Monday, April 4, 2016

Whew, a weekend filled with family, friends and food!

It was a whirlwind! 
I skipped a meeting at church in the morning because I just couldn't fit one more thing into an already packed day. I also had to say no to a Mom's pampering day at a local Catholic Church. Several of the mothers of Ellen's friends go and love it but, so far, it has never suited me....maybe next year! The big event for us was a gathering of my family and the family of my step Mother, Mary. We are the Witmer's and the Zimmerman's...otherwise known as the Zimwits! Our many children and grandchildren are the Zimwitties.....clever, eh? =)
It's been two years since we have all been together. Food was involved in this gathering, of course! I made a wonderful macaroni salad with gluten free macaroni. The recipe was given to me from a friend. It was so good and I will be making it again! I also made a gluten free pretzel strawberry dessert. Both dishes came home almost empty....guess they both were enjoyed by the bunch! 

I didn't take any pictures. There were about 50-60 people in attendance. Here are two pictures borrowed from my SIL 

The facility is a youth center in Myerstown. 
It's large...a big gym too, which provided lots of fun for the kids and active adults :)

We certainly enjoyed the food! 

Ellen had to work so she missed this event. Greta and Lynn offered to pick her up from work so we could stay longer...they had attended the meeting at church that I skipped and it was enough of a day for them. 
As a thank you, I brought 4 of Grandma Mary's famous and oh-so-delicious sugar cookies for Greta, Lynn, Carson and Ellen. These cookies are the best ever! (although I can no longer eat them, I certainly do remember!) 
There was much rejoicing :)

Carson tastes his first ever Grandma Mary cookie.....and is loving it!

The first Sunday of the month is always the day for a Fellowship meal following the worship service. I got up early to put the ingredients into the crockpot for ham and bean chili. I haven't made that one in a while and it was SO good! I used leftover ham from last Sunday, sautéed onions and green peppers, opened lots of cans - three kinds of beans and some tomatoes, dump it all into the crockpot and let it do its thing. That recipe also came from an old Taste of Home magazine. It's really good...only about a pint of it was leftover! 

From there, Ellen and I went to Conestoga Valley HS to see the musical, Cinderella, with her friends and their moms. Totally enjoyed the show and the company! No pictures. 

Then it was to Elizabeth's house for her birthday party! Yeah...more fun with friends, more food!!

The Birthday Girl!

The girls -

Emily also had her friend, Faith, with her. 

We ate tacos and chips and dip. Yummy! 
After eating, Elizabeth opened her gifts. That's always a fun time!
I missed taking a picture of Bri with Elizabeth :( 

I just love this girl...and her Mom!

Our girls enjoy giving and receiving. It's a joy, always, to see them accept and open each gift. Pure joy!!

Then it was time for Icecream Cake! 
Oh how they LOVED it! 

Elizabeth graciously thanked each of the girls for coming and our fun time together came to an end. 

A marathon of Family, Friends, Food! 

Two more pictures that showed up on Facebook before I went to sleep last night...

Two of my daughters! 
This is beautiful Gina holding Noah. 
What a wonderful picture!

This is beautiful Kim, our firstborn!

It's a cloudy and cool day in PA today....the sunny and warm days have taken a vacation. It's not going to be a nice week for us....hoping the weekly forecast is a big mistake! 

God Bless your day!


White Lace and Promises said...

Wow ! You were busy. I also love to hear about your family gatherings. I hope my children have lots and my grand babies have lots and we enjoy it to!

Mildred said...

Hi Doris, I guess you are watching THE VOICE tonight...I am!
I love these great photos of family, fun and food! Elizabeth's party looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday to her.

Mari said...

I always love reading about the Zimwit gatherings on Jeans blog. You guys know how to have fun as an extended family.

Theresa said...

Clever name for your family:) SO many sweet times together with family and friends... WITH lots of good food! Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!