Monday, August 3, 2015

A Whole Lot of Special

Special happenings around here........

  • Special #1 - Aidan and Zoe wanted to have a sleep-over with Nana and Pop Pop.  Yes, we all live in the same house. But sleeping in our basement living room is very special indeed. Friday night they spent the night with us.
Daddy prepares the little tent for them to sleep in. 
Zoe can hardly wait!

These two.....they continue to melt my heart!

Books, stuffed animals, blankets, water cups, tissues....
ok, Nana, we are all set for the sleep-over!

They read by lantern light till Nana said it was time to sleep. 

They talked till about 10:30 or so. I only had to tell them twice that it was time to go to sleep. 
They slept really good and wanted to do it again.
 And we will....the tent is still there =)

  • Special #2 - Cheering started for Ellen! She loves this time. This season (UDS Challenger Flag Football and Cheering) is dedicated to a player who passed away this year. Chuckie fought a hard battle to the very end. His smile and enthusiasm for life was contagious. His Dad is one of the coaches and his Mom is very involved in many organizations which her son was part of.....same ones Ellen is involved with. Chuckie is really missed!! After the game, the kids did a balloon launch to honor him. 
Our kids ready to honor a friend.

Up, Up and Away.

  • Special #3 - Baby Noah. Saturday night Corey and Christy had plans to enjoy some time with friends. Aidan and Zoe were invited to have a sleep-over with cousins Paityn and Brinley. Sleep-overs are really happening right now! So, Nana, Pop Pop and Ellen babysat the baby. Easiest job ever =) 
This baby is precious!!

  • Special #4 - Last evening we gathered at Marcy and Scott's home. It was a beautiful evening and I spent most of it outdoors.
          The kids played - 

Next door cousin, Nolan, came over to join the fun.

So fun!

               We ate hot dogs and hamburgers. And watermelon and chips =)

Sweet Brinley ♥

Sweet Zoe ♥

Sweet Paityn and Aidan ♥

Nolan joined them too but I didn't get a picture.

            Aidan and Paityn kick a soccer ball in the big back yard.

           We made S'mores.

Yum =)

Brinley watches....
yes, she changed clothes for the occasion =)

We had a great time. Their new patio is so lovely!

Here it is, Monday again. A new week of goals...some to be reached and some that will be put off for later. One thing for sure, life will continue to happen whether I meet those goals or not!! 

Happy Monday to you!


Anonymous said...

The sleepover for Aidan and Zoe looks fun. I can remember having a tent and reading by flashlight. I know it meant a lot to Chuckie's family for the children to celebrate his life. Yeah for Ellen's cheerleading! Brinley is so petite but she (and her hair) are growing! You have beautiful grands and baby Noah is smiling now! So sweet. You are very blessed. Thanks for sharing the happy times/photos with me.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, be still my heart:) Those little ones having a sleepover in the tent! Aren't kids just too cute? Love that sweet little Noah, he is PRECIOUS! I know Ellen will have the time of her life, what sweet friends to honor their friend that they lost! Enjoy every day, I am pretty sure you already do! Sending HUGS your way dear Doris!

Linda E said...

What wonderful times you had. There just anything more precious than our grands and watching them play and have fun. Each picture told the story, and I really enjoyed seeing them. Blessings.

Mari said...

What a good time you've been having. I love the sleepover - such memories being made! The balloon send off is touching and sweet. The grands are all so cute!

White Lace and Promises said...

I love to hear stories of your family. Just sounds perfect to me. I miss a close family. Losing my parents, changed alot. I pray that my children and their children will always love BonBon and Grandy's and enjoy their time together. The two of them in the tent is just precious. I can just imagine what those little tongues were talking about. So cuuuuute!

Jean Stauffer said...

Such a fun post, Doris! Thank you, Lord, for the good things that keep us going through the heavy things!