Monday, July 10, 2017

Best Sibling Weekend

I'm trying to post from my phone again. 

All my siblings gathered at my brother's home right here in Lancaster of us  from ldaho, Georgia, New Hampshire, and PA! Oh how we missed our sister, Janet. But she is enjoying life in Heaven with our parents and her daughter. 

A beautiful double rainbow to start off our time together. 

Friday evening we had a delicious dinner prepared by Dick (our only brother) and his wife, Nancy. All had arrived but our sister, Betty, who was driving a long treck from NH. She arrived after midnight!

Late Saturday morning we all piled into my van and headed to Adam's county to visit with our brother-in-law, Elvin, and his wife, Pauline. Elvin was married to our oldest sister. They still have the beautiful lakeside property where my sister lived and we sisters enjoyed several weekends together. 

They were such gracious hosts!

Elvin and Pauline. 

Pauline pulled out photo albums that had belonged to our sister for us to look at and take pictures if we wanted to. I found this one that I had to have! 

This is our son, Corey. But doesn't Noah look just like him!! 

We ate together, talked, reminisced, laughed. Lovely time!!

Of course, Elvin took us out on the water. The Lake and surrounding homes are beautiful!

Rose wanted to try waterskiing again. Elvin took her out on the other boat and she did it!

Too soon it was time to say goodby. Back to the homebase to freshen up, then to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Again, a great time!

Back to the homebase after dinner, all 8 piled into my van.....with tired eyes, filled bellies, and satisfied souls =)

Beautiful sunset!

Sunday morning we were invited to sing at Hernley Mennonite church where we all grew up and our brother still attends. It was like a big homecoming! So many people we haven't seen in forever were there. During the sharing time a precious lady who was a friend of our mother shared how Mom was a tremendous friend and spiritual mentor to her. We all shed some tears! Words can't express the joy of being there. 

I borrowed this pic off Facebook.  Jeanie, Barb, and I sang as a trio for many years. We sang two songs. I don't have a picture of all of us, but we all sang several songs which we had sung many years ago at family programs..... churches would invite us to sing and our Daddy would share the sermon. 

Lunch....delicious meal, again, grilled by our brother. 

Dick is out there in the sun grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage for our enjoyment. And enjoy we did!

Chatting, of course, as we put the meal together!

Precious Grandma Mary (our precious step mother) was with us for the day! 

Lots of chatter and laughter helps to digest all that food!!

We took time for more group pictures, we sat on the front porch, then to the back deck after it became more shaded. this bunch!

Middle....sillies :)

Bottom.....taken on Saturday at the lake. 

Mary Ellen read letters to us written to her from our mother. One was from our Grandpa Witmer! Precious. 

Such a beautiful day and beautiful surroundings!

After more food (!) it was time to take Grandma Mary home and say goodbye to the siblings. Today Barb and Betty head back home and Rose tomorrow. And Jeanie is driving to her home at State College. 

Another sibling weekend is history and will forever be a treasured memory!

Thanks for hanging in there through all the words and pictures! I'm never offended if someone skips through lightly :). This blog is how I like to document my time with loved ones and if others want to read it, cool! 


Mary Ellen said...

Doris, thanks for this wonderful blog. Gives me tears. Was an awesome weekend together. I love my siblings, and all who were a part of the weekend. Sunday at Hernleys was incredibly meaningful. said...

I wouldnt skip a word or picture, because I think it is fantastic that you can still gather with your siblings and other family members. The food looked so good, as did all the 'talking' times. I am thankful for you, that you can still do this, and so glad you shared it all with us.

Mildred said...

What fun and loving photos of your time together. It is so touching that you returned to your home church. You are very blessed and thank you for sharing with us. Oh yes, Corey and Noah favor a lot.

Mari said...

I always love hearing about your time together as a family. I love spending time with my sisters, but we are a much smaller group. Hearing things written by your grandma and Mom had to have been so very special!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, Doris, for sharing these posts of fun times with your siblings.

Theresa said...

No skipping with me:) I also use my blog to document my daily doings! Love spending time with family... mine and yours:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!