Sunday, November 19, 2017


The view from my kitchen. 

God bless your Sunday!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Some of our Fun Times

Whew, life. Thought I should post so you know I'm still here :) I've been doing a lot of childcare  lately which makes my days go by so quickly. 

Here's just a bit of what's going on in my world.....

  • First, my little man. Love him!

Last week the parents were away for a couple of days. I sent them this picture of their baby. The kids did really good, they usually do. Ellen happened to have several appointments on those days so that added an extra busy piece to our already busy time! 

Don't remember what day this was. He was not tired :) But I found him flat out on the floor with his ball still in his hand. How adorable! 

Someone likes my pumpkin spice coffee!! 

  • Saturday, November 11

Two nephews from Idaho came to PA to visit with their grandparents. My PA siblings (and Ellen) were privilaged to spend time with them that evening. Lovely time!!

First we had dinner with Micheal and Eric (on left) at Oregon Dairy. Totally enjoyed our delicious meal and being together. I ordered a PA Dutch classic.....pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes. Yum! 

Notice the guys sat at one end and the girls at the other. We thought the guys talk would be centered around farming which is what Eric and Mike do. There certainly was some of it but we girls couldn't stay out of the conversation completely.....these guys each have a beautiful family and we wanted to hear about them too! 

After dinner we went to my brothers home to continue the fun, conversation and more food. Absolutely, family is the best ever!! 

  • Sunday, Nov. 5 Baby Shower

Our kids wanted to bless their sister, Greta, who is expecting her second child, a boy, next month. 

We surprised her! 

Zoe was telling Greta that this gift was from Nana because she always puts a ribbon on her gifts.....I do! 

She got several big boxes of diapers, a big box of wipes, a gift card, a new cute sleeper and a blanket. 

We are so anxious to meet this baby boy!

  • Also Saturday, Nov. 11

(This post is totally random!!) 

Breakfast for me and Ellen with some of her friends, their moms, and the cheering coach, and three cheer helpers! 

Elizabeth painted a picture for Coach Deb. She was not able to attend the UDS banquet to present it to her there so we made a date for breakfast instead. After we filled our bellies Elizabeth gives Deb her beautiful painting. 

Love these people!! Four special UDS cheerleaders, three precious helpers from Donegal school district cheering, and our amazing Coach Deb. We appreciate their dedication to our girls  so much! 

  • One more picture then I must get on with my day. I cleared the shelves in our bedroom because I'd really like to have them painted. But why keep them totally empty while I wait?

Decided to display my essential oils :) 

I use Young Living oils and supplements and lots of other products everyday household cleaner, toothpaste, shampoo. So much I could say about them and the difference they make for me. Ask me if you'd like to know more! 

Now I really must get busy. I still haven't eaten my breakfast.....which I drink, not eat! Still making my smoothie for breakfast. It works for me :) 

God bless your day!