Saturday, October 19, 2019

Life Happens

I really don't like starting every post about being busy but right now I am just that. How can it be that another week has gone by since I last posted? This will need to be quick one because I am very tired!

Have you ever eaten at Mod Pizza?
I had not prior to Monday.

Monday was a holiday and these Grands 
and Ellen
were free to do something special!

We ate at Mod Pizza,
their choice.

This is my YUMMY pizza!
It was amazing!
And it's gluten free.

Next was Toy Story 4!

Going to the discount theater is such a savings....
we love it!

Just saw that Lion King is now showing there...
Another movie date, kiddos??

It's getting colder.

Leggings and shoes....
I gave in!

Ellen started something new this week.

She started going to 
Lighthouse Vocational Services 
two days a week.
This is a faith based program which is amazing...
she can try many different jobs in house or
volunteer in the community.

So thankful. 

We hope she will be able to build confidence 
and find something that she really loves to do.

The picture is rather dark
because she leaves the house at 6:30 in the morning!
She had a very good first day. ☺

On Thursday morning Nana's taxi took a little boy and his mom to an appointment.

Now the location of the appointment was very close to ....

Of course I did.

Life Happens
Coffee Helps!

Would you like a shirt like this?

(this one I got is a sweater...
a bit different than a T but super comfy!!)

They sell really cool stuff'!
Check them out!

Today was the challenger banquet.
But those pictures will have to wait. 

It's time for some zzzzzzz's!

Good night!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Family, Farmshow, Cheering, Fall

Another week has gone by. Time is flying!!

Here's a bit of what I have been up to.....

On Sunday we spent time at my brother's home with some of my siblings.
My sister, Barb, and her husband, John, 
were visiting from Idaho!

PA siblings plus Barb

Witmer sisters and Ellen

The only picture I took of our wonderful time together!
Mary Ellen made a cake for Nancy
who had a birthday this week.
Nancy always sets a beautiful table
and she and Dick provided a very delicious meal.

Nancy took this picture of Ellen in front 
of her beautiful mural!
I love it!

One of the few miniature roses still blooming!

On Tuesday while his brother and sister had check-ups
at their doctor,
we went shopping at Kmart.
This was always such a wonderful Kmart
but like so many, it's closing.

He LOVED the little shopping cart!

This week was the annual
Manheim Farmshow.

We used to live so close and would go everyday.
Now we go maybe twice during the week.

We go for the food!
French fries are the best ever!

I don't have a lot of choices of what I can eat but I can always find something.

Seeing family and friends is another reason to go ♥

Gina and Justin joined us for dinner on Wednesday.

We also saw the parade on Wednesday evening.

A whole bunch of family ♥
Even Aunt Nancy and Aunt Fern just happened to be sitting near us
and moved their chairs to join us too. 

Grandsons, Noah and Carson.
Cousins and best friends!

Grandson Toby.

Fire engines (lots of them!) are very loud!!

A wood carver carves with a chain saw
all the way through the parade route!
I especially loved the cardinals displayed on the wagon.

Our absolute favorite little restaurant
 in our favorite little hometown!

Little horses!

Zoe reached out to touch one...

...and this is the shot I got!!
I tried!

Dancing to the music!
How I loved watching these kids!

And the boys get to dancing again....
they even danced to the passing marching bands!

Every year a bakery hands out 
long john donuts.
And every year Ellen tries to get one....
She got one!!
She was one happy girl!

It was a late night  but oh such a good one.
Nothing like being at a parade with a whole bunch of fun people ☺

I got this soup at the local discount grocery store.
I loved it.

Hopefully they still have some when I get back there,
I want more!

Today was the last 
Challenger Football game and Cheering 
for the season.
It really did go fast....
and Ellen is sad it's over!

Look who showed up for the last game!
Lancaster Barnstormers mascot, Cylo!

Cylo helped cheer!

My favorite cheerleader posed for me ♥

With her friend Sarenah.
(Ellen is probably thinking, Really, Mom? ☺)

Everyone loves Cylo!!

Best friends!

Showing their stuff at halftime.

Elizabeth's cousin made cupcakes for the cheerleaders!
How nice.

Why not more pictures of Ellen ☺

And another one of our special guest ☺
and coach Deb ☺

And a kick shot of Ellen!

They served pizza after the game!

They loved it!

Ben chats and eats ☺

We made a few stops on the way home.

Finally some mums for the blue pots!
I picked up the pumpkins earlier in the week.

It looks like the current season  =))

Happy Fall!