Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Summer Days (going quickly)

Quick post....

Summer is going by so quickly. I don't like it at all!! How can it be that school starts in a week? Didn't we just get done with mornings of getting kids up and on the school bus?? I much prefer the 'lazy' days of summer.

I really didn't need a s'more that evening
but couldn't pass it up!

Kinda concerned what my blood test will look like
and my weight at my appointment in 2 weeks.

Trying to not overdo it with the sweets
but I aim to enjoy summer,
my favorite season!

Enjoying the porch when I get a chance!

Ellen has been enjoying two weeks of camp.
It's a camp for special needs kids/young adults
held in the afternoon Monday through Thursday.

They have gone on some neat field trips...
A farm
an airport
movie theater
a museum
and more.

Yesterday they 
watched a glass blowing demonstration
got to make a memento!!

Look what she made...

Isn't it beautiful?
I'm thrilled to pieces with it.

She was so nervous about the whole experience
and wasn't sure she would make anything.
I told her that the staff had confidence that she can do it 
and I really wanted her to try.

She did!

Take care.
Enjoy each day.
Face a challenge and do it!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ice Cream

It's summertime
 and one thing we love in this season is

Ice Cream!

We seem to have had it a lot recently....

Free ice cream at
Hilltop Market!

On Sunday Ellen wanted to got to Scoops,
a little sandwich and ice cream shop near us.

The line for ice cream was long
but worth the wait!!
and the servings are

Mommy worked on Tuesday....
the kids suggested their favorite,
Sweet Frog.
Nana, the spoiler, said yes!

Last evening some of the ladies from church
met at 
Manheim Twin Kiss
for, you guessed it,
Ice Cream!

Ellen was thrilled to come along ☺

I'll close with a sweet and a silly....

These Grands are now 9, 11, and almost 12.
Love seeing and remembering their younger days.

Yesterday this cutie came out on the porch 
where I was drinking my morning smoothie.
He said,
Look, Nana, I'm wearing a onesie!!!

We all cracked up!

Enjoy your Thursday!