Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Bit of a Glimpse into my Week

Where did September go? And how can we be almost a week into October already??  Zipping by, that's what's happening.

Let's go back to Friday evening, September 27.

For the last few years the cheer team at Donegal High School
invited the Challenger Cheerleaders to 
join them at one of their football games.

Ellen LOVES this!

Yes, we have a guy this year.
Ben is happy to cheer!

Ellen and her friend, Bri,
with Coach Deb.

I heard a man say as he was walking by
as the kids were cheering,
that is so neat!

Yes it is!!

Sunday, September 29

We celebrated Ellen's friend

Nicole had her 26th birthday earlier 
in September.
Sunday was the day the girls celebrated with her!

Kelley was so creative with this game....
each girl chose a color of string.
They had to untangle their string to get a prize at the end!

Nicole hard at work...

Emily too!

Ellen high stepping over the strings =)

Bri and her mom working together.

Looking to find what they got...
a gift card!

 A good meal of foods these girls love!

A fun horse race game!

Our girl, Ellen ♥


Cake and ice cream!

We had the best time.
Thank you,  Kelley and Nicole!!

Monday, September 30
I had the troublesome tooth pulled.

No pictures!

My mouth is recovering nicely...
it's crazy how black and blue my cheek was
and how that simple procedure
took me for an energy loop!

Glad it's behind me.

Tuesday, October 1.
 10 years ago on that date my Dad went to meet Jesus.

I miss him so much!!

Today, October, 5

It feels like fall!

 It was 50 degrees on our way to cheering this morning!

Ellen doing what she loves!

They enjoy a snack at halftime =)

After the game we went to see Grandson Aidain
play baseball.

Beautiful day but a little chilly!

There he is at second base!

After the game huddle.

Noah loves this dog!
I think the dog enjoyed playing with Noah too.

I wanted a picture of our player...

So he turned his back, crazy kid!
Dad encouraging a turn...☺

This is what I got ☺

That's it, that's all, folks.
Till the next time,

Please take care,
Enjoy the month of October before it's past,
Try not to mourn too much that shoe weather is here =(

(that last one is mostly for me)
((I wore shoes today. the first since April. I don't like shoes!!))


Laurel Wood said...

Hi Doris, I pray that you are healing and feeling better every day. I enjoyed the photos of Ellen so much. She is a great cheerleader! The whole group looks so happy. Happy Birthday to Nicole. Those look like some fun games! Glad you finally got a pic of Aidan! Noah and the puppy look so cute together. I know you miss your dad so much. It has just been 11 years since mother went to Heaven. It gets easier but we never stop missing them. I've been meaning to ask if you are watching Voice this season. I am loving it so far. Love you.

Susie said...

Doris, Ellen is so cute. You can tell she adores cheering. She has a nice group of friends too. What a fun party. Oh the little kids playing ball is fun to watch. I miss those days. My mom and dad have been gone 12 and 14 years, I miss them still. I do not know if we ever stop long for one more hug. Blessings to you and all the family, xoxo, Susie

Kathy said...

How are you enjoying the cooler weather? I am not a shoe person either and having to wear them now tells me winter is coming. Ellen looks great cheering. You can tell she really loves it. Glad you finally got a picture of Aiden. Kids either want to get into every picture or they turn their backs. Ha, ha!

Theresa said...

First of all, what a handsome Daddy... I miss mine too:( SO much fun for Ellen and I know she had the best of times. SO sorry about your tooth problems. Hope all is better now. Have a blessed Sunday dear Doris, HUGS!

Mari said...

Ellen looks like she is having such fun. I love seeing her cheer and I think it's a great program too.
The party looks like fun too and such creative games.
I told Jean that your Dad always reminds me of my Dad. I think they would have been friends if they had ever had a chance to meet.

Mari said...

One more thing - so glad that nasty tooth is gone!

Jean said...

I just LOVE the great things that Ellen and her friends do together. The games at the birthday party looked like so much fun.

It was so fun to be together last evening!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I enjoyed catching up with you and seeing all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read that the tooth ache is better, Doris. This post was certainly full of good things happening in Oct. It's wonderful that Ellen and friends celebrate their birthdays together as do the moms too. Yeah for the cheer leading start again. Yes, I too am wearing shoes, but then I did wear sneakers during the warmer months and have now switched to a different shoe.