Monday, May 10, 2021

Family is the Best!

 Good morning!

Let's catch  up on some of the happenings around here.

Sunday, May 2

Greta and Lynn and the boys came to visit that afternoon.

Of course the boys spent time on the trampoline!

It was a beautiful day for visiting outdoors.

The boys decided it would be so fun to sit on the back of the truck.

Toby is successful in getting up there 😊

And it was a fun as they expected it would be!

They went home with two toys that are no longer being used here.
The boys were so thrilled!

Saying it again,
these times are soul fillers for me.

The past year has been hard,
it's caused many barriers in being with my family as usual.

we have persevered.

We have made it work as we could
and keeping all of us healthy.

And that, my friends,
is a worthy goal!

Monday, May 3

Ellen was our sunshine on that cloudy day.
Shirt from Sister B's Tee's....
we love them!

Later she went for her second vaccine...
an accomplishment for a girl with a needle phobia!!
We are so proud of her!

Her reward was a take out meal from nearby Olive Garden...
She loved that 😊

Tuesday, May 4

Pretties we saw on our walk that afternoon...
Our beautiful neighborhood!

Noah wanted to get the mail!

We have hummingbirds!!

Thursday, May 6

A special little boy celebrated a 6th birthday!

Nana says he can have cookies for breakfast...
one of the perks from living with your Nana!
(and she doesn't say it must be ok with the parents on this day 😁)

He also ate cereal with his dad..
a perk with Dad working from home for the past year...
it's a highlight of his day everyday!

They went to Scoops for dinner, a game of mini golf,
then ice cream!
What a fun day!!
(We got takeout from Scoops for our good!)

But wait, the day is not over yet.
Gifts, of course!

Opening our gift...
he loves building with these tiles!

This is from his parents.
Now he doesn't need his moms phone to count his steps!

He also got walkie-talkies from is siblings.
They are having a blast with those!
Sunday, May 9

The celebration continues....

Such an expressive kid!!

He helped his mom make his strawberry lava cake!!
This kid knows what he wants and was very involved in producing it 
from start to finish!

He celebrated on the porch with his other grandparents.

Blowing out the six candles!

We also had more company that afternoon...

Gina, Justin and Bailey!
We visited in the garage...
it was soooo cold outside.
At least we were out of the breezes.

Gina and Justin ate some birthday cake and Bailey got lots of doggie treats. 

They brought me a pot of beautiful pink tulips...
a sweet gift that I will enjoy for many years!

It's a new week filled with new opportunities...
let's keep focus on making the best of those opportunities.

Have a great week!




Laurel Wood said...

It is so nice to see green In your world! The azaleas are so pretty on your street. You always share the greatest pics of family. So proud of and for Ellen! Happy birthday to Noah. Looks like he was so pleased with everything, thanks for the updates on all the family members. So happy you had these visits together,❤️

Mari said...

Time with family truly is good for the soul!
I love the pics of the boys in the truck. So cute!
The flowers around you are just gorgeous! It's been much to cold to be sitting outside here and our flowers aren't at that point yet.
Yay for Ellen!
Our girlies love the magna tiles too. Such a cute birthday boy. :)

Kathy said...

A great week for sure. Family is so important. Can't wait until I get to see mine. There's hope. Things are opening up. Maybe it won't be too long before I can meet you for lunch.

Theresa said...

I love all of the pretty flowers in your neighborhood! You all have SO much fun at your house, can I move in? Cookies for breakfast is what I like for my Birthday too:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Thanks for the update on your family. Glad Ellen got that second shot - proud of her. You have so many pretty flowers in your yard and on your street.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like a great week with the birthday celebration for Noah and family visits and flowers in bloom as well. Birthday wishes to Noah and congrats to Ellen on her second shot. Nice to see folks without masks again too.

Jean said...

Finally catching up with your blog! So many fun things here! These babies just insist on growing up! What are we gonna do????

Your neighborhood is GORGEOUS!!! I'm eager to go over to Anthony and Lori's today, because the rhododendrons are beginning to bloom.