Monday, October 15, 2018

Girlfriends and a Birthday 

Yesterday, Sunday October 14, Ellen and I attended a 21st Birthday party to celebrate her friend Emily. We had such a good time! 

First we ate pizza, salad and fruit.

Elizabeth (and her mom) gave a toast and the girls gave a cheer with their non- alcoholic sangria. 😊 

Next, Emily opened gifts. 

Lots of laughs and celebration! 

The moms were having a lot of fun too!!

Emily was thrilled with all that her friends chose for her. 

After gifts, Cake!! 

Happy Birthday to you, dear Emily! 

They enjoyed the cake and ice cream. But the fun was not done just yet....

Birthday Bingo! 

Ellen chose peanut butter cups for her prizes....of course. 

We had a wonderful time. Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you, Emily. You will enjoy being 21! 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Manheim Farmshow 2018

This event has been a highlight of our family for many, many years. We no longer have a Manheim address but we still try to get there a few times the week of the show. This year it was Monday evening with three Grands and Ellen and Wednesday evening with Ellen for the parade. That could be it for this year. 

Monday was the Baby Parade. It's really short but still fun to see. 

The only marching band in this parade is the Manheim Central Middle School band. 

Lots of cute kids!! We loved the Kraft Mc and Cheese (middle left) and it won a prize! 

After the parade it was time to fill our bellies with yummy Farmshow food....

We started with French fries to share and a slice of pizza for Ellen. Then I went for a walking taco for Aidan and a burger for Zoe. Took that to the tent then got my pulled beef without a roll for me. Couldn't get the slice of pizza for Noah because they were out and the wait till they had some again was too long. The crowds of people out that nice evening was crazy!! Dale went for his hamloaf sandwich when I got back. He shared his sandwich with Noah. 

It was so nice to see daughter Greta there with her sweet family. 

We weren't going to see the animals that night but decided to since there weren't many tractors near the food area....something that Noah wanted to see. They don't allow kids to climb on many of them anymore which lessens the fun. 

We saw some cute rabbits then went to the kids area. 

This corn table is so much fun! It's Grandson Carson's favorite thing to do at any country fair or Farmshow! 

More fun!

Lots of little piggies!! 

By this time Zoe was sneezing non stop and we had to go. Poor girl was miserable. Aidan was careful to not touch animals and didn't touch his face which kept him from sneezing. 

We did stand in line for some milkshakes to share before going to the car. Milkshakes at Manheim Farmshow is a must....the forever crazy long lines are testimony to that! 

Last evening was perfect weather for a parade....some might disagree with me because they probably thought it was too hot! It was so warm which is certainly not normal October weather here. 

Of course we had to eat first. Fries again....always! Ellen had a hot dog, I had grilled chicken w/o the roll, Dale had a sausage sandwich. And we got milkshakes :)) I shared about half of mine with hubby....he had one of his own too, of course! 

We sit near the end of the parade so it gets to our spot more than a half hour after it starts. It felt good to sit and relax! 

Told Ellen we need a selfie...she complied :)

Let the parade begin! 

Police cars and fire trucks always start the parade! Ellen does not care for the loud sirens and honking horns :( 

However, she does love the bands! 

And cheerleaders! 

And the WJTL cookie break car! 

This entry was lots of fun.....bubbles!! And that little car zooming all over the street. 

My brother and nephew's business...Witmer Automotive Service! 

This guy carves all though the parade neat! 

It's always a fun time.....would have loved to have more family there but just three of us is ok. Greta and family were at the parade but sat at a different spot. We saw them while getting our food. 

One more picture then I must get on with my day! 

Our adorable Toby ❤️