Tuesday, June 30, 2020

When Mini Golf is what you want to do....

Good afternoon!

This is too cute not to share.

His two older siblings are away this week
so he is getting lots of one-on-one
with his parents.

He loves to mini golf.
His parents took him to a nearby course Sunday evening.

Yesterday he really really wanted to go again.

So his very smart mom made a way to play at home....

(pics from this morning)

Do you see it?

A bulb planter provided a hole to put a plastic cup
right in the front yard!!


He takes a one handed swing ☺

Look at that,
a hole in one!!!

He is loving this!

The hydrangea in the front yard,
love it!

Yesterday Bear was feeling a bit down in the dumps.
I asked Pooh to help cheer him up...
Good ole Pooh ♥

"When life throws you a rainy day,
play in the puddles."
Pooh Bear

Friday, June 26, 2020

One Step at a Time

Thought I'd do a short post.

Not much happening as in going places
and doing things!

But decisions are being made in how much to bring back for Ellen 
as the county is opening up more.

We hope to bring back her life skills companion
2 half days a week.

She could begin exercising in the gym again.
She will continue doing her weekly virtual sessions for now
and go back  later, maybe.
Happy for that option!

She could go back to Lighthouse (her place of employment) again.
But she is not ready.

So she will continue the virtual classes from Lighthouse
which she has been involved in and really enjoys.
Again, so happy for the option!

They have put a lot of good things in place at Lighthouse 
to keep everyone safe
but Ellen says she's not ready.

One step at a time!

Good news....

Ellen and I got haircuts!!!

It feels SOOOO good!!

Sorta weird getting a cut with a mask on but that's a small sacrifice indeed.

We had the last tree cut down last week.

The fearless climber!

The tree guy wanted the logs.
He drug them to the street then put them on a truck.

The whole process was so interesting to watch!

Have a great last weekend of June!
(can you believe it???)