Sunday, November 27, 2022

Thanksgiving and more

 So here it is almost the end of November! Another month just racing by.

Isn't that pumpkin just the cutest?
Blog friend Theresa, theycallmeganky sent it to me.
I love it!

She had a giveaway on her blog and I won. Sweet!

She also included this cute little sign..
She knows me well 💓

And a gift card for some of these...

Oh she knows me sooo well!

Theresa and I have been blog friends for a long time.
We have never met in person (yet!)
but that doesn't hinder our friendship.
Not one bit!

Thank you, sweet friend! ♥♥

Thanksgiving Day 2022 

We had a wonderful day. I love Thanksgiving! We invited my husband's sister, Nancy, to join us. Most of our kids had other places to go except for Gina and Justin, so they came too.

We planned to eat at 5 but our oven had an issue, yikes! We've often used both ovens without incident but on this day when I turned up the top oven to finish faster an error code came up and would not go away. Finally we figured out that we could use the bottom oven without an issue so...

The turkey finished in the cooker thing beautifully browned turkey because it didn't get to finish in the oven as planned. Christy carved it before eating instead of placing a whole turkey on the table as we usually do.

All the other food finished in the bottom oven, yah!

We ate closer to 6, oh well!

Everybody is digging in!

Of course we had all the traditional foods we usually have
and it was all so delicious!

Later some of us played an M&M game I printed off Pinterest.

Anything involving candy is a hit!

We ended the evening watching the Charley Brown Thanksgiving movie.

Even Harley was worn out!

We all took it easy the next day. Leftovers was lunch and yum! Noah wanted to watch Elf so we got comfy in my bed to watch it. Zoe joined us too. 

We laughed like it was the first time we've seen it.
Believe me, it was not the first time!! 

Zoe and I also watched a Hallmark movie. That evening we played Apples to Apples and I won! 

Saturday Noah still wanted to play games so we played Apples to Apples in the afternoon and Uno in the evening. I didn't win any of those. 

It was a nice evening so Corey made a fire and we had smores!

Ended the day with another family movie, A Christmas Story Christmas. Noah wasn't sure he would like it and wanted to watch the original one instead. (we watch that one on Christmas Eve) But he loved it. We all did.

One more event....
An 11th birthday party for our granddaughter Brinley last Saturday November 19.

Her Birthday was at the beginning of the month but this was the first that suited for a party.

After feasting on pizza, salad and chips it was time to open gifts.

She was thrilled to get several gift cards!
Certainly does make gift giving a lot easier for this Nana. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Brinley! 
It was so fun celebrating with you ♥

That's it for today. Now I need to go read your blogs. I miss seeing what you are up to. Please take care, take time to enjoy this wonderful Christmas season. It's a favorite of mine...I'm itching to get the decorating started! Have you already decorated for Christmas?


Mari said...

What a nice gift from your friend. Each year you will think of her when you get that pumpkin out.
Looks like a very nice Thanksgiving in spite of the oven issue.
And a fun birthday party too!

Theresa said...

I am SO late reading this and it had ME in it:( I loved the pumpkin and it had your name all over it. It looks like Thanksgiving was a wonderful time in spite of the oven troubles. I really love Thanksgiving leftovers! Happy Birthday Brinley! Love seeing all of the family pictures. Love you sweet friend, enjoy your day! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

This was a nice catch-up blog, Doris, and thanks for all the updates from the wonderful gifts you received to the family's Thanksgiving to a birthday celebration. This is a busy time of year for so many and I too am finding it hard to keep up with blog reading on a daily basis, but do try to visit and comment at least weekly. Yes, we did decorate and put up the tree this past weekend. We have never seen "Elf" and when I found a copy on the sale table at the library for $1 I bought it, so it will be out first-time viewing tonight.

Jean said...

Good grief! I just now saw blog post. Loved every last thing about it!