Saturday, October 1, 2016

Busy Boy; Aunt Ellen Cheers; My Dad

It was a busy morning at our house today. Lots going on and family going in all directions. We decided that the Busy Boy would be best with me at Ellen's cheering. 

At first he was very shy....but he soon got off my lap to watch the game. 

We had a snack and a drink....books too... but Busy Boy would rather be on the move. 

Where he goes, I follow!

We walked the long halls several times. 
He charmed everyone!! A friendly elderly custodian saw us on our travels and shared a memory with me. Seeing this Busy Boy reminded him of his son when he was little. I thanked him for was SO sweet! 

Had to grab him quick....he was getting on the court!

I see you, Ellen! 

Waiting for Aunt Ellen. Time to go home....

How he loves his Aunt Ellen!!

It was a good morning. Hope yours was too! 

Missing my Dad today....

He went to meet Jesus on Oct 1, 2009. 
This photo shows the kind man he was. He was quite the encourager, loved his Jesus with his whole heart and impacted many because of it. So blessed to have this man as my Dad!


Mildred said...

God bless you as you remember your Dad.
I enjoyed the photos of Noah and Ellen.

Linda Eller said...

Enjoyed the pictures of Noah and Ellen. Birthdays always bring memories to mind.

Mari said...

I was following Jeans blog when your Dad was sick and when he went to be with the Lord. I felt like I got to know him - and Grandma Mary too. He touched my life, although we never met, and I know this day is sad, but also brings many good memories of him.

Theresa said...

Such a fun time and tiring chasing that little fella. Your Dad looks like a wonderful man, I know you miss him. Sending you a big hug today.

Karen said...

Noah and Ellen are having a great time. Sweet tribute to a fine father!