Sunday, September 20, 2020

Road Trip

On a little getaway for a few days.

Crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge  

Over the river and through the woods to.....

Wildwood, NJ! 

It was windy and chilly on the boardwalk this evening...and very few people. I’ve never seen it so empty! 

We brought pizza back to the condo for Dale and Ellen. I ate half a sandwich from things we brought. Hard to find GF. Not many stores or restaurants open either. 

Now we are just relaxing which is not a bad thing to do!

Good night! 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Signs of Fall, Fun and Projects

 September is moving right along

and the last days of summer are coming to an end.

I'm a summer lover and it never seems to last long enough!!

Signs of the next season are showing up in our yard.

Yesterday this kid surprised me with this...

Who knew that you could put your hands
 in the bubble solution,
blow through your fingers....
and get big bubbles with just your hands??

I didn't!
He came up with it all by himself.

He also is loving this bike ramp they concocted....

Go Noah!

Then Nana says in her head...

On a rainy day I asked my hubby to hang pictures.

I've been buying frames and finally was ready.
truth be told,
I changed my mind on a few things during the hanging process
so it really wasn't ready  after all.

The next day the needed frames were purchased
and only 1 is waiting to be hung.
I'll take a pic to show you after it's complete.

Each item under the shelves is something I saved from our kids.
I just love it!!

I took something down here and added a cross stitch
 my mother did when she was young.

It just felt better there than where I had planned.

The large piece of artwork was recently purchased 
at a friend's yard sale.
I love it here in our bedroom!
Nothing has been hung on the walls other than a mirror 
so it's high time to do some pretty.

I want to paint the nightstands and get new lamps too.

It's been a quiet Sunday for me.
Hope your day has been just as you hoped it would be.

I pray you  are staying well
I pray for the end of Covid!

It's getting harder to stay positive.
Yet I'm so thankful for the faith I have in an all-knowing God
who cares far more for me (all of us!)
than any human possibly could. 

God bless you ♥