Friday, April 16, 2021

Saying Hello

 Happy Friday!

Don't really have much going on to talk about

so I'll just say


and let you know that I'm still here.

Even though we've had some cloudy days

the sunsets are so pretty.

I was surprised several times

thinking there wouldn't be any to see...

but I was wrong!

Here's one that showed up on a clearer evening.

I can lay on my bed and see the sunset through the trees.
I love it!

It was a pretty morning today but has gotten progressively cloudy and is so chilly. 

Not sure where our warm and beautiful spring days have gone.
But I am wishing them to return!

That's it for today.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Easter Day and more

 Almost a week after Easter....

my week just went poof so it seems!

Saturday, April 3

On Saturday morning
Journey's, a group that Ellen does activities with,
had a drive through that told the Easter story.

She also did a craft and got more eggs at the pavilion!
Of course she chose mostly yellow and orange eggs 😊

Later we had a fire...

Hot dogs and smores, 

yum yum!

Sunday, Easter 4

Started the day by watching our church service

in our living room.

Looking forward to going in person again someday,

but not yet.

After church Ellen was ready to find her Easter basket!

She had a harder hunt this year!
Had to do warmer and cooler for her to find it.

But find it she did.

The trash can is in a big crock 
so she couldn't see it under the bag 🤣

Then it was time to hide clues for the younger crew.
(the Grands we live with)

I later found out that they had purposely stayed in bed longer
thinking I would be able to hide clues...
but I had church and then Ellen...
and still didn't get my shower,
but that was ok.

The clues were many this year,
like 21!

It took forever to get them hid in order....
especially hard because I hid the ones in our area first
and had to make sure I was hiding the correct clue.

Then I had the kids come down to wait while I hid the rest.

Upstairs and downstairs....

And outside too!

Under cushions, in closets, Dad's office chair, the laundry room,

and UNDER Nana and Pop Pop's bed!!

Finally to the garage...

The bags were found,
then emptied to find the loot!

What fun!!!

Marcy and Scott came over for a visit.

So good to see all of them!

Nice weather is perfect for outdoor visits!

Of course these sweethearts got Easter bags too!

THEN it was time for our dinner....

We were all very hungry!
Zoe made bunny place cute!

Egg hunt next.
By that time I was feeling a bit done.
Thankfully Corey, Christy and Ellen hid the eggs.
They hid them way harder then I would have!

Thank God for the nice day!!

Family is so special and I thank God for each one of mine! 


Tuesday, April 6

Nice days also allow for picnics and play dates!

Noah was so happy for 

Carson and Toby  (two more of the Grands)

to come,

something he looks forward to whenever it can happen.

Carson and Toby love to come too!

They played for awhile then had a picnic lunch on the front lawn.

Totally enjoyed watching them enjoy being together!

After that it was play, play, play!

The trampoline is always a big hit!

Zoe hid eggs for them.
They loved it even though nothing was in them.

Played Hide and Seek too!

And Nana had Easter bags for them, of course!

Love them SOOO much!

This past year was so hard and it's not over for us yet.
Times of being together...
even though we still can't hug, sadly....
is a soul filler for me.

The time will come when indoor visits and hugs will once again 
be part of the norm.

And won't that be forever cherished!!

Thanks for hanging in on this long post!