Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cheering and a Project

Cheering -
Ellen was up early and ready for her morning of cheering! Go, Ellen!

The girls at halftime. 

Coming for a snack!

These girls have such a good time!
Ellen, Sarenah, Marissa

Ellen's friend Nicole

Our girl :)

A Project -

(Pardon the mess under the deck!!)

Know what this is? 
My hubby is painting an old kitchen cart that was my moms. It was very rusty...wish I had gotten a before pic. We tried another yellow that was way too gold. The other yellow spray paint at Lowes was John Deere yellow or Safety yellow! Oh my, were they ever bright! He found this color at Longenecker's Hardware in our hometown. Yeah for Longenecker''s perfect! 

Can't wait to have it all put back together again. The cart will go on our porch. Oh so nice an addition to my favorite spot :)

Happy Saturday to you!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Ellen and her friends. They all look so pretty and seem to be enjoying themselves.
I can't wait to see your cart; that's a great idea for the porch!

Mari said...

Good for Ellen! I love her smile. The cart is going to be very cute!

Theresa said...

Fun day for Ellen:) I love the cart and can't wait to see it all put together! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!