Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Little Bit of Winter

Still not much happening here. Post holiday is a time to relax a little. Trying desperately to not be pulled towards busy! I'm still reading, still trying to put things away, still trying to arrange the shelves and spaces to have a pleasing appearance now that the festive and shiny accessories are packed away. I'm not one to keep it exactly the same.....I like to change it up, a lot. 

Last evening we had some snow. Was the first for this Winter. Of course I was driving in it during the worst part. Not that it was horrible, for most people that is.....the snow and sleet came down with a vengeance soon after Ellen and I left her gym. The 37 degree temp quickly slid to 32. We considered pulling into a parking lot to wait a bit but Ellen was super hungry and wanted to get home. By the time we got to Marietta Ave, the road was treated and the snow had slowed and we made it safely home.  

This was outside the back door last night.....not much accumulation at all. There was more in the front yard. The kids enjoyed kicking around in it before bedtime even though it was super windy and felt super cold!

This morning it's sunny and cold!

Yes, the outside Christmas decor is still in place. Should have put it away over the weekend when it was much warmer.

Today I'm cleaning. Tomorrow morning we have a meeting here for Ellen's IEP. All the agencies working with her will be represented....I'm so looking forward to it! 

Got to get back to work...have a great Wednesday. It's one day closer to Spring, yay!!


Jean Stauffer said...

We have several inches and the ground is white. Looks so pretty. Fortunately, yesterday was my office day, so almost no driving required. Lori said they have plenty of food and I didn't need to come over there today, although, now that the sun is out the roads are clear. Anyway, I am enjoying a day to get lots of music prep done.

Anonymous said...

No snow here but the wind is cold today. Hope you guys have a pleasant evening.

Linda Eller said...

No snow here, but it is bitter cold. Supposed to warm up by the weekend and rain. If it takes a turn for more cold weather, we might get a flake!

Theresa said...

It is cold here but no snow! I wouldn't mind seeing a nice blanket of snow before Winter is over:) Enjoy your day Dear Doris, BIG HUGS! "LOVE your header picture"

White Lace and Promises said...

I say bring on the cold and snow. This GA has had very little. Stay warm and enjoy your time in. Hope things are going well for Ellen.