Monday, August 14, 2017

Cheering and Miniatures 

Let's start with our Saturday morning at UDS cheering and flag football.

Ellen loves UDS cheering. I'm sure you already know that, hehe! How special to have WJTL, a local Christian radio station, broadcasting live from the game on Saturday! They have a fun kids program called Kids Cookie Break from 9-12 every Saturday. Ellen loves to listen. And look who was interviewed....

Our Ellen talked live on the radio! She was kinda nervous but she did great. 

She loves seeing this car too! Of course they gave everyone a Chic-fil-A chocolate chip cookie =)

Ellen and some of her good friends. 

Doing what she loves!


We are in charge of the three kids that we live with while the parents are away for a few days celebrating their upcoming wedding anniversary. After church we went to our favorite Manheim restaurant for lunch, Manheim Twin Kiss!

Greta, Lynn, and Carson joined us =)

We also had Grands, Paityn and Brinley, with us because we were going somewhere special after lunch. 

This little cutie wanted me to take his picture. 

We always end our meal with their good soft serve ice cream. But not this time although we did promise ice cream later! 

We then were on our way to Roadside America.

Picture from their website.

 I went there as a kid and we took our kids also. It was time to take the Grands! 

Brinley checking out the zoo display. 

Everything is still the way it always was....they haven't changed the displays since the original owner died in 1963! 

There was a scavenger hunt that the older kids well as the adults who helped with the hunt. Not only did you have to find something, you often had to count how many. That made it more challenging. After we were finished there was a list of correct answers....they only had two wrong! 


Everyone enjoyed pushing the buttons to make something move in the display. 

The gang! 

Next stop, ice cream! Greta and Lynn didn't stop because Carson went to sleep as soon as they started driving. 

The Pretzle Hut is a very popular place! They enjoyed the cool treat! 

Fun day but this Nana was t.i.r.e.d!!

God Bless your Tuesday! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

In the Good Old Summertime 

I love summer! Today I purchased some good, locally grown fresh produce. This was part of our dinner tonight.....

Corn on the cob, cantaloupe, and coleslaw. 

I often make coleslaw using the bagged shredded cabbage. But wow, how much better it is with freshly shredded! I also bought some tomatoes because we are still only getting so few from our stalks, some romaine and a pepper. Fresh is best!!

Yesterday the kids and I had another fun day. We started our day at a new to me playground. It was renovated recently and is so nice! 

Walking through a covered bridge to the playground. So neat!!

How awesome is a little stream to put your feet in or walk through! 

I didn't get any pictures of the older two on the zip's not a high one but still fun! I was busy following Noah =) 

Aidan offered to tag along with Noah and give me a break....what a gentleman. We soon became too hot, and were happy to get back into the air conditioned van! 

Now where should we go for lunch?? Our whole day was not previously planned and we loved it that way!

Isaac's, that's what we decided on! 

Kids enjoying their drinks. 

Nana was not paying attention to Noah....he nearly finished his milk before the food even showed up!!

Oh, and that dish with a few pickles?? I love it when I go there and no one else likes them ;-) They are ALL mine! 

Can you tell they are enjoying their lunch?

Ok, so lunch is finished, now where to??

We discussed several options but decided to go next door to That Fish Place!

This fish tank was WAY cool!

Of course we had to get a picture with the bear!

But this is what it took to get a good one.....

They are just too fun!!

We loved all the fish.....

They wanted me to take a picture of the yellow fish for Ellen. She loves the color yellow!

So interesting!

Time to go....and we knew where we were going this time.

Sweet Frog frozen yogurt! We met Ellen there. She had been out with Mary, her life skills coach. This place is a lovely treat, always!! Fun day, memories made =)

I had the kids on Monday too. It was a rainy, cool day. We decided to watch a movie in the afternoon....

Sing was on Netflix.....we loved it again! 

Snug as bug on the sofa :)

And I had my cup of coffee....we were all set for a great afternoon! 

Ellen joined us too.....she loves this movie!

The movie is over.....

I was treated to a dance performance!! Too cute!

Saturday was the first day of UDS flag football and cheering. This is what Ellen looks forward to all year!

Every Saturday morning until early October, this is where we will be!

Hope all is well for you. These are very busy days for me so I'm not posting or reading very often. Maybe when the older kids are back in school things will settle down. Summer is winding down and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest! I LOVE summer!