Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Still Snowing

13 inches and it's still snowing! 

Have a seat.....

I'll make you a burger :)

Maybe this would be a better spot to sit....Better come soon.....

Cause I'm heading SOUTH!! 

The kids are fine with it.....

But I'd rather see white dogwoods. Yes I would.  [sigh]

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First Day of Spring and more

Here's what's happening........

Today, March 20 - 

Snow, again.

No porch sitting today.

Maybe it will soon warm up enough to allow some blooms??

It's still snowing and to continue tomorrow also.
I'm so over it!!

Saturday, March 17 -

Fun, fun day with two friends shopping at King of Prussia Mall. 

But first, a stop at the Gap Diner for breakfast. That was yummy!

Marge, me, Reba
We love our Starbucks!

The mall is huge!
(found this pic on the internet)

We certainly didn't see all of it.
But we did do a lot of walking!

And a little shopping too =)

More stores on the outskirts of the mall.....

Leaving the mall to find Nordstrom Rack...
snow piles! 
They had more in that area than we did last week.

Some of the mall as we drove by.

Using Siri to get around =)

We found the store after awhile.
Enjoyed shopping
we were hungry!!

Back out into the crazy to find Cheesecake Factory at the mall.

Found it!
But it was an hour wait 
at 4p....
and we were hungry!
Sad but we decided to go elsewhere.

Back into the crazy again!

Bahama Breeze it was.

We were told it was a 20 min wait but we were called a short time later to be seated.
The food was delicious! 
I had grilled salmon, smashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Back on the road again to head for home....
that is,
after a few wrong turns that caused some fits of laughter =)

Totally fun day with two lovely ladies.
Lets do it again....
and maybe more of the moms can join us next time!

Friday, March 16 - 

Ellen had a St. Patty's Day dance to attend that evening.

Ellen with her friend, Nicole

She had so much fun!

Club 625  Tree of Friends.....

Each kid (young adult) put a hand print on the tree.
Can you guess which one is hers??

If you picked the yellow and orange one,
you are correct!

What other colors would she possibly pick?
She lives in a yellow and orange world =)

Sunday, March 18 - 

Aww, aren't they adorable?
Cousin friends ♥
(and my granddaughters)

Brinley's family gave Zoe this dress for her recent birthday.
Brinley got one too
they both wore them to church on Sunday!

That's it for today. It's still snowing. Apparently we are accumulating more up on our hill than many other places.... once again. And it lasts longer around here too. 

Have a great first day of spring. If you are fortunate enough to have sun, warmth, and color in your world, save some of it for me ;-)