Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Ramblings

Not much going on here. It's a cloudy, foggy, drizzly day again. I'm so thankful for the few sunny days we had.....

Fog is lifting which is good. 

Ellen, our 21 year old special needs daughter, is working with a job coach to find employment again. This week she worked at a discount grocery where she has been bagging groceries. It's something she was a bit hesitant to try, but is finding that she really loves it. She has two more jobs to try then the job hunt is really on. It's so good to be working with a job coach. And, so thankful for all the resources available to our special kids. 

I'm in the process of changing my primary doctor. My first appointment with the new is on Monday when I have a med check and fasting blood work. I'm ok with not eating....going without caffeine is the hard part!! At least this office is just around the corner from my house....I'll have the Keurig on before I go and get my kick in short order when I get home :) A really good thing!

God Bless your day!

This baby has the right idea for a day like this....but this was taken last evening!


White Lace and Promises said...

I think Ellen will be great in working with the public. She is so outgoing and I know she will be joy wherever she is.

Jean Stauffer said...

Cloudy and foggy here too. )-: We did have a beautiful sunrise, however.

I'm glad my semi-annual fasting blood work was early in December so I don't have to think about it for a while. There's a McDonalds right down the road from our medical facility, so that's always my first stop for coffee and a bite to eat afterward.

That picture of Noah is so precious. I'm eager for more baby snuggles soon.

Kathy said...

I don't have the caffeine habit so doing without is no problem for me. Because I have medical problems, I have a fasting blood test every 90 days. At first I thought I would starve, but now it doesn't bother me a bit. Like you my doctor is around the corner so it isn't long after the test before I'm eating that breakfast.

I hope your daughter finds the perfect job. So glad she has a job coach to help her out.

Linda said...

Foggy and drizzly here also today. One warmish day then the real winter temps will be here. I get to see my new dr next month too, actually she's a PA. My dr moved and I guess we have lots of PAs but not enough doctors. I have heard good things about her. Hope you like your new dr!

Mari said...

What a cute picture!
It's great that Ellen is trying out jobs; such a good way to find out what she likes and is good at. I know God has something great for her!

Theresa said...

I am SO happy for Ellen! I know that she is a joy wherever she will be working:) Love that last picture and YES, he has the right idea:) Have a blessed Saturday dear Doris, HUGS!