Friday, May 26, 2017

A Peek at my Week

Another week has gone by since I last wrote. May is flying at lightening speed and will be right outta here real soon. Part of me is sad about that but another part is ready to see the cool, cloudy, rainy,  days go! Hopefully we will see more sun soon.

Look what I noticed several days ago...

Right outside our bedroom....
the hydrangea is going to bloom this year!
I am so excited about this!

Not sure what this is
but it's pretty!
Anyone know what it might be?

 Rhododendrons are blooming too.....

Pretty right outside the window =)

I had a treat.......

Starbucks coffee frapp with whip and caramel drizzle
and it was amazing! 

Saturday afternoon Ellen and I joined my sister, Jean, my SIL, Nancy, and cousin, Joanne, and several of my cousin's friends to see the play, Mennonite Girls can Cook. It was held at Bird In Hand theater, located in the basement of the restaurant by the same name in the heart of Amish country. After seeing and passing several Amish buggies, Ellen asked if we were in Amish Country....yes indeed we were! 

We had front row seats, the play was funny and had a great message. We loved it!

Ellen and I do a selfie =)

Waiting for the play to begin.....
minus Jean who was taking the picture.

After the play we ate in the restaurant. 
Again, minus Jean who took the picture!

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Ellen had a Challenger Baseball game Sunday afternoon.

It was a chilly and windy(!!) afternoon.
Ellen had three great hits again =)
Challenger plays three innings and every player gets to hit in each inning.
These special kids and young adults have the best time.

Pictures too.....

Photographer getting them all lined up.

I think we got it!

Yesterday I went to get Gina to spend some time with her on her day off. She really wanted to see was Easter day the last time she saw her. Here's the only picture I took which shows Gina holding Cambrie....

Noah was showing us his apron which he thought was so funny =)
Gina can be seen in the background with Cambrie.

This little dolly looks just like her mommy!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend!
Hoping to see the sun and feel some of it's warmth......

P.S. So I finished this post (in a room without windows) and went to the bathroom to fix myself to a presentable state (no windows in there either), to the bedroom with windows but the shades were down......anyway, look at my surprise when I pulled up the blinds......

Blue skies do I see!

It was sunny earlier but when I was working in the kitchen the clouds were there again. Didn't realize it was temporary!

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Baby, New Glasses, another Party!

It's Friday afternoon, May 19. The house is quiet, a rare thing around here! Outside a storm is brewing which will bring us cooler weather again. It's been in the 80's and 90's the last few days.....a rather huge switch from the cool, damp weather we've had for days and days.

As promised, some pictures of Cambrie. She is such a pleasant baby and looks so much like her mommy when she was a baby,

Precious Cambrie hanging out with mommy

Here she's with Aunt Greta

Just being cute =)

This week has been a busy one. Ellen had several appointments, I had a haircut (so did my hubby) and we were invited to a graduation party....a pre-school graduation party. So sweet!

First, Ellen had her eyes checked and is getting new glasses.

She will be getting these.

Look how cute and colorful they are from the side!

And these are her new sunglasses....
they already came in and Christy brought them home last night!

Ellen saw this orange frame as soon as we arrived at ModernEyes.....
 so we had them made into sunglasses.
She loves them!!

Now, on to the graduation party....

Three cutie-pie graduates!
our granddaughter is in the middle, Brinley.

These kids all live in the same development and went to the same pre-school.
They all go to kindergarten next year....same school 
but two are afternoon class and one is morning class.

We had a delicious dinner....

Some ate inside.

some braved the heat and ate outside =)

The graduates received gifts =)

What fun!!

Brinley and Mommy check out some books.

And then there was cake!

Oh my goodness, total cuteness =)

A closer look at the decorations.....

 Fun, fun honored to be invited!

Hope your day is going smoothly. Mine is....although it's a day in which I'm not accomplishing much, unfortunately. Guess one of those is ok once in a while!