Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Doors and Family

Good Wednesday afternoon! Guess what I did this morning. I signed up for Medicare and my supplement plans. Yippee, ready to go on March 1 :)  How did I get so old??

In other more important news.....

We have new doors! 

Guys hard at work installing the doors that Pop Pop built! 

LOVE them! 

The next day Pop Pop had to do an adjustment...this kid decided standing on the ladder gave him a pretty good view for TV watching!! 

On Sunday I went to get Gina after our lunch so she could spend time with us that evening. It was SO good!!

We stopped at Starbucks. Yum! Ellen got into this selfie too. 

Later we went to daughter Marcy’s home to watch an important football game. They stared watching on a delay since we couldn’t gather at the start. 

Corey had work to do so he watched and did work on his computer. Remember the day when work could only be done at the office?

It was good to be with some of my kids plus a few of the Smith family too. Sadly, the Eagles didn’t win. 

I forgot to say we got some snow overnight Saturday/Sunday. 

Monday morning the only thing Noah could think of was playing in the snow!

Who have we here????

Oh. It’s a boy, not a dog 😊

Yesterday morning Ellen had an appointment. After that and picking up a script at the pharmacy she thought it would be a good idea to get lunch. At first I thought no but....she had a gift card from Wendy’s that I had put on the app on my phone. Ok, let’s go! 

A little Frosty after our lunch, yum yum!!  She didn’t know I took this or she would have posed. 

Yesterday was sunny. Today it’s overcast. Snow coming tomorrow night and more over the weekend, so ‘they’ say. And next week comes the bitter cold. Not thrilled over any of it but will roll with the punches until I see new life in my backyard again. As long as I have coffee, a blanket, and a book (Kindle app), I’m good! 

God bless you. Stay warm! 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lazy Sunday

It truly was a lazy day.....kinda nice!

Yesterday Ellen woke up with a sick stomach and was in bed all day. By evening she was starting to feel better and was able to eat a little bit. Today she was up and feeling much better but we didn’t go to church. Decided it was wise to just take it easy. Hoping no one else gets sick! 

Yesterday was a day of weather changes. I thought it was to rain all day. We woke to thick fog and mostly drizzle. It stayed that way until about mid afternoon. 

We were busy putting away Christmas so I hadn’t noticed when the fog lifted. But I did notice a change to the north....the sky looked brighter! It wasn’t long until I could see some blue. In no time we had blue skies and a bright ball of sun! Perfect!!

Oh how I love a sunny day! 

My hubby has been busy working to make the doorway to our half bath wider. We have a daughter who uses a wheelchair and it was very inconvenient for her to use the bathroom when she visits. They (Corey, Christy and my hubby, Dale) finally decided on what hardware to order to hang the barn door Dale made to replace the existing door. It came the day before New Year’s Day. That morning he was up early (for a holiday!) to begin working on it. Yesterday he finished it! 

It’s rather hard to get a good picture of the door because the hallway is not very wide. He will will add a handle to the door after we decide what we want. There’s a guide on the floor that will prevent a certain three yr old from pushing the door out like a swing from the know he would try it!! 

Dale made the door using some salvaged wood he had and new he purchased. We love it! 

The wall will get the blue paint. The same blue is on the loft wall in the family room which will get two barn doors like this one installed to close the railing opening (in the loft) when that hardware comes. The door paint is the same as what is on the back of the shelving in the family room. We are pleased with the results of this project! 

I suggested updating the bathroom with some really neat wallpaper......hubby, on the other hand, did not agree to that yet! Recently I saw a half bath on a HGTV show where a really neat modern wallpaper was used. I loved it and thought how lovely it would look in our half bath. I’m not normally a fan of wallpaper but......maybe I’m changing ;-) 

Today was an important football game for Eagles fans and Manheim Central HS football fans. Many of my family are Eagles fans. They played against the Chicago Bears today. Did you know the Bears coach, Matt Nagy, was a Manheim Central (the high school all my kids graduated from except Ellen) football player? Yes he was! Our hometown is a huge football town and certainly is proud of Matt’s success. It was a close game. (I’m not a fan of the game but I did watch the end.... although I had no idea it was that close to the end!) Bears are out for this year but what a successful season they had with their new coach! 

It’s late and time to wrap this up. Goodnight!