Thursday, July 7, 2016

Where I've Been....part 3

Today I will finish posting about our trip because the next big event is starting soon! Whew, must be summer!!

Monday, July 4th -

It would not be a Fahnestock gathering without this...

M&M's are always present!!

We decided to take a ride down to the lake.
Some went for this ride. 

Some went for this one. Yes, the guy in red took it easy for me :)

The beautiful lake. 

Lynette and John are into lots of exercise/sports. They tandom bike, which they did this weekend but I didn't get a picture, sadly. 

Here they are getting ready to paddle board....I think that's the correct term. 

Lynette gets ready.

John and their dog, Jackson, are out there too. 

More rides! Marlin with Carol and Dale with Fern. 

This is what I did while they were out....

My nose in a book and a little snooze suited me just fine :)

Later it was hot dogs made over a fire and s'mores, yum!

The day was not over until we went back to the lake to see fireworks. 

It was beautiful! And the mosquitoes were out and active!!

Day is done. 


On this day we traveled to the mountains in NH to Mount Washington. What a great time!

We arrive to get a van and tour guide to take us to the top. 

The van was full with all 9 of us!

Sights to the top....
The changing views are interesting. I did my fair share of gasping at the drop-off at the side of the road...thank goodness for a seasoned driver!!

At the top.

Nancy checks out the view. 

Hello from the top! 

Some people go up by cog railroad, some drive their own vehicles, some hire a driver with the green and white van, which is what we did. 

We visited this museum before leaving. 

We ended our day out by eating at a restaurant in the town of Mexico. What a fun day!!

Wednesday -
This day was an 11 hr drive home. 

We were SO glad to see this house at the end of our trip....

Home Sweet Home!


Mari said...

IT looks like such a fun trip, but it's always good to come back home!

White Lace and Promises said...

Wow! You have really been busy. How exciting to spend time with friends and family. Beautiful views. It's fun to see other places. I enjoyed my virtual vacation.

Linda Eller said...

There really is 'no place like home', but I love to travel also and see other parts of this country. Glad you had a chance to do just that and spend time with family.

Theresa said...

Oh yes, those trips are SUPER fun:) I know you enjoyed it! Have a blessed Sunday dear Doris, HUGS!