Friday, February 20, 2015

The Lost is Found and several back stories

This morning I was getting my contacts ready to place on my eyeballs and I glanced up. Why, I don't know. Wait....what's that I see??

No way!! The glasses that I thought fell out of my car onto a snowy parking lot [2 days ago] were staring back at me!! I  guess they were there all this time....why  didn't I see them before this?!! I never put them there, never. Surely I looked there yesterday. 

Maybe not. 
guess I didn't =/ 

(before I took this pic, I had picked them up and placed them down again. I think they were closer to the stack of wash clothes but I'm not certain. Anyway, I didn't see them before this morning!!)

I always use the lower shelf for the pair I'm not needing. The two have different purposes. 

I had a dream this morning. In that dream, my glasses were found by someone I had just recently seen and talked to.... Someone I hadn't seen in years!! Anyway,  this person called me and said they would mail them to me. I was thrilled! But then, in my dream, I got to thinking how long it would take for me to get them. I must sing on Sunday at church (really need my glasses) and if they were put in the mail on Friday, I wouldn't get them till Monday even though they were sent locally....this thought process was all part of the dream!!

Back story.....last week I mailed my little local Grands and my Great-Grand in Baltimore, a Valentine card. I didn't want them to come early so I mailed them on Friday. I knew that Kaden wouldn't get his on Saturday and was sad I didn't think of that earlier. Of course two of the cards were coming right back to the same mailbox they left in because we live with 2 of our Grands. How sad that the cards were not the mailbox the next day, Valentine's day!! A FB friend had the same happen to her and we realized next day service for local mail is a thing of the past. What?? Monday was a holiday so the cards came 3 days late :(. To my surprise, Kaden got his the very same day as our local Grands. Crazy, isn't it? 

So all that was on my mind even in my dreams! 

I was SO surprised and thrilled to find those glasses this morning. I will have them to help me see the words I need to sing on Sunday :) 

So why two pairs of glasses? 

Another back story....
My vision for distance is very impaired. I've been wearing glasses since first grade. Somewhere along the years I started wearing contacts. As I got older, I needed reading glasses, too, to read. Taking glasses on and off gets old!! So, as a Christmas gift one year, our kids told me to pick out two pairs of frames...they were giving me glasses!! The one I was looking for yesterday is what I wear with my contacts. They contain a progressive correction on the top, correction on bottom so I can see and read! It really works for me! The other one has my full prescription/ progressive lense. I wear them when not wearing the contacts. Again, it really works for me. Except, when I can't find them....or lose them. I'm not telling you about the other pair I lost and never found. Nope, not telling! It's too embarrassing. 

So there you have it and probably more than you cared to know! Humor me , it's cold outside and brain cells are sluggish :) 

11:47a.....was below 0 earlier this morning. 

 Take care, stay warm!


Theresa said...

Oh girl, don't 'cha just LOVE finding something that you lost? ME TOO:) I too have learned that the mail doesn't make it in one day anymore! I don't like it either, but we just have to adjust our mailing schedule. Stay warm dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Karen said...

Reminds me of some of my exploits! Like finding my wallet just after I got a replacement drivers licence, etc!

Jean Stauffer said...

This was fun reading! So many things I could relate to. The only expensive pair of glasses Dick ever got were in his possession just a couple of years before he lost them on a trip a few summers ago. So it's just reading glasses ever since for him. Of course, he doesn't really need them for distance, so it's not that big a deal - except the money we spent on those glasses, ha!