Tuesday, January 24, 2023


 Imagine my surprise when I opened my blog a few weeks ago and saw I still had a fall picture in the header. I realize I've been absent for awhile but really, it was still fall when I last posted?! Been trying to post but each day goes by and it just doesn't get accomplished. 

So here I am this evening saying hi =) I won't even try to post all that I've been up to but suffice it to say, we did some stuff...

We've attended more than one birthday party. Love celebrating our grands birthdays!

We found time to decorate for Christmas...my favorite!

Watched as many Christmas movies we could between other fun things.

Attended a fun Christmas event at church plus a program by the group Ellen is involved in called Journeys. 

We attended a Christmas Eve service in person this year... last two years we watched the livestream from home. 

Had a fabulous Christmas day! 

One from our household had Covid again. šŸ˜” 

We postponed our family dinner because of it...but we got together on January 15 and had a wonderful time. I love our family soooo much!

Our bunch around the table enjoying 
some good eats, lively conversation,
and always always....

We also enjoyed the big Fahnestock family dinner held at the home of Dale's sister Nancy. What fun to be together again after two hard years!

Now I'm trying to put away our Christmas decorations. Yes, it's way past time. They needed to be up for our family dinner and Dale got the boxes and totes down for me towards the end of last week. But  I've had a sinus cold for a week and I'm still not over it. Certainly am feeling better but not 100%. At least my face doesn't hurt as much. Slowly getting it boxed and ready for storage till the end of the year...which will surely seem like a blink!!

Some picture from this week....

We had a tiny bit of snow yesterday morning.
It was pretty but disappeared in a jiffy.
We 'might' get more tomorrow...so they say.

Bluebirds checking out the house today!

Hope they like it enough to move in some day.

Please visit again soon, Mr. Bluebird!
(focus isn't the best)

One more...

I'm gonna miss my little tree 
but it's time. 

Hope you are enjoying winter (I mostly just tolerate it) and are staying well. We are giving it our best shot here in the Fahnestock house!  


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, so nice to find a new post today (I have been checkingšŸ˜€). Hope you will be feeling better soon as we also had similar not feeling good issues for the first couple weeks of this new year. We delayed taking down our decorations as well, but enjoyed them longer especially the lit tree in the evenings! Glad your family was able to finally get together for a delayed holiday celebration. Thankfully, we were able to see many of ours in RI at the holiday. Hope to see you sometime this year when we revisit PA.

Mari said...

I'm tolerating Winter. It's been snowing all day and is supposed to continue all week.
Bluebirds! I'm jealous. They are so pretty.
Our daughter Laura had Covid on Christmas, so our celebrations were also postponed.

Jean said...

I love every picture! We still have not had bluebirds here.

And you certainly know I just (barely) tolerate winter.

Theresa said...

Same here, WAY behind blogging. I catch up when I can, just not as often as I used to. I am sorry you haven't felt well and hope that you are all better soon. Covid showed up in our family again last week. My Grandson had it and stayed quarantined until he was all better. So far he is the only one in that household that got it. Love you bunches my friend, BIG HUGS!