Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving and Beyond

Welcome, December!

I love this month so much.
Yes, it can get crazy and overwhelming.
Still love it ♥

Currently watching Elf.
I laugh like it's the first time I've seen it....
can't even count how many times I've seen it!


Our Thanksgiving Day

We had 2 dinners!

First one at home.
We joined Christy's family,
the Scott's.

Tried to eat light but that was hard!!

Good food, great people to eat it with!!

After dinner concert!
Zoe played her cello for her Grandma Scott.

Before too long it was time for dinner  #2!
This time we ate with the Smith's,
our daughter Marcy's other family.

The kids table.

No pictures of the adults,
guess I was too busy eating!
The food was delicious,
Totally hard not to stuff myself!

After dinner show!
Our granddaughter, Brinley, and her cousin, Maelyn.
 Granddaughter, Cambrie, danced and sang along ♥

We had a wonderful time!

Jess and Josh recently finished their basement.
So nice!
Ellen loved the little house under the stairs ☺


Friday Morning

 Breakfast with good friends!
I only took a picture of Ellen and her friend, Sarenah.
Other friends were Ben and his mom
and Bonnie and her mom.
We had a great time!



Yikes, what a mess!

Christmas exploded all over the living room!
I worked, Zoe helped, and we aren't finished.
No tree yet, hopefully tomorrow??



Zoe and Christy read the Advent reading in church today.

 Zoe did a great job!

The lighter was being difficult...
never fear, help is on the way ☺

As you can see, Noah needed to be involved too!
That face says all for that kid!
Love him to pieces!

Ice on the trees around here.
The roads are ok as far as I know.

Been a lazy Sunday afternoon and I'm fine with that.
My week days are usually super busy
 so some down time is necessary.

God Bless your Sunday!


Laurel Wood said...

Happy December! Your photos and collages are great! Looks like so much fun. I love the "little house" under the stairs - waving "hi" to Ellen!
All of your grands are precious. Nice to see Zoe with her cello.
Have fun watching Christmas movies and decorating.
Looking forward to The Voice this week!

Karen said...

You have a busy energetic family. Glad you had a restful day. Happy December!

Kathy said...

Two Thanksgiving dinners? I don't think I could do that. I barely got through one. I loved seeing Zoe with her cello. I was learning to play one in Jr High. I really liked it. Advent is so special, isn't it? Joe and I lit the candle and did the reading today. Glad the ice is just on the trees and not the roads. It's just rain down here so far. I hear we are to have bad weather tomorrow.

Deb said...

Hi - new visitor to your blog coming over from Kathy's blog. You have a lovely family. Sounds like a fun long weekend. Glad you got to rest up some on Sunday. Have a good week.

Theresa said...

Down time is good and well-deserved I might add:) Those dinners sure look nice, family time is the best time. What are you using to make those cute collages, being nosy:) I love them! We are busy decorating around here too, totes scattered everywhere, whew what a mess! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear Doris, HUGS!

Mari said...

Wow - you certainly packed a lot into that weekend. It would be hard to eat light with two meals.
The little house under the stairs is adorable!
We had a big snowstorm on Sunday. No ice, thankfully!
Loved the photos of the grands and Ellen too - they all look like they had fun.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You sure had a packed day with family, Doris, and nice to see all those happy faces and great-looking food. We also have a great visit with family in PA and with family who traveled to PA from NJ. Sorry we missed a get together this time (hopefully next time) and all our visits did work out despite some previous concerns.

Jean said...

How did I not know that Zoe is playing the cello?? My absolutely favorite stringed instrument!