Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trusting through the Storm

I'll start this while the meatloaf is finishing in the oven.
Meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner tonight,
a favorite of mine!

Yesterday was a rainy, raw day.
We needed some groceries since it's been a week since we got any.

My DIL went to Costco
banking on the fact that maybe not many people would
be out on that ugly day.

She was right.
The store was emptier than it's been since this thing started,
per the employees.

It takes a ton of food to feed our household of 8.
She got a lot but meat is rationed.
If they had it.
She got what she could and we will make do.

Last night we had rotisserie chicken.
We usually get two and use what's left of the second one for another meal
which was in our plans.

 I also made mashed potatoes.
Normally use 5lbs. of potatoes
but wanted to be sure to save some for another meal.
 I used a little bit less.

This is what was left of our meal!

Pulled a very little bit off that bird to put away!

That bowl got scraped clean when I announced that 
too little was in it to make it worth putting in the frig!!

It takes a ton ☺

Today it wasn't raining but still chilly.

Was so happy to see some patches of blue skies this morning.
 It cleared more as the day progressed.
But not warm enough for porch sitting,
not by a long shot!

This robin sat on the tree outside our bedroom window just preening itself.
Was wishing it would turn so I could get a better picture.
Guess I should have asked ☺

Then I saw a bit of red! 
Those cardinals will not cooperate for good pictures!
Certainly isn't a good pic at all.

The world outdoors is waking up which causes
some sinus discomfort.

So thankful for this diffuser today
with lavender, peppermint and lemon 
essential oils in it.
(I only use Young Living EO's 
because I trust how they are planted, harvested and distilled.)

That blend is perfect for seasonal discomfort.

Yes, my desk is a mess.
Working on it....

But I'd rather read than clean!

Dinner is now over
and this is it from a 2 1/2 lb meatloaf.....

It takes a ton to feed 8 ☺

I pray that you are growing in trust.
Our God is absolutely trustworthy
even in the hard times.



Mari said...

Yes, feeding 8 takes a lot I'm sure! Your meals sound yummy.
Hooray for Spring, green popping out and birds. It's not too green here yet, but the birds are arriving.

Cindy said...

I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a lot just for 3 of us. I can only imagine how much it takes to feed 8! And you've given me the idea of meatloaf... I hadn't thought of making that this week but it sounds really good! I'm glad your family is doing well.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

We only have 5 to feed and that seemed like alot until I realized how many you have there. The chicken and meat loaf are two good things to feed a bunch, with little left over. Spring surely is just around the corner and porch sitting will come again soon.

Theresa said...

YUM, I love meatloaf and mashed taters:) We are eating good but getting tired of my own cooking. I am very thankful that we have food to eat. Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

Karen said...


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the visit and comment on our blog, Doris. yes we are doing well and managing OK in self-isolation which doesn't bother us as we go off in different areas of the apt to do separate things. yes, I can imagine how difficult and challenging it must be to grocery shop for a large family when quantities are limited. The two foods you mentioned in this post are great comfort foods and we mad meatloaf too last night, but with cauliflower and asparagus instead.

Jean said...

Ugh. It does take a lot to feed 8 people! I can't even imagine that anymore. I feel like I spend a lot just for the two of us. Going light on carbs is not exactly the cheapest way to eat, but necessary now.

Today's a nice day thankfully. Gotta get out there for a walk.