Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Day in Cape May

Wednesday, Dec 5 -

Ready to roll!

A bus trip to Cape May, NJ....Ellen was looking forward to this for a long time. Here she is with her friend Bri and that’s her Dad behind her. Her mom, my friend Marge, was the tour director.  We love taking bus trips with Bob Neff Tours....especially when Marge is in charge :)

Our girls were definitely the youngest on a long shot!

A sea of mostly gray and white :)

That’s Philadelphia .....Kathy from Looking at Life through my Bifocals, did you hear me say, Hi?  

Ellen enjoyed seeing the stadium where the Eagles play!

Along the way we encountered snow! 

Thankfully it ended before getting to Cape May. The weather was mostly cloudy and very cold!

Our first stop was at a gift shop. 

This beautiful display caught the eye for sure! 

The gazebo was beautiful too. 

Ellen could not go home without this sweet kitty.

It is SO soft! She’s a lover of cats. 

Next stop was dinner at Washington Inn. It was a beautiful place to eat and a lovely meal was served. 

So beautifully decorated for Christmas! 

Next stop was the trolly to take us to tour three B&B’s and one private residence. 

I don’t recall the name of them but all are beautifully decorated Victorian homes. I LOVE Victorian!!

Just a little look at the first home we toured. 

Don’t you wish you could put in a piano roll and pump away?? 

This tree is so tall......

I leaned over the stairs to try to get the top....almost had it!!

Ellen liked this house! (It’s yellow)

Across the street at another Inn.....

This had a wait because they were only letting in 6-8 people at a time. The narrow stairs and hallway dictated that!

One of the bedrooms. 

This lady told the history of the house. Interesting! 

Across the street to the next B&B....

So much to see....

Marge admiring a cradle made by Abraham Lincoln’s father!! 

Looks comfortable enough to stay! 

Back on the trolly to take us to the private residence  

Ellen Bri waiting outside...

No pictures were allowed to be taken inside, sadly!! It was full of beautiful old stuff....and so festive too! One tree that I loved was covered in tinsel....and vintage Christmas ornaments. So hard not to take a picture! 

Some outside decorations, so pretty!

After touring the home we decided to walk back to the Washington Street Mall. Free time to shop and browse.

 I snapped pictures along the way.....

That’s the ocean down there...a little too cold for a dip on this day!

We looked around at the shops...guess I didn’t take any pictures except at the 5 & 10 where Ellen and Dale ate at the counter. 

I didn’t eat anything because even the chili wasn’t GF....wasn’t sure I could trust anything else on the menu :(  I was fine. 

We took the trolly again to see the lights....

Not many of my pictures got good because we were always moving. 

Looking down Washington Street Mall. 

Can you see the Santa?

Perfect timing, sunset over the ocean!

Pretty!! What a neat house. 

After the trolly ride we got some ice cream at Stewart’s then went back to the bus to head back to Lancaster. 

It wasn’t long before we saw snow again. These pictures were taken at a rest stop along the way. 

Guess we won’t sit there! 

It was so good to get home again, as always. What a fun day....I told Marge we need to do this again :). Of course we will. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Another Day (and another post)

As promised, another post!
I was a busy bee today getting Christmas out of bins and boxes and placed on shelves and anything that's flat =) No pictures yet.....I'm not finished.

I will show you this....since I was told I never posted a picture of the wall.

Our sofa from the living room upstairs and the accent wall.
Pictures need to be hung but I'm still choosing and deciding.

I'll most likely get new pillow covers for the pillows
that will compliment the room better.
Lots to choose from on Amazon!

I'm thrilled to own this vintage beauty.
It belonged to my cousin's wife and my friend
who passed away.
I think it may have been her mother's.
Her mother had one just like it.
If so, 
I'm even more thrilled!
Her mother loved the story about how she got it
 and I loved hearing her tell it!

How about this vintage display....

That shelf hung on the back porch of the home we sold 4 years ago
also the home my parents bought when I was 8 or 9 years old.

It was taken down when aluminum siding was put on the house
in the late 70's. 

Paint cans were stored on it in the basement most of the 30 years
that house was our home.

I told my hubby that it was coming with us when we moved.
Now it is being put to good use!
He sanded it and finished it with a clear coat of something....
I'm not a painter and proper terms escape me =)

Most of the items on the shelf are from Dale's mother.
Dale brought home the yellow Pyrex bowl from a job site.
I bought the red book at an antique market.
 The Christmas ornament was a gift from blog friends Pat  and Dorothy.
Been waiting and waiting to display the canister set.
Isn't it lovely?

Looking forward to more shelves to display more treasures!

Yesterday the grandchildren that we live with 
read the Advent reading at church.

They did an amazing job!!
Even the little guy got to participate
by hanging the ornament on the Jessie tree.
(with mommy's help)
Call me proud!

God bless your evening! Enjoy this special month and all it's festivity to the fullest!