Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Beach, illness, cheering

 Kinda dropped off the blogging world, I guess.

Wasn't intentional.

Anyway, I have a bit of time so I'll do my best to highlight 

some of my comings and goings =)

A few more vacation pics..

Thursday, August 25

Up early to get the Ferry to Cape May, NJ

Ellen loves the ferry so we try to take it sometime during our week at the beach.

This time we decided to walk on

rather than take our van.

It was a lovely, calm day...
two things that are extremely important to me when on a boat!

We loved watching as we came into the dock.
Usually we have to return to the van before we dock.

Took a trolley into Cape May,
had a wonderful lunch,
ice cream (Dale and Ellen)
and an icy coffee (me).

Took a trolley tour to see old and new mansions.
It was very interesting!

Don't know why my pictures are cut off at the bottom, ugh.

We were hot and tired so heading back to the air conditioned terminal seemed like a very good idea!

Cooling off, sitting, seeing the water, watching the ferry come in,
what's not to love??

Love just sitting on the ferry and looking at this.

And then getting back to the condo for this...

The next two days were beach days.

We watch the ferry as it comes and goes.

Saturday, August 27 was Ellen's 28th birthday!

Grotto's pizza is always her first choice when at Rehoboth!
And they have really good gluten free pizza too.

Found some GF cupcakes at Giant, yay!
Picked up ice cream at Dairy Queen...
it was a very happy birthday for our girl 💖

Sunday, August 28

Time to pack up and head home

but someone wanted to stop somewhere before heading home!

Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, PA

Ellen loves trains and has been wanting to come here again.
Even though mom and dad would have been ready to be home
at least this adventure didn't require a bunch of walking
we were worn out with trying to keep up with our girl all week!!!

Had a nice late lunch while waiting for our train.

We rode in the open car...
was just lovely!

Fabulous Lancaster County PA!!

Another vacation is finished,

another best vacation forever in our memories!

Monday, August 29.

Noah wasn't feeling good that morning.

We Covid test here when someone isn't feeling well.

He tested positive!

Life just keeps handing us challenge after challenge.

So for a week we masked in the house,

Christy doubled masked because she was taking care of Noah,

they used a dedicated bathroom, we religiously washed hands,

took mask breaks outside...thankfully it was nice weather!!

And we survived,

looooong week, though.

But no one got sick and we are so thankful! 

Now things have settled down and hoping to keep it that way.

Ellen is cheering again!
This new league is for older special adults and she's loving it!

Singing the National Anthem at the start of the games.
So thankful for this group, so thankful Ellen can do what she loves!

I need to soon go get Ellen at Lighthouse.
She has returned to work there in-house one day a week.
So far we are providing the transportation so she's not in a 
full van for an hour or more. 

Ellen and I have a fun weekend coming up.
Mothers and daughters beach trip!!

I'm driving again, prayers appreciated!


Mari said...

aagh - blogger is losing my comment so I'm trying again.
It looks like such a fun vacation. Your photos are so pretty and so is the one of Lancaster.
Happy Birthday to Ellen!
Glad Noah is better and you can put that behind you.
Have such faun and safe travels on the next trip!

NanaDiana said...

What a lovely vacation. I grew up north of Lancaster County in Bradford Co but always loved that area. We take a ferry all the time to our son's cabins on an island here in WI. Sometimes it is pretty rough. We go through an area of water called Death's Door. lol. There are lots of shipwrecks in that area from many, many years ago.

My grandgirl sand that National Anthem for all of her high school years at all the games and downtown for special events. It always put a lump in my throat and I know you feel the same way. xo Diana

Latane Barton said...

Your posts reminds me that vacation time is about over and soon it will be snuggy sweater time.

Kathy said...

Great pictures. It looks as if you had a wonderful time. So sorry about Noah getting sick. At least it doesn't seem as if it was a bad case. And I'm so glad none of the rest of you got sick.

That's great that Ellen is in cheering again. I hope she has lots of fun.