Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Rainy Day

I confess....I'm not in love with a rainy day. It's been a good while since we've had one so I'll be ok. I Love a sunny day!!

My view as I drank my coffee and read the daily newspaper this morning.

More leaves coming down with the rain. 

God Bless your day! 


Jean Stauffer said...

I was just thinking the same thing this morning - I know we need rain, but we've really been spoiled by non-rainy days! SOOOO gloomy!!

Susan said...

It seems like forever since we've had one full day of sun! It's been stormy here and very gloomy for days on end... I find that I truly do **need** the sunshine to brighten me up. I know that God knows exactly what we need, but some sun should would be nice! Enjoy the day -- and hopefully your rain will end soon :-)

White Lace and Promises said...

And it's a beautiful rainy day there. It's really a cool cloudy kind of morning here. I think I'm gonna take a nap.

Linda Eller said...

I dont mind a rainy day now and then, but like the hot, dry summer, I dont want 90+ days of it.

Mildred said...

It's looking like Autumn at your house. If I don't have any where to drive to, I don't mind a rainy day every once in a while.

Theresa said...

A rainy day is a good day to stay in and read:) Hope you see some sunshine today! HUGS coming your way!

Mary Ellen said...

We do need the rain. Now the challenge will be mowing my lawn since it will be too wet tomorrow, and I get home too late to mow it in the evening now that it gets dark so early.
Rain days also affect my brain - My brain has a harder time waking up on rainy days!
I enjoyed your post.