Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Glimpse into My Week

Sunday is usually a very good day.

we worshiped the Lord at church 
which is always good!

After that we had a wonderful lunch at Fuddrucker's
with some of our family,
daughter Gina and her soon to be husband Justin, 
daughter Kim and grandson Andrew.
That is always good!!

Instead of taking pictures, I just enjoyed being today ♥

Yesterday morning Zoe saw a cardinal in a tree
 outside the dining room window.
I grabbed my phone....and just about got a picture...
but it flew away just as they always do!

I got this instead...

Sweet girl!

We stood there a bit to enjoy the blue sky.

She liked the deep blue to the very light blue at the horizon.

I told her that I was waiting for the day when there were leaves on the trees again ☺
(and the view feels more secluded....not that this is bad)

It was very cold out there, by the way!

More weather pictures....

Valentine's day sun!
We haven't had many sunny days this winter.

Foggy day on Thursday.
Warmer but foggy.

For Valentine's day Ellen made us cupcakes.
She worked with her life skills coach 
as she always does each Wednesday and Friday.

Let's just say she wasn't having fun....
she was challenged with a lack of 
good focus and a good attitude.

Lots of deep breaths for me....
her dear coach, Mary, just kept a steady encouragement going.
I had to smile when I heard Ellen say she needs chocolate!

I offered to make the icing and Ellen asked me to decorate them too.

The cupcakes shaped like a heart (somewhat!).

They are yummy!

Hubby brought these flowers home for me...
I always use this white pitcher for flowers!

I love flowers, especially in the winter when color is scarce.

Yesterday I came across this movie on TV.

Are you a Mama Mia fan?
I love this movie, and the second one too!

Love the music 
and the memories of watching it
 with girl friends 
(mom and daughters beach trip, 
mom and daughters at the Fulton theater,
movie and dinner with girlfriends)
 and sisters, 
Mary Ellen and Jean during a sister weekend.

Ellen doesn't do many puzzles anymore
but she recently finished this one.

Her sister, Kim, gave it to her for Christmas.

Can you see where there's a missing piece?
I'm sure it's around here somewhere...
It's all good ☺♥

Till next time....

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sweet little boys, a basketball game and some sister time

Lat week one day I went to play
with two sweet boys.

Carson and Toby!

They took me to the basement where the toys are.

It was all in order when we went there
but wasn't long before 
toys were everywhere!

He demonstrated how it works then
he took my blood pressure.

Then they both gave me shots
and I let out a little yelp....

This cutie giggled ♥

We read a bunch of books
and played with trucks and boats and cars.

What a fun time I had with these two precious grandsons.
We will do it again. Yes we will!


On Sunday we went to see our granddaughter compete 
in a championship basketball game. 

Interesting that the game was held at the same sports complex 
that the Night to Shine prom was held two days before.
We had never been there before that
and now were there twice in as many days ☺

There's our girl!

They played hard!

 She's got the ball....

 She shoots!
Unfortunately this one wasn't a basket
but she did score others for her team.

You win some (they won lots)
You lose some.
This game was a loss.

Basketball has ended, soccer starts soon!
This girl likes to keep busy ☺


On Saturday morning two of my sisters and I met for breakfast.

Sister time is always good!!

I didn't take any pictures so I'm borrowing
this one that Jean posted on FB.

Mary Ellen, me, Jean

We met at a cute little place called
Brickhouse Cafe
in the town we grew up in
and where we moved from 5 (almost 6) years ago.
Manheim still holds a warm place in our hearts!

We ate, drank coffee, and did a whole lot of talking!

Jean had a few things to do before the long drive home
so she left to be on her way.

Mary Ellen and I went across the street to
Prussian Street Arcade.

It's a new boutique in a refurbished potato chip factory!

It's amazing!!

I loved it and surely will go again!

Ellen has an appointment tomorrow before 9
so I had better get some sleep!