Saturday, January 23, 2021

Cold, no snow

It is windy,

and so cold,

but sunny!!

Blue skies, I like!!

it's 5 pm and it's still light outside!!!!
Who doesn't like that?? ☺

No leaves but look at those blue skies
and wispy clouds! 

Not sure where all the birdies have gone.
They aren't flocking to the feeder right now.
Maybe they don't like the bird seed I got from Target.

The pieces of plastic pipe on the rope is
to  deter the squirrels from getting into the feeder.
Sadly, they still get there. 
What a rascally bunch they are!

Snow is in the forecast for Monday night into Tuesday.

We shall see what we get. 

I took this picture on this date in 2016

Taken from inside...

the snow was all lacey looking on the window!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Be well, stay warm!

If you would,

please say a prayer for one of my sisters

who has the dreaded virus. 

Pray for a quick recovery,

and for her family too

because this affects them all!


Monday, January 18, 2021

Good Stuff

 Good evening! 

Not much happening around here as usual. 

But sometimes really good things come our way. 

But first, 

a pretty sky. 

Ellen and I went for a shorter walk 

around 4 this afternoon. 

The sky was so pretty! 

(And it was so cold!)


Now to the really good stuff.

Greta and her boys came 

one day last week 

 because she had a box of clothes

for Noah that Carson had outgrown.

Noah had to show Carson how he does a flip
on the trampoline. 
I didn’t capture it very good! 

Then they got out their scooters and bikes
and had a blast!

Greta and I stood by the side and chatted 
while the kids played. 

They ditched the rides and just ran! 

It was SO good!!
I love my family so much
and long for the day when we can once again
visit without current 
concerns for keeping us well. 

It will come. 
Patience is a struggle! 


Another good thing happened...

Christy’s parents came and brought 
take out for dinner on Thursday!

We ate outside on the deck. 
It was a ‘warmer’ evening
and the patio heater also helped. 

It was really special having them here. 

They brought the kids their Christmas gifts too! 

A beautiful sunset to end the day. 
I always love a pretty sky!


Will be a quiet week again. 
Probably picking up an order 
from BJ’s tomorrow. 
Exciting stuff 😊

Take care. Stay well!