Monday, June 18, 2018

The Beach

It's my favorite place and my soul feels compelled to be there at least once every year. Toes in sand and hearing the surf's so relaxing!

Lots of pictures, hope you enjoy!

The weather was ok....not super warm, very breezy, some rain, some clouds, some sun.

We had fun anyway!

This kid loves the beach!

So does this young lady.

Covering up to stay warm was the name of the game..... 

Really....the breezes were not warm!

 Sand castles...

Mini golf, of course!

Swimming pool fun!

 We celebrated a birthday .....
Someone isn't too thrilled that we insisted on singing to him ;-)
Love these kids ♥

One evening after it rained we walked to the bay.....

Leaving the condo.

I LOVE a pretty sky!!!!!

Our flag was blowing in the wind ♥

Couldn't get enough! 
What a gorgeous evening.

We went out for pizza on the boardwalk on a very windy and rainy evening.....

The pizza was yummy!
Gluten free pizza was very good.

We ate ice cream, of course!

A funny thing happened on the way to get ice cream 
on that rainy and very windy evening....

We ate lots of ice cream!

Zoe was so tired after eating her really good dairy free 
peanut butter Popsicle!
Pop Pop had to carry her back to the car.

After mini golf we crossed the street for some fun photos.....

Too cool!

Too much fun!!

One afternoon we went to the zoo!

Maybe we are the Zoo.....☺

A lovely walk to the safari area.....
loved it!

So much fun.....was my first time to this zoo.
Now I know why the kids love to go there every time they go to Wildwood!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to the beach.

We all piled into our van for the ride back to PA.
Corey drove there and home again.

Back seat selfie ☺

Whew, this is a long one....thanks for making it to the end! 
God Bless you (and me) with a good night!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Happy Place

I've been to my happy place for the past week. I'll tell you about it soon!

I wish I never had to leave......