Thursday, July 13, 2017


Today I thought I'd show you some flowers growing in our yard.

We have a marigold! Aidan is happy since these are his.

Bee balm is blooming this year. We got this from my's so pretty!

Of course I'm tickled pink about this one =)

Am just so amazed at the beauty!

The same sister gave us these to plant this year....wasn't sure if it would come up or not. It did and now I hope it blooms!

We have loads of the ferns you can see behind the canna lilies. They grow wild in the woods making it look like a thick green carpet.

Waiting for the grape tomatoes to ripen. There are some plum tomatoes ripening also. The big  slicing tomato plants that Zoe started from seed are still rather small. We hope they hurry up and grow so she can pick some.

Now I'll finish my cup of pumpkin spice coffee while Noah takes a nap. Drinking it inside today because it's too hot to sit on my porch. It's been 90 degrees everyday this week.

I'll have to tell you a funny story from this hot week.....

On Monday when I picked up Aidan and Zoe from the drama camp they are attending, they suggested stopping for ice cream. We would pass DQ, and Wendy's wasn't too far up the road either. We decided on a frosty since it's only 50 cents for a small right now. As we pulled up in the drive through lane, we recognized the van in front of us. It was PopPop!! He decided a frosty was also a good idea on his way home from work! The kids got the biggest kick out of seeing PopPop at Wendy's.

I pick them up again's really hot out there....maybe we will go for it again ;-)

Dinner is roast beef made in the crockpot tonight. I'll soon add potatoes and carrots. That's always a hit meal for the family.......and do I ever love a crockpot meal!

God bless your Thursday!


Mildred said...

Your flowers are very pretty. That is cute about Pop Pop in line for a Frosty in front of you and the kids! Great minds!
I put beef stir fry meat in the crockpot with a little salsa, bell pepper and onion for our supper. Smells so good. Have a blessed evening.

Jean said...

Your flowers are amazing!! And your dinner sounds scrumptious. Now I'm hungry. I made a pan of lasagna the other day, so we'll be having leftovers.

That is too funny about both of you lining up at Wendy's, hahahaha!! I can just imagine how the kids laughed about that! said...

I do love your flowers and that Frosty sure sounds good on these hot, hot days. Funny that you, the kids, and then Pop Pop had the same thoughts! Anything cooked in the crock pot is near perfect in my book.

Mary Ellen said...

Your flowers/plants look great! So glad you have space to use my overflow of plants. I hope some butterflies find the bee balm. The cannon lilies look good too. Your hydrangea is beautiful!

Karen said...

Your flowers and plants look so healthy! I love beef stew with potatoes and carrots and onions. Enjoy!

Mari said...

Your flowers are so pretty! I bet those ferns are too.
A crockpot is a good friend. :)