Thursday, July 30, 2020


1. I do not like care for change. 
2. Where did the ‘create new post’ page go???
3. Clicked on it again and again. 
3. Why did I always end up on the page of posts already written??
4. Texted my sister....she usually figures things out before I do 😁
5. Ohhh, see that big plus sign in the 🟠  on the  bottom of the page?
6. Click it....oh my word. I hadn’t even noticed it. 

Ok, so now that we have that solved we will begin! 

Looks like I might get a red tomato....maybe??

Seems to be showing a bit of color
Other than green!!

When they start ripening 
I better be ready to eat tomatoes!

Picked one of these today to put in my salad 😊

Yesterday Ellen helped make dinner. 

Meat sauce for
GF and regular spaghetti.
Meatballs in sauce for one who doesn’t care for spaghetti,
Corn on the cob too!!
A big cooktop is essential for our big bunch  

First time we had it this year
and this is what was left! 
Sooo good! 

Since I noticed the big orange dot 
with the plus sign
came up on my phone
I’m trying a post from my phone. 

Will it work?? 
Guess we are about to find out. 😁

Take care, my friends. 
Stay safe! 


Mari said...

It worked!
I'm not a fan of change either...
Supper sounds great and so do those tomatoes!

Susie said...

Get the salt shaker ready Doris, I see so many tomatoes. LOL. Good for Ellen helping with dinner. I love to see kids cook. No alone though. LOL. I may not be blogging when things change over. I am never ready for change. Blessings to all of you, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

Karen said...


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I dont know change either especially without prior warning. You are going to have plenty of tomatoes thats for sure. Have a good Friday.

Theresa said...

Oh you are going to have to help me when I have to change to the New Blogger:) Love a bright red tomato! Ours didn't do so good this year but we buy them at a local fruit stand! Ellen is so helpful to you I am sure! Have a beautiful day dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like you will have a nice crop of tomatoes, one day soon, Doris. Blah to Blogger having issues as many folks are also not happy with new and improved. I have had issues too and reverted back to Legacy blogger and plan to stay as long as I can. I never text on my iPhone or iPad so am not interested in improvements to be able to do that. Good luck to you!

Cindy said...

I do not like change either. Blogger is not my friend right now. :(

Dinner sure looks good! We recently had corn on the cob for the first time this summer too. SO good!!