Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life Around Here....again :)

• Remember that wreath that I decided to change out the flowers because they were so old??

I kept fixing it little by little...and I just was not satisfied. Ugh. 

From the street you couldn't see the side of the wreath that didn't have flowers on it. Never thought of it before I changed the flowers. Maybe the white was just too much if a contrast...who knows. 

Soooo, I bought a can of white spray paint. A slight bit of white and a start-over with the flowers....

...I'm ok with it now. 

Still think I should probably leave wreath making to a professional ;-)

• I recently got TWO new glasses frames. Our DIL, Christy, works for ModernEyes optical, a wonderful business owned by her brother and two friends. 

(Photos from their website)

They are all extremely talented in fitting frames to compliment your face. I had so much fun choosing my two. 

I'm very nearsighted and it's hard to like my full script glasses because of the thick lenses. Well, Christy worked her magic and I got the best pair I have ever had. I wear them a lot!

Cool, aren't they? 

Yes, I'll show you a pic with them on my face, too :)  although I'm not too crazy about pics of me. 

The other glasses I wear with my contacts. They have a progressive lenses that are 'clear' (no correction) at the top of the lense. I wear them so I can read. 

My friends, if you live anywhere near Lancaster, PA and are in need of new glasses, do yourself a BIG favor and give them a call or just stop in. I can guarantee a fun time all the way through the process. I say that with all sincerity 

• Baby boy is keeping me busy today. 

He scoots off that little step as quick as can as can be! 

What made him so determined and go so fast?

Brother and sister were playing a game.....on the floor. I suggested they find a table, and they did :)

Of course, guess who was right there.
He's a busy one!

• I have some busy days coming up and may not have a chance to blog or read your posts. I'll check in as I can....

Until then, 


Mary Ellen said...

The wreath is beautiful. Don't leave it to a professional when you are so creative. I like your glasses too. I'm pleased with my glasses from Modern Eyes. Happy Traveling!

Theresa said...

Happy 4th to you too:) It is nice sometime to get away from the blog, I enjoyed my few days away... but happy to catch up when I got back! Enjoy these days with your family, I'll be doing the same! LOVE the new glasses, you are a foxy lady!

Linda Eller said...

The wreath is so dont need someone else to do it, as you are good. The new glasses are sharp! Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

Mari said...

The wreath looks great and I love the glasses! Enjoy the 4th!

Karen said...

Love your glasses frames. I am shopping for new frames myself! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

No worries about your wreath decorating skills, Doris, as it looks lovely after the remake. I'm sure you may also keep puttering with it again. The new glasses are snazzy too. Best wishes to you for a Happy 4th with family!