Tuesday, October 4, 2022

September Happenings (and one October one too)

 Family Picnic

Sunday September 18

It finally suited to have the family together for a picnic. 

It was to happen September 4th but Noah was sick so we canceled.

To keep things simple we just ordered pizza.

We had a very good time!

Big circle of family!

Unfortunately Toby had a fever that day so Greta stayed home with him.

Last time we were together Cambrie was sick so Marcy stayed home with her.

Hopefully the next time we can all be well!

Moms and Daughters Beach Trip

Rehoboth Beach, DE

September 23-25

We look forward to this weekend all year long!

Let the fun begin!!

Front row

Maureen, Emily (mom/daughter), Ellen, Bri, Marge (daughter/mom), Marissa

Back row

Reba (mom to Marissa), me (mom to Ellen)

We ate all our meals out...
less stuff to pack!
Bethany Blues, Grotto Pizza, Bob Evans x2 for breakfast.

The only picture I have of Tammy, top Left group picture.
She is a niece of Marge.
She doesn't mind driving and Marge is happy for her drive her car...
we are happy to have Tammy as part of our group!
I drive my van...six of us this time!

We weren't sure the weather would be nice enough to go to the beach
but it got sunny so we went.
Wasn't very warm though!
Was good to be on the sand.

We walked the board walk on Saturday after our pizza.

We love the beach!!

Will always stop to appreciate a beautiful sky!

Emily and Ellen are enjoying some ice cream!
Of course!!

I did too although I certainly didn't need it.
When there is pumpkin soft serve, I go for it!!

We chatted with a nice couple from the Reading area in PA.
She wondered about the size of my ice cream...
it was Baby size...perfect but still was too expensive.
Sometimes that is not a deterrent 😉

We, and many others, watched these dogs.
They were adorable waiting so patiently...
well, all but one! 
The one to her right grabbed every chance it could for a lick!

Bri and Marge 
relaxing before leaving the condo Sunday morning.

Memories made and now we look forward to next year!

Monday, September 19

I had apples in the frig that needed to be used.

The two youngest kids wanted to make applesauce.

It was a day off from school so that's what we did!

It's yummy!

Grandparents Day at Toby's school

Friday, September 30

Toby is in pre K.

He picked out a book in his classroom to show us.

Then we went to the Library where he was to pick out a book
for us to read.
It took him awhile to find one!

Got it!

Thought this was so neat!

Not sure we really read all the words but he was enjoying the book!
His Good grandparents were also there.

Next he was to choose an activity that was placed on the table.
He chose a puzzle of course.
A barn puzzle with animals, of course!

We all worked at it at first 
then Toby said he wanted to do the rest all by himself =)

All done!!

To the hallway to find his art..
we found it!
Love your picture, Toby!
Carson is his big brother. 

Photo booth.
He chose the glasses.

Posing with Nana and Pop Pop.

Back to the classroom.
We needed to leave the room so the the next set of Grandparents could come in.

They wisely divided the many grandparents into 2 groups
so the room wouldn't be so full.

The grandparents went to have a snack before the kids did a program for us.

Toby's group sang.
It was a very nice program!

Leaving the stage.

We loved seeing you at school, Toby!
Thank you for inviting us!

Sibling Time
(some of us) 
Sunday, October 2

My sister, Barb, and her husband, John, 
were in PA for a 50th Class reunion.
They live in Idaho.

On Sunday we PA sisters met with them at Mary Ellen's house
to visit, sing, and eat.

Back row
Dick, Jean's husband, John, Barb's husband, Dale, my husband
Front row
Mary Ellen, Nancy, our sister-in-law, Jean, Barb, Me

It happened to be Dick and Jeans 51st wedding anniversary!

My daughter, Greta, decorated the cake for them.
I made the GF cake so I could eat it =)
Greta is self taught and does a remarkable job!

That's it for today.

It's been raining for days and days here in PA! 
Hopefully it will end sometime tomorrow as "they" say it will.
Trouble is, is was supposed to end before
but it just keeps circling over our area again and again!

It's annoying but nothing even close to what those
  dealing with the destruction from the hurricane are facing.
Oh my!

We are thankful that my family in Florida and S Carolina are ok.


Mari said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun!
Nice that the family could gather. Hope next time no one is sick.
I love your mom and daughter outings!
Grandparent day is so fun, for the kids and the grandparents!
I know you all loved the family gathering with your siblings too.

Theresa said...

GIRL, I thought I had been busy. You have had a lot going on and SO much fun family time. I love going to the beach even when it is chilly. Grandparent's Day is a favorite of mine. My Grandchildren are getting too big for that but I enjoyed it while they were little. Hope all of the sick are better. I know you had lots of smiles being surrounded by family. Have a blessed evening dear friend! HUGS. (Now that I am back from staying with the Grandkids/dogs, I will get your package in the mail hopefully tomorrow)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a great post about family and friends, Doris. Looks like the moms and daughters had another great outing even if the beach wasn’t as warm, the weather looked good

NanaDiana said...

What wonderful family memories. There is nothing that can replace the love of family. I am sorry that someone was sick and couldn't make it. When you have lots of family it seems that always happens.
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. xo Diana

Jean said...

I finally have read this post! I have hardly read blogs at all the past few weeks and feel lucky to have actually found time to post my own each week. This crazy, crazy life just doesn't quit. Just gets crazier.

Oh the beach!! I guess we aren't going to get to Florida this year and it makes me so sad. We gotta find a chance to go in the spring during track season before Sophie is off to college.

I loved the grandparents day activities and pictures. That barn puzzle!! I would like to find that for Elizer. He's too young for it now.