Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Fun Weekend

Saturday -
Elizabeth and her mom planned a movie night with the girls and their moms. What fun! 
We ate pizza and salad....
The girls are enjoying themselves. 

The moms are enjoying themselves too. It's a toss up as to who enjoyed getting together more :) the moms had a great time talking and laughing and sharing. Love these ladies!

After eating the girls relaxed.....
Ellen made herself right at home!

And watched the movie...

The moms stayed at the dining room table and did more of what we did as we ate.....talking, laughing, sharing....Fun!

Sunday -
I snapped this picture at church. 
Lynn was working the computer and two little girls thought they needed to sit on his lap. Our little Grands love their Uncle Lynn!

After church we went to our favorite Manheim place to eat, Twin Kiss. I get the chili, Dale and Ellen get hamburgers, we always get their yummy fries and end the meal with the delicious soft serve ice cream. Yum Yum! 

While we were eating Lynn, Greta and Carson came and joined us....then Scott and the kids showed up.....and as we were eating our dessert, Corey and Christy and the kids walked in! A whole row of Fahnestock's at Twin Kiss :) We all love that place. 

Our neighbors had a drop in that afternoon so after C&C got home we all walked down the street to their house. It was snowing just a little. What a great time we had. We wave to neighbors while they drive by but don't take a lot of time to chat. It was a delightful afternoon. 

After the brief snow the sun came out. 

The snow clung to the screen. Looks like lace, don't you think? 

Marcy and Scott and the kids came over for the evening. 

They enjoyed a game with these two. 

Another great weekend is past...another week has started. Time to get moving!

It's sunny today, a good thing!

P. S. Oops, I wrote this this morning. Was going to look over it then publish after I put in a load of laundry. Oops. It's now evening (a very cold 12 degrees cold) and I've yet to get this finished! Some days are like that....oh well!


Linda Eller said...

Looks like the weekend was fun for all. Hope the new week will be good to you. Stay warm and safe with the bitter cold temps.

Mari said...

Something tells me the moms like those gatherings as much as the girls do!
We had more snow and wind today which meant there were lots of cancellations! Glad you had a little sun.

Jean Stauffer said...

It's cold alright!! We have 9 degrees right now, feels like minus 7!! How about that snow forecast for this weekend?

What a fun weekend you had!

Theresa said...

Oh Doris, that looks like SO much fun! I know you and the girls had a ball! Have a blessed day, stay warm:) HUGS!

Mildred said...

Wow - lots of fun going on around your home lately. Love all the photos you have shared.
It was 9 at our home this a.m. Cold for us.
Have a nice evening. I love your porch even decorated with snow lace!

Karen said...

What great fellowship! Loved your pics. Lots of smiles!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Another fun-filled and busy weekend with family and friends. And hope the snow storm isn't too bad there, Doris.