Monday, September 9, 2019

Kids and Flowers and a Picnic too

First, let me thank you for your kind concern for my painful mouth. Saturday morning I felt remarkably better and I'm back to drinking my coffee hot again. Important milestone maker, let me tell ya!! I have a consult appointment on Wednesday. Guess we will see what the plan is from there. I'm not a fan of dental work. At all.

On Saturday Ellen got a shout-out at cheering plus they sang Happy Birthday to her. How sweet!

She loves Challenger Cheering!

I confess I was plumb worn out Sunday. It was my Sunday to help on the worship team at church plus I'm on nursery duty too. Practice starts soon after 9 so I had to get myself up and going....which I did. But it was a struggle all the way. During practice I really wasn't sure if I felt good enough to sing ....but I did it. I'm sure there were those who noticed my more subdued self! Thankfully the nursery wasn't busy that morning plus my grandson, Aidan, helped which made it easier for me..... together we did it! 

After church was a family gathering, hubby's family. I had made baked beans and GF spice cupcakes the day before. Kept the beans warm in the crockpot during church. Glad we can do that, saves us a trip back home! 

What a perfect day for a picnic!

Three of my grandsons sit on the grass in front of me
to eat their lunches.
You know I loved that!

Two boys up in the big tree that provided shade for us!
Boys and trees =)
And Nana constantly saying,
Be careful!!

My grandchildren love to walk in the long farm lane
to see the cows.
Pop Pop took two boys this time 
then took three grands later in the day. 

A tub of sand and a few toys.
Tons of fun!

More tree climbing!

I'm always amazed at the beautiful flowers 
my sister-in-law grows.

The most beautiful beds!

Roses are fading but still beautiful!
And the gentle fragrance....
I always go for a sniff!

Passion Flower.
Our plant did not make it over the winter....
it needs to be brought in each fall,
which my hubby always did.
But it just did not do well.

Sadly, it never bloomed more than a bloom 
or maybe two anyway since moving here.
We just don't have enough sun!

Butterfly bush

I have to enjoy sun loving plants and flowers elsewhere.
The trade off with living in a wooded area...
less heat in the summer!
It really does feel different on this hill.

Of course, it's the same in the winter....
it's colder up here too.

Snow hangs around longer and 
sometimes we have more of it too!
I'm not so crazy about those facts.

Taking time to porch sit when I can. 
It was beautiful out there today!

Seeing a bit of color.
Just a bit.

Fall is just around the corner.


Theresa said...

Wonderful day for a picnic! I love seeing those kids in the trees, great pictures! SO happy to see Ellen enjoying what she loves. Have a blessed day dear friend, we are seeing some color but the heat just won't let up:( HUGS!

Annsterw said...

Beautiful post - thanks for sharing all the pictures - I would be terrified to let my nephews climb that high although they woudl probably love it!

Laurel Wood said...

Your porch is so nice this time of year. Won't be long til you can purchase your favorite autumn and Christmas tea. Congrats to Ellen! She's a great cheerleader. I pray for your next dental appt. - please keep us updated.
The picnic looks like a lot of fun. The walk to see the cows, tree climbing and playing with toys in the sand...sweet memories. Her flowers are a real treat to see, also. Take good care of yourself. xoxo

Susie said...

Glad you got to porch sit. I love doing that...but this year has been a crazy bunch of sweat bees. They are just all over...even with bug spray. I would love to screen our porch in. Such cute kids around your place. LOL Blessings, xoxo, Susie