Monday, October 16, 2017

My Day

Last time I covered my week, today it will be just today, so far.......

This cracked me up this morning! My goodness, what a dilemma for this guy :)) 

Not certain which Grand was responsible for the situation or the story that goes with it. (There is always a story!) All I know is that I picked up loads of Ninjas and action figures which were all over the dining room! 

It was sunny this morning then got cloudy and now it's sunny, breezy and chilly!!  We had so much yucky (to me) weather lately and I'm ready to see the sun again. 

I see me. Do you see me?

My front door. 

I'm sitting here looking out at that....

While I ignore this.....

And this.....

I'll get to it, I promise! 

My little buddy is sleeping, I went up to check. Twice. First time was after I heard little feet walking and a door slamming. He was in bed, covered, eyes closed. I stood there and watched because he is the best 2 yr old fake sleeper I have ever seen!! He wasn't sleeping. 

Next time after hearing the same, when I went to check on him he was asleep. I'm sure of it! What a kid.. he keeps me young ;-) 

I'm making dinner. Tonight it's creamy chicken noodle soup and stuffed peppers. Yes, two meals.....we have several exclusive diets in this bunch so many times I prepare two separate things. At least there are veggies in both meals so I'm not planning side dishes....maybe biscuits but I'd also have to make GF. Maybe not! 

Hope your day is going as planned. Or, if not as planned, hope it's interesting!! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

My Week 

It's been too long since I've written anything....I keep wondering when life will slow down. Maybe the answer is ....when the snow is falling ;-) 

I'll start with a collage from Saturday, September 30. UDS flag football and cheering has been celebrating its 10th anniversary this season. Many special guests have surprised our kids. This particular Saturday it was the Phillie Phanatic! 

So much fun!! 

Last Saturday was the last game of the season. 

The girls cheer for the fans at halftime. 

This activity is Ellen's favorite. She will look forward to next August all year! Tomorrow is the awards banquet. That's always a great time for the kids too. 

Last Saturday after the game we went to Ellen's friend, Nicole, for her birthday party. The girls had a great time and the moms had a great time catching up. Love these people!!

Elizabeth had missed Ellens party so she gave her gift to Ellen at the same time as Nicole. Both girls love Reese's PB cups!!

A few more pictures of opening gifts....

Ellen with Nicole after she opened the her gift.

Socks from one of the girls.....Nicole has the best smile!

Cupcakes, candles, singing Happy Birthday, blowing out the candles.....everyone enjoys cake and ice cream! 

The girls watched a movie and the moms relaxed on the porch. Lovely afternoon for all of us. We really do enjoy being together! 

On Wednesday morning I got a badly needed pedicure. 

SO enjoy this bit of pampering!! The hot towels on my legs, oh my. I sit there and read and my toes get all works for me!

This week was the annual Farmshow in our hometown of Manheim. When we lived in Manheim we went every evening for dinner. Since we moved three years ago, it's twice, maybe three times during the week. This year it was only twice. The weather was certainly a factor for us. Tuesday evening was the nicest......we went and so did everyone else!! It was packed! Long lines at the food stands, even moving from one place to the next was insane with the crowds. But we still were thrilled to be there! 

Wednesday evening was the parade. We were babysitting our grandson, Carson, because his parents were going to a banquet. We went for dinner (it was raining) and told Ellen that if it was still raining by the time the parade starts we were leaving. She was not happy about that! Well, wouldn't you know it stopped raining! So we got our chairs, found a spot to watch the parade at the end of the route (had it been a nice evening it would have been way harder to find a spot!) and waited and waited and waited for the parade to get to us! 

It was fun having Carson with us! He is such a sweet 3 yr old. 

Look what bloomed this week.....

A Passion flower! Since moving here where there is little sun because of the tall trees, it hasn't bloomed but once.  At our former home it would be covered in blooms by mid summer. Each part of the flower tells the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. It's very cool!

So today I met a fellow blogger! So fun!

This is Kathy from Looking At Life Through My Bifocals blog. (Isn't that a cute title for a blog?!) I tried to put in a link but was unsuccessful. Look for her on my sidebar, pay her a visit and tell her I sent you her way. You'll be glad you did! 

And that's her wonderful hubby, Joe, beside her. We met at Cracker Barrel in Lancaster this morning. They were spending some time in our area (they live in Philadelphia)....I told her I'd love to meet her sometime and that happened to be today!

 I took Noah with me because his mommy had to go to work before I'd get back. It was a good plan since we ended up spending two hours together and that didn't seem long enough! These two are very interesting and precious human beings....whom I truly can say are my friends. Bloggers get to know one another really well through our written words but meeting face to face is, indeed, the best. We will get together again....I look forward to it! 

Joe is very generous too. Joe wanted Noah to pick out a toy which he would purchase for him. At first Noah was looking at stuffed animals and seemed to choose a hippo. But, he walked by another display where there was a little airplane fan that lit up....the hippo went down and the airplane was all he desired!!

Thank you, Joe. He loves it!! 

So do his siblings :) 

It's late and I need to get some sleep. Wishing you a good night and a most delightful weekend!