Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Twenty-Eight Years of Tradition

Our family looks forward to our annual trek to Long's Park in Lancaster for the patriotic concert and fireworks. Sunday was the day. We have been going since 1987! Lots of food (way too much food this year....not as many people were able to join us), enduring the heat until the sun sets behind the hill, kids having fun playing games, adults catching up on what's happening, listening to a good concert, loving the blast of the Civil War cannons during the 1812 Overture, and watching the most spectacular fireworks show ever happening right over you. That's why we go every year! Sadly, this was the last year for the cannons. I can't imagine not having them!

Grandson Carson came. 
He looks so cute in his red, white and blue doggie shirt!

My sister, Jean, her hubby and granddaughter joined us this year,
Jean and Dick started this tradition one year before we joined them.

Ellen has not wanted to come with us for many years. She is frightened by loud noises. This year she agreed to join us, allowing Aunt Nancy to join us as well since she usually spends the evening at her house, because Corey, Christy, and baby Noah were leaving before the noise. I think she had a good time.

Scott tries to stay cool =)
The kids don't seem to mind the heat.
It really wasn't as bad this year as many. The temp was in the mid 80's.

Sweet baby Noah!

The park was packed!!

Our friends, the Byers family, joined our group too =)

Zoe is prepared for the loud cannons...notice the ear plugs :)

It's getting dark....soon time for the fireworks!!

Not a good picture, just trust me when I say they were the BEST ever!!

This picture makes me smile....

SIL Scott says, A Happy 4th to ya!

It was a wonderful day.....can't wait till next year!!


Linda E said...

What fun, and great memories too! So glad it all turned out good...good weather, good music, and friends and family make for a perfect holiday.

Mildred said...

Great photos of your night together. Love seeing all the red, white and blue. You have a beautiful family!

Mari said...

I read about this event on Jeans blog. It sounds like a great time and I'm glad you were there for the last time of the cannons firing. It looks like a lot of other people were enjoying it too!

Karen said...

A great family tradition! Glad you all had a wonderful day.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful time and a HUGE crowd:) Loved seeing all of those fun pics and smiling faces! Have a blessed day dear Doris! HUGS!