest of all...favorite colors in it!

We really want to go again this week to see all the lights they have up.
Of course we'll have some ice cream too.

Locals, go support a local small business this week.
Scoops for the win!!

Merry Christmas!