Saturday, December 3, 2016

Looking a little bit like Christmas

Today my son pulled down the bins and boxes from the storage above the garage. I don't go up there because a ladder is needed.....and I don't do ladders! 

The tree is new this year. Christy found it after Christmas last year when we didn't think there were any nice ones left. It's bigger than the old one so it's in the living room this year. 

Boxes everywhere :)

Aidan and Zoe were happy to help. 

The finished tree! It's so much prettier than my phone camera is able to show. 

I worked at putting out decorations all afternoon and into the evening. It takes me awhile to decide where it all needs to be.....I'm not finished and I'll probably be moving things around for the next week :)

A few pictures from this week....
There are still roses blooming on my miniature rose bush. 

Love it! It's so crazy because they had dropped all the leaves and now they're blooming!

This pumpkin has been breakfast, lunch and dinner for some critter. It was thrown into the woods today....that critter will surely find it plus a few more to feast on!

Isn't this so pretty? This lovely room is one of the lounges where Ellen works. I enjoy sitting there as I wait for her to finish. 

Merry Christmas from Noah and me :)
This busy boy decided to take a brief moment to chill the other day....very brief!! He also loves to take selfies and hams it up for the camera :) Love this precious boy!

It's beginning to look like Christmas! Yay!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Giving Thanks

Family blesses me whether it's my own or someone else's. On Thanksgiving Day, my kids spend it with their other family and that's just fine. We were blessed to stay at our house on this Thanksgiving and celebrate with our DIL's (whom we live with) family. It didn't suit all the Scott's to come. We had a delightful time  with those who came! And the food....oh my! Delicious!!

That is one of 2 turkeys that Christy prepared for our feast. So good!!

We gather around the table...

Food is served....

Everything was so good and I was FULL into the evening!!

Brinley came over Friday afternoon. She joined Zoe and me for reading books. My favorite!

Saturday Zoe and I watched Winnie the Pooh Christmas movie.

Sunday after church we (Dale, Ellen and I) went to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch with daughter, Gina, and her friend, David, and another daughter, Kim. It's been a long time since I've eaten at Longhorn. Our server was fantastic and the food very good!  We had a great time. 

Brinley and Paityn came over this afternoon to practice with Aidan and Zoe for Advent at church on Sunday. They also made an ornament that goes with the reading. They played, of course. We also played two rounds of Dominos. We were going to do four but the second round took forever and they were done. Next it was Mario Cart.....
They are all piled on the sofa! Noah's remote isn't for the game but he doesn't know that....he just wants to do what they all are doing!

Brinley wanted help so Christy held her and helped her steer....but that made Noah really want his mommy. Soooo....
Nana to the rescue. Not sure you could call it that, though, since I have never played a video game in all of my 62 years! It was hilarious. Brinley soon said she was sure she was better then me, hahaha!!
Oh my, that was fun :)

Yes, I'm thankful for family!