Monday, July 11, 2016

Witmer Family Retreat

It It was time for the Witmer family (I'm a Witmer) to meet at Refreshing Mountain Retreat this past weekend. It was a great time once again. I didn't take a lot of pictures but from those I took, it's plain to see that we did have FUN! 

Family came from PA, NH, GA, ID, VA, CA, MI, D.C., and Egypt! 

Group photo on Sunday afternoon....

Some came after this was taken, and some had to leave before! 
(Photo by Nancy W.)

Many challenging activities took place...

Pedal carts. Ellen enjoyed this....that's her in red.

Nephew Jeremy after he finished. He was trucking it around that track...said he was NOT letting Scott Smith (my SIL) pass him!!

Crazy brave people doing the ropes course and zip-line! That's my Kim walking across the bridge. 

Rock wall climbing. That's my grand, Paityn, bottom right, making it to the top! 

Some of us were content to just relax and visit :)


Oh that Scott! I didn't realize till I saw the picture that he was being funny!! 

Pretty surroundings!

Cute kids!
My grand, Brinley, with sweet Eli. 

Grand, Aidan loves to read. 

My Grands, Zoe, Brinley, Aidan, Paityn, with Eli (niece's son) pose on back of the golf cart. 

This book was written and illustrated by my niece who lives in Sweden! It's really cute! 


My only brother has a picture in a magazine!

There he is doing his thing at a tractor pull, his hobby!

Sunday morning church service....

We sing, of course! There is always a story for the children, and then we share what's been happening in our lives. There was laughter and tears. Some have experienced some really hard stuff in the past two years. But, God is faithful and he is enough! We heard that truth over and over. 

A puzzle was started on Friday evening. Here they are on Sunday afternoon frantically trying to finish it before we had to be out of the conference room at 2! I do believe they finished :)

My siblings according to age. 
We miss Janet, our oldest sister, who lives in heaven since 2004. 

Love these people!!!

My family that was able to be there...

Love these people tremendously!!
We missed Greta and her family who was camping, Kim's hubby Manny, Grand Laurencia and her family. 

Already looking forward to the next time in two years!


Jean Stauffer said...

So many wonderful, funny, tender, proud moments this weekend!! Still laughing at our ideas for a "surprise" weekend next time, hahaha!!!

Linda Eller said...

You are truly blessed with a big family like that. So happy you were able to spend time with them.

joanne said...

Nice family, and fun times together. It sure would be fun to have such a big family

Mari said...

I've always enjoyed hearing about the Witmer reunions from Jean! I think you have such an amazing family. :)
I loved the photos!

Theresa said...

Loved seeing everyone having a great time together. Looks like loads of fun. I could have hitched a ride with your Sister from Georgia:). Have a blessed week ahead. Hugs

Linda said...

Wow! What a great family adventure! It looks like a lot of fun, happy for you.

Karen said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Family reunions are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You have certainly made great family members the past few weeks, Doris. Glad that the weather also cooperated for all the fun outdoors.

Doris said...

Oh Theresa, that would have been fun! Put it on your calendar for next time :))