Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sister Weekend and Pretty flowers

More than a week has passed since I last posted.

As much as I think I'm going to blog

my day goes zipping by and I didn't get to it!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

April 23-25

I had the most delightful weekend with two of my sisters.

Mary Ellen and I went to State College 

for a sister weekend with our sister, Jean.

We always have the best time!

This year was exceptionally good.

I'll only post a few pictures....

The Arboretum is always on our list of places to go!

It was beautiful!

Loved these pots!

Tulips were still pretty!

Mary Ellen snapped this one of Jean and me.

It was such a nice day and we were sooo thankful!


Saturday morning we had our coffee and breakfast on Jean's cozy porch!

Again, so thankful for the nice day!

Mary Ellen and Jeanie graciously posed for a photo
even though we had yet to fix ourselves up 😀

Later we ate a late lunch at Sowers Harvest Café, another must!
Jean's pastor, Lynn, joined us.
She was SO much fun!!

I was probably placing a Starbuck's order...
there was one right there, for pete's sake!

Three PA sisters!
The out of state sisters will be coming to PA in July.
Can't wait!

Sunday after lunch we visited a beautiful park in Bellefonte.

Water and ducks!

Bridges too....
one of them moved with walking on it...NOT a fan!!!
It might have been this one, I'm not sure.

The most delightful walk!

And then, just like that,
it was time to head back home again.

We girls laugh at anything and everything!

Let's do this again, ok sisters?? 🥰

Spring in our neighborhood....

Our neighborhood is so beautiful!

I asked Ellen to pose in front of this gorgeous azalea.
Always a favorite along our street!

Just love this view!

That's it for today.
We had some special visitors this afternoon but you will need to wait
till next time to see who it was!

Have a good rest of your Sunday.
Good Night!



Jean said...

Indeed such a wonderful weekend with you sisters!

Your neighborhood flowers are gorgeous!!

Kathy said...

Sisters are the best. Sounds like a super good weekend. So glad you were able to get together. The plants are beautiful!

Mari said...

I love time with sisters and am happy you will all get together later this year. Such beautiful scenery at the arboretum. As you know - I've not a fan of swinging bridges either. :)
Cute pic of Ellen!

Theresa said...

Looks like you girlies had a perfect time together! I love all of the colorful flowers. Enjoy your day and week ahead, it is hard for me to post on a regular basis like I used to. It's ok to take little breaks as long as we check in:) HUGS!