Friday, July 21, 2017

A Good Laugh

I'm on kid duty today (yesterday too) so no time to blog. But I want to share this picture that my sister, Jean, took when my sibs were together. It perfectly shows a good belly laugh....something we do often when we are together. 

Laughter is good medicine! 

Next post I will show you what fun the kids and I have been having the last two days. Summer is speeding by and we aim to make the most of these hot days!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It really is Fun Times! 

Here's what's been happening the last few days....


Last week Aidan and Zoe attended a drama camp. They loved it! All week they worked hard on The Music Man, Jr. Performances were on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. We went on Saturday. SO fun!! 

Aidan is the handsome guy in the center wearing the dark shirt. 

Zoe in the blue dress! She looked absolutely adorable. 

Our pastor's daughter (on the right) played the part of Mrs. Paroo....she did fantastic! 

After the show I went to find Zoe. Found her....

She was collecting donations! 

Aidan was no where to be found, because.....

He was SO hot while wearing the boys band costume for the end of the show and HAD to change out of it! 

Zoe made lots of friends during the week! 

The acting bug has bitten and these kids will do this again next summer! 


Zoe and Noah came to church with us. Ellen wanted to go to our favorite Manheim place to eat afterwards, Manheim Twin Kiss. After our lunch we had soft serve ice cream, of course!!

We LOVE Manheim Twin Kiss! 

Later, some of our family came over for a light dinner. It was a very nice evening. Corey started a fire for s'mores. 

PopPop watching the fire. 

Brinley and Zoe decided to eat their dinner on the swing under the deck. 

I keep looking for a bench cushion for that swing but have yet to find the correct size. I think the seat is just a little hard without one!

Sweet Cambrie! 


Yesterday I spent the day with Gina. We went to two thrift stores, she got a haircut, we ate lunch, we enjoyed some Starbucks drinks, visited with Cambrie (and the rest of the family too!), saw Paityn's newly painted bedroom (so beautiful!), she had dinner with us, then I took her home again. Good, good day! 

Gina and Cambrie! Hard to believe that Cambrie will soon be 6 months old. 

Today will be a good day too. I aim to make the most of it.....and it's time to get back to accomplishing something other than writing a blog post!! Happy Wednesday to you!