Monday, June 27, 2016

Last Baseball Game

Can you believe it? Seems like this year the Challenger Baseball season went by in a blink. It was a hot day yesterday afternoon, but the kids played really hard and had some fantastic hits. 

Friends :) 
(Our Ellen is in the middle)

Ellen is up to bat!

Ellen's friend E is up to bat. 

The spectators had wonderful shade and a great breeze, too, to keep us cool. 

After the game we were invited to Coach T's house for a cookout and a swim. FUN!!

Three E's.....Ellen, Emily, Elizabeth!

I love this ...three friends relaxing :)
Jenna, Ellen, Elizabeth 


Mari said...

I can see that everyone had fun! A ball game, a picnic and swimming? Sounds like summer!

Linda Eller said...

What a fun day all around. So good to see young people enjoying the many sit in front of a tv or computer. Have a restful night.

Karen said...

What a great experience. Congratulations to Ellen and the team.

Theresa said...

I miss being at the ball field! Looks like Ellen had a great time at the game and the after party! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!