Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Showers!

Our weather has been a bit crazy in the last week. We went from the 70's daytime last Friday to the 20's at night this week. We've had extreme wind Saturday night into Sunday. It's been cold even during the day....barely making it to 50 yesterday. Today the temperature isn't too bad but it's raining buckets out there!

April Showers bring May Flowers.
I'll be ready for a warm sunny day....and all those flowers this 'shower' will bring!

The cold nights did a number on the hydrangea. 
How I hope it recovers! I was looking forward to blooms this year.

The lilac has a few beginning blooms at the top of the tree. (They aren't visible in this picture)
Hoping to see my favorite, lavender lilac blooms, this Spring! Really, really hoping. 

The tulips are trying to open but the cold has slowed that process. The trees have beginning buds, but again the cold has certainly delayed progress. 

An early Spring is wonderful; set backs are certain in the Northeast. 

Last week I found time for a love love them! But my pretty toes have been covered with shoes, and sometimes socks, all week!! 

Covered in purple that's not all bad :)

Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe! 


Linda said...

love the purple crocs. I want to give myself a pedicure but when I take off my socks my feet turn blue, so I guess I'll wait until we at least hit 50. We've been having rain and snow's getting depressing.

Jean Stauffer said...

My daffodils bloomed several weeks ago, but this cold weather has made them bow over and die. Spring is always so painfully slow, almost like being in labor, hahahaha!

Theresa said...

The weather has been strange here but thankfully we haven't had any frost! I hope your hydrangeas survive:( Mine didn't bloom much last year and I am also looking forward to those beautiful blooms! Enjoy your day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Mildred said...

We have had heavy rain and cooler temps too. I sure hope your hydrangea will bounce back and bloom for you. I've never had a mani/pedi! Stay warm!

Mari said...

It sounds a lot like our weather. Today it didn't even make it to 40 and it snowed again! Spring will come though, right?
I love your pedicure and your crocs!

Karen said...

The wind here has made it feel like March. Love your pedicure. Makes me want to get one! enjoy your weekend.