Monday, August 10, 2015

Family Beach Day

We try to do it every year. It's a Long day. We start out early (7-ish this year) and get home late (11:30p this year). Of course it's up early to get things ready and in the car and up late after arriving home to put things away again. Why do we do this??? Because it's always a fun day at the beach. It's a fun day with family!!

We arrive at Towers Beach, one of the DE state parks just beyond Dewey Beach. We set up our 'compound of chairs' :)

It was a beautiful day! A little hot but that's ok when at the beach!

The waves were crazy big and constant!

We were so happy to have the Byers family join us again this year. Baby Judah sleeps in the carrier on the back of his mommy! 

We had three babies with us and they all did great. 

I happened to be sitting next to Aunt Gina holding baby Carson. 

Carson plays with Gina's hat....

You taking my picture, Nana? Ok, I'll be cute for you :) and he was!! He will be 1 year old next can that be?!!

Another cute face! He is a delightful child. 

We enjoy the sand and surf from 11 - 4. Then it's time to pack up, shower, change, and head to Grotto's for pizza. It's a family tradition to have that pizza before going home!

Ellen has that old game with her all the time :) 


We had an oops and a spill....

But Paityn is still smiling! Scott is this moment, but he was fine.....though the pineapple juice got him the most :)

Yeah for pizza....7, in fact. 

Thankfully they have perfected their gluten free crust since last year. I enjoyed the pizza for me very much. 

Time to head home. 

Oh the traffic....miles and miles of traffic heading north!

Fun day! Let's do it again next year :)


Linda E said...

Great fun, memories and tradition!

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh what a fun day! It has been a tradition since my children married to go to the beach but from Nashville it's 9 hours away (only 2 from where we lived). Since the GRAND kiddo have come along, it's a difficult ride. We need to find something to replace it. I'm thinking a nice trip to Gatlingburg. That would be fun! Oh the memories you made. That little fellow is a doll.

Mari said...

What a fun day! (Except for sticky pineapple juice) :(
This is a great tradition. I enjoyed all the photos.

Theresa said...

I was typing my comment when the power went out last night! You may get two from me:) I love the beach and it looks like you all had a great time! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Beach days are fun and yiur family knows how to enjoy them, Doris. Packing, unpacking and traffic are the un-fun parts...but pizza too makes it worthwhile, spills excepted.