Monday, April 29, 2024


 It's been awhile. Life has a way of moving along and the blog takes a back seat these days. I'm certainly not going to update everything we've been up to but here are a few current pictures of life on our hill.

We had a dead tree cut down.  Last year it never got leaves (was fine the year before) so it had to go. This one was right in front of the house and a very large one. 

They started by sawing the branches which broke up in many pieces when they fell!

The little dogwood tree beside it went down too.
We knew it would. 

Not a job for me!!

This is the last cut and the tree is no more.

Spring has been so beautiful in our neighborhood!

We even had lilac blooms, my favorite!
Some years there are few to none.

Yesterday at church the kids helped lead worship....I love when they do that!

And now I must get on with my day. Can't promise that I'll be more faithful in my posting but I'll be back when I find the time... or feel like posting. ☺️ 

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Kathy said...

We had children singing at our church yesterday also. They have the sweetest voices. It was interesting looking at the pictures of the tree coming down. Sad, but always making room for new growth. Love the flowers.