Friday, January 10, 2020


Tuesday, January 7

It started out beautiful.

Taken as Zoe and I waited for her bus.

Snow was in the forecast but not until later...
It wasn't to snow in our area until 4 or so.

But it started around 2.

From this....

To this in about 20 minutes!

It was to only be a light snow.
We had about 5 inches!

These three crazy kids had fun after dinner as it was still snowing!

View of the back yard Wednesday morning.

Of course!

Meanwhile indoors 
the Christmas decor was bugging me!

Surfaces were dusty and hard to clean with the extras around.

Christmas was indeed over and it needed to be put away.

Funny how I was totally ok with it last week
 but so bothered by it this week!!

Out came the totes and boxes!

Now it's all put away and waiting
 for the men 
to get them back into the attic space above the garage.

Like many places, the weather it warming up for a few days.
Snow will surely disappear in a hurry with temps in the 60's! 

Crazy winter so far.
Take care, stay well!

Friday, January 3, 2020

It still looks like Christmas

Last night I looked outside
the laundry room where I can see the neighborhood lights.

I hadn't taken any pictures of them this year
so I remedied that in a hurry ☺

Of course the picture isn't as pretty as the real thing...
but it's still pretty!

Taken with my phone. Should have used my good camera.

I'm glad they are still up and lit.
We will keep our's lit for another week or so yet.

Packing up the outside things will happen when the hubby decides to do it.
I'll change the wreath and take the sled off the porch...
but if we get really nasty weather, some of it may be up till March! 

Our home.
Can't see the pots of greens or the old sled. 
Oh well,
was a spur of the moment thing!

Contemplating the task of packing up Christmas in the house.
Feels too soon but another week might feel too long!

Maybe I'll start with just a few things. 

Came across this picture from January 2016.

Noah was just a baby then
and now he's an energetic 4 yr. old!

Last evening as I was laying in bed 
and I could hear him running and running above me,
doing laps around the main floor!
He loves to run!
Love him so much ♥

Praying for those who are experiencing illness...
seems a lot of people are.
I pray that good health will be yours soon.

And I pray that we will stay healthy! 
So far so good here.