Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Spring in February??

 We have had a rather mild winter so far and it's showing. 

I was amazed to see this...

I knew they were coming up but was surprised to see a bud!
In February. 

Taken through the laundry room window...
what in the world, there's more ready to bloom!!

I am blown away.
Never had then bloom so early.

Not a good picture..
this tree is weeks early too.

And then we had ice falling from the sky for a short time just before noon.
Tomorrow it's to be 70.
And Saturday 39 for the high.

This is the craziest weather!!

My spring wreathes are getting hung tomorrow..
in February! 

What I've been up to...

Ellen and I attended a birthday party for her friend Bri.
We had the best time!

Best friends!

We will be together again this Saturday 
to see Little Women at Lancaster Bible College.

Ellen also attended Nite to Shine on Feb. 10.
The last two years were virtual (due to the pandemic)
but this year was in person.

We had fun shopping for her dress with some of her friends and moms.
It fit her so well and was on a wonderful sale.

She also needed dress shoes which can be a challenge to find.
Her feet are two different sizes. (two pairs to make one)
She needs a strap due to the shape of her right foot
plus she doesn't have full feeling in that foot. 
Without the strap, it wouldn't stay on.

We went shopping at the mall to 3 stores...
the last store had just what she was looking for
and they were on a wonderful sale!

Soooo thankful!

Back to Nite to Shine...
 each guest is assigned a buddy for the night.
Ellen never knows who it will be
 and didn't know the person assigned to her at the two previous times she attended.
This year I asked Mary, Ellen's staff person with LLESS, 
if she would like to be Ellen's buddy...
she was thrilled to be!
We decided to keep it as a surprise for Ellen.

Ellen was so surprised and so happy to see Mary waiting for her at the table!
(top left)
other pictures...
Ellen with Cilo, the Barnstormers mascot (local Baseball team)
Ellen with her friend Mitch
Ellen posing at home before the event.

Bunny trail...
right now I am hearing a fox in the woods SCREAMING!
Have you ever heard a fox? 
It is the worst sound...and it's really going at it.

Ok, back to regular programming =)

We watched the Super Bowl at our daughter's home,
Marcy and Scott and family.
Had wonderful food, very important!
Most of the bunch are Eagles fans so they were disappointed in the outcome.

I had a colonoscopy. My third one.
The prep is so hard for me. 
I changed it up each time and will do it differently again next time.
Two polyps were removed, biopsy came beck negative,
procedure again in five years. 

I treated myself to this yesterday...
The only reason I will go to Mc D's.

And we had bluebirds checking out our house this week...
This makes me so happy!

Happy Spring (in February 😊)!


Kathy said...

I have daffodils coming up too. Isn't this weather crazy? Tomorrow in the 70s and the weekend in the 30s. Looks as if Ellen has been having a wonderful time with her friends lately.

I have precancerous polyps so I have to have a colonoscopy every year. Yes, each year. Mine is coming up in a few weeks. I wish I could skip a year, but I don't want cancer so...

Have a great day. Joe and I are heading out to Lancaster when it gets warmer so I will let you know and maybe we can meet for lunch somewhere. (Isn't it awful that Hershey Farm burned down?)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, how nice to find a new post, yeah! Sadly, there is nothing trying to bloom here in Nashua, NH. Currently we have a couple of inches of ❄️thanks to that winter storm that has impacted so many areas with much more snow. The only daffodils here are in stores. Ellen looked lovely and looks like she had a wonderful event, so nice that things have resumed to in person. A colonoscopy is never fun and nice that you treated yourself after. Patrick was also disappointed 😟 that the Eagles lost.

Mari said...

Ellen looks so pretty! Glad she had a fun time.
I need to schedule a colonoscopy. I'm not a fan of the prep either.
This has been a very strange winter. We seem to have one big storm a week, then it gets nice and melts and the next week we repeat! We had a huge ice storm yesterday. Everything was closed yest and today. I'm lucky to be able to work from home!

Jean said...

My daffodils aren't quite as advanced as yours. I'm so afraid all the things that are blooming already will be ruined by a bad freeze. We even covered our front flower beds last night because of the temps going down into the low 20's.

I LOVE all the fun activities for/with Ellen!

I don't know if I've ever heard a fox scream. I remember how we would hear wolves howl at night when we were kids.

Theresa said...

It is always nice to see what you have been up to. Ellen is beautiful and I am happy that she had a great time. This weather is weird. We have had temps in the 80s a lot and so many plants are budding and blooming. Colonoscopy is a must, not fun but so happy you got it done. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hope you get to enjoy the porch🥰. Hugs