Thursday, July 7, 2016

More on where I've been

Saturday -
I forgot to include this picture in the previous post. 

We stopped to fill the car with fuel at this lovely little country store on the way to the cabin. The flowers were beautiful and the air was cold...59 degrees! And it was windy....brrr. Hubs decided to use the restroom which was around the corner. I thought I may as well, too.  Nope, a line of portable potties was not my thing. Decided I could wait! Nice of them to offer it though :)
We arrived at the cabin....

At some point we ladies went to a nearby Walmart to pick up food supplies. The guys went for a ride. 

Loading up!

Backing out of the garage...

Ready to roll!

The ladies found some things to keep us busy...not hard to do!


Breakfast is over and there's time for a game...before church! 

Five in our van, 4 in the car in front of us, heading to a little country Church. The service was nice and the people very welcoming. 

After church we had a cookout including some of Marlin and Carol's family who live in Maine. 

First time to meet this happy little guy! And, first time for us to meet his pretty mama. 

John, C&M's son-in-law, helps himself to a burger and some other goodies! 
John and Lynette were with us until Monday evening. 

Fern talks to Carol's 90 yr old mother. She lives in Maine, next to Carol and Marlin. It was wonderful having her at the picnic! 
Vern, sitting forward just beyond his grandma, is the owner of this beautiful cabin. He's also the husband to the pretty mama and daddy to that adorable little boy in the previous picture. 

This is us....L-R. 
Carol and *Marlin, Stanley and *Norma, Fern and *Paul, *Dale and Doris, *Nancy. 
* indicates the Fahnestock siblings.

The neat wreath on the door was made by Neeta, C &M's daughter. Unfortunately we did not get to see her or her husband, Joe. 

More about  our stay next time. As you can imagine there's a lot of post-trip laundry to do, things to put away today!



Linda Eller said...

More fun with more family! Cant beat it.

Linda said...

How wonderful to have such a nice vacation with family!

Mari said...

What a fun get-away! The cabin looks beautiful!

Karen said...

Looks like a fabulous time, and the lake is beautiful. Watch out for those M&M's...they're addictive!LOL