Friday, July 31, 2015

Busy Days

I'm not blogging much right now. I'm not reading or commenting as much either. I miss it! But my days are busy doing what needs to be done, you know....laundry, cooking, dish washing, clean up, taxi service, baby holding, porch sitting too. Important stuff!!.....and I must be ok with that. 

Here's a few pictures I've taken this week ....

Sweet Noah smiling at one of Zoe's dolls :)
He's such a cutie!

Yesterday we had a storm that brought us an inch of rain in a short time. No need for watering the flowers!

I didn't think the blue pots looked so nice this year so I recently added deep pink to it. It's better. 

How can it be the last day of July already?? 

Happy Friday to you!


Anonymous said...

Noah has a great smile! I love your blue pots.
Enjoy the weekend.

Susan said...

I'm the same, Doris-- As much as I want to blog more... there's so much more that is priority. I love your beautiful flowers -- all the rain has certainly brought their colors to life.... and your little ones are precious! These sweet ones must be our priorities during this season of our lives. I will look forward to "seeing you when I see you"! Have a blessed weekend, dear friend!

White Lace and Promises said...

Beautiful garden. Azaleas? Mama always had beautiful ones are around the house and in a couple of other flower beds.

Mari said...

The summer is going too fast! I've also been very busy and that makes it go quicker. Your flowers are so pretty!

Theresa said...

Yes, taking time for what is most important is IMPORTANT:) Enjoy your time with all of those CUTE babies! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your ways dear Doris!