Monday, August 8, 2022

Mini Golf and more

 It's been a good summer and I am not ready for it to end.

Never am...

Anyway, here's a few more fun things we've done recently.

Sunday July 31

Ellen and I love Scoops,

a little sandwich and ice cream shop near us.

They also have a mini golf course.

We decided to invite her friends and their moms to join us 

for a game and some ice cream.

It was really hard to come up with a date that worked for all.

We never did find one that suited all of us, sadly. 

Two of the girls and moms had other commitments

and had to miss it.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon but not totally sunny

which the course is in the trees.

Still, we were melting till we were finished!

Ellen giving her best shot!
Emily and Bri watch.

Maureen is aiming her ball toward the hole...

Emily is surprised at her mom's success 😄

The girls moved along the course way faster than the moms....
we had lots of talking to do which took us longer, I guess!

(didn't keep score...decided we just wanted the fun!)

Love the little covered bridge!

We were very ready for something cold!

Scoops always celebrates Christmas in July.
They aren't open in December, so why not?

Ellen got caught in a snow storm!!

Root Beer floats, milkshakes and Italian ice....yum, yum!

Look who came to wish us a Merry Christmas and give us candy canes!!

Such a fun afternoon! 

Ellen has a Doctor in York County that she sees once every quarter.
In past years we would eat lunch at the Issac's
 (another wonderful sandwich restaurant)
 which is near there.

Since 2020 some of her appointments have been video 
instead of in person.
On those days I'd order pickup at the Issac's near our home
because Ellen still wanted to do our special meal together. 

Her in-person appointment last week was after lunch
so we decided go to the York location before the appointment
 and eat on their covered porch.


She has her usual except she now gets it on the GF bread.

I love that bread too...we both eat GF.

When I go with Ellen I get this little dish of yummies 
all to myself 👍

Cute little bridge where someone was feeding the ducks!

At least the geese were happily hanging out on the grass
and not slowly crossing the driveway or road 
as they sometimes do!

What a nice lunch we had that day!

We don't go out to eat very often 
and since the pandemic, which refuses to leave, so it seems,
we have not been eating out after church.

I recently found out that Oregon Dairy has outdoor seating and they are open on Sundays!

We had breakfast after church this past Sunday
 on their delightful deck.

Our table was under this tree.

Waiting for our meals.

Looks like it was enjoyed!!

Was a nice change from going home and making it.
But I do wish they had more options for GF needs.
Even just offering bread for toast would be nice.

Don't remember what brought the idea to Noah's mind
but he really wanted to go to Dairy Queen.
I told him I would take him sometime before school starts.

Last Thursday he thought it would be a good day...
and it would have been except he mentioned it too late.
It was 5:00 by that time and too near dinnertime.

He was terribly disappointed!!

So we made brownies instead...

He carefully measured and poured the oil.

And cracked the eggs!

Stirring it till it got too hard.
He did a great job and the brownies were delicious.

He counted down the days
and  today was the day we went to Dairy Queen!

He wanted a medium Oreo Blizzard!
I got a small strawberry sundae. =)

I wasn't sure he could finish it...
What you talking about, Nana??!!

Ha, I guess I was wrong!!

Oh how I love this kid 💓

Saturday, August 6, 2022

A Special Family Weekend

 The weekend I am highlighting in this post was last month...what in the world? Life just keep happening and I feel more like living it than writing about it, I guess! 

July 8-10

It had been 2018 the last time the Witmer family

(my siblings and their families) 

had gathered at Refreshing Mountain. 

We would have gone in 2020 but you know what that year brought.

2021 felt too soon also so we decided to wait till this year.

Not everyone could come...

flights are very expensive, work schedules didn't allow....

even illness (not Covid) kept my daughter, Greta, and her family

from attending. 


We stayed in a very cute cabin with the 3 grandchildren we live with.

Corey and Christy, their parents, 

slept at home and came Friday evening and for the day on Saturday.

We brought our dinner with us and ate it after
getting all our stuff into the cabin.

Later we gathered on these nice swings to chat.

They were new since the last time we were there.
What a great addition!

We ate all the meals for the rest of the weekend 
in the dining hall.
It was nice to not have to prepare the food
but with so many in my household with special dietary needs
it was kinda...well we didn't go hungry but the variety 
was not great. 
We get it, it's not easy to feed lots of people.

We ate our meals outside on the beautiful porch.

This was the only meal I took a picture of!

The rest of the Witmer's ate inside. 

A downside of the current pandemic and our family's 
continuing needed precautions......
not eating with everyone.

Saturday was a big activity day for the young!

My gang decided to do the ropes course first because the other activities had long lines.

Getting strapped in....

I would never do this....
even with all the strapping, hooks, etc!!!

They started on the low course.

Then went to the next level.

They were having a blast!

Noah especially loved doing what the big kids were doing!

Next was the zipline!
(Jumping off a platform is not for me either 😀)

There goes Noah!

He was whooping and hollering with delight!

I'm glad they enjoyed it =)

Time for some go carts too!

There wasn't anyone else waiting to ride so they said the kids could
 just keep going!
They had a good time trying to out peddle each other.


There was a reserved time for our pool use
and it wasn't full at all.
So nice!

After this we had some ice cream from the shop next to the pool,
something Ellen always loves.
But no pictures. 
I really messed up in the picture taking!

Another activity,
rock climbing!

Brave souls!

Gina and Justin came Saturday afternoon after Gina was finished working
but I didn't get a picture!

We ended the evening with smores around a campfire...
perfect way to end the day!

Sunday morning we had to be out of the cabin by 9..
the kids helped and we got it all packed up again.

After breakfast we gathered for some singing and sharing.

We reminisced about all the years we were doing there gatherings.

We started with tent camping,
then to Camp Andrews,
a summer kids camp...we went in October,
to Ebenezer, 
a Mennonite Bible school that wasn't used in the summer,
to Refreshing Mountain.

Lots and lots of years with lots of memories!

Family pictures....Several had already left by this time.
Some because of illness, sadly. 
Yes, Covid showed up and ended the fun for a few.
Thankfully just a few got sick and it escaped my family altogether.

The Witmer's ♥
States represented...
New Hampshire

Those from South Carolina, Florida and Georgia had already left. 

Our family numbers in the 70's...maybe more by now.
It's hard to keep up!

My bunch that was there for the weekend ♥

Back row..
grandson Andrew, Pop Pop, SIL Scott, grandson Aidan

in front of them...
Nana (me), granddaughter Paityn

next row...
daughter Kim (mother to Andrew), grandson Noah in front of Kim,
daughter Ellen, 
daughter Marcy (wife to Scott, mother to Paityn, Brinley, Cambrie)
holding granddaughter Cambrie, granddaughter Brinley, granddaughter Zoe.

Aidan, Zoe and Noah are the 3 grands we live with. 
Their parents, Corey and Christy, didn't come on Sunday.

Those missing, Kim's hubby, daughter and family,
daughter Greta and family,
daughter Gina and Justin. 
We number 25!

Someday I hope to get a pic of all of us.

Sister Elizabeth (Betty to the sibs) and her family from New Hampshire

Sister Mary Ellen (PA)
sister Barb (ID)
sil Nancy (PA)

Sister Jeanie with her hubby and grands and great grands. 

Kids playing, family chatting....
It was coming to an end WAY TOO SOON!!

Just some random shots 

Whew, if you made to the end
you did good!

Certainly was a photo dump and I for one will enjoy reading this
and remembering for years to come.

Have a great weekend!