Thursday, February 19, 2015

This and That

So far this week we've had a little bit of snow several times, extreme cold and wind. There's been sunshine too. Today it's sunny, windy and SO cold. Eight degrees and windy is cold !

 Christy, Zoe and I decided to shop at a 'new to us' grocery store in Ephrata. For those who are local, have you heard of Ebenezer Groceries? We found many great buys. Organic and gluten free items are abundant. Look what I found for me....

These are really good! There are four individually wrapped whoopie pies in the box. They were frozen and I'll keep them in the freezer. Oh, the price.....2 for $3.00!!

 Had one with my coffee this afternoon. I'm a happy girl! 

If you can stand another snow pic....this was taken one morning this week....or maybe last week. 

We had a snow squall last evening around snowed like crazy for about 5 min. where it was impossible to see.  It started to snow as I was waiting for Ellen to get back from work to take her home. The heavy snow happen just as we were leaving for home. I pulled into Applebee's parking lot to wait it out. Oh my, I do not like snow. Driving in snow is even worse. I was SO glad to get home. 

So this morning I couldn't find my glasses. I thought maybe they were in the car....I didn't see them anywhere in the house. Oh no, they were not in the car!! I looked again in my purse, and again around the house but they were not anywhere. I take them off to drive and was thinking I didn't get out anywhere. But, yes I did!! Ellen needed a bathroom and we went into Applebee's! I have a sinking feeling they may have fallen out of the car....I called and was told no one turned in a pair of glasses. I can't believe I could have been so careless, even though I was stressing about the snow.....

Buying glasses is in the really near future, I suppose. 

This sweetie has a birthday next week. We celebrate with family on Sunday. She is so excited!!
How can she soon be 5 already??? 
Sweet Zoe. 

Please stay warm! And, please pray for an early Spring!!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about the glasses. I cannot believe the birthday girl will be 5! Wishing you guys safety in the severe weather. The pies look delicious and what a great bargain.