Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold, Frozen, Lazy Days


At 7:30 this morning.

By 10 the temp rose to 0.

At least it's not windy at the moment.

All night long, Saturday to Sunday morning, it was very windy and very cold. I did not sleep good at all. The wind blew against the back of the house and frozen water pipes in the upstairs bathroom was discovered in the morning. 

The guys went to work.

First they thawed the pipes.
Then Hubby cut some holes to investigate the inside of the walls
to see where the problem was.
Corey used his phone to take pictures inside the walls.

(they still aren't sure where the air is getting in)

Hubby found some insulation to stuff around the pipes.
He used a yardstick to push it where it needed to be.

Hubby tried to keep the holes to a minimum.
I was expecting something much worse!

It's fun to discover a piece of how the room once looked....
wall color and trim behind the crown molding.

I prefer what we  have now ☺

Carpenter Hubby will fix the holes again. Hopefully we will find paint to match!

Today is a Holiday.

Aidan and Zoe are taking it easy.
It just might be a PJ day =)

Outside our windows.....

Had to check to see if it's still there....
Yes, my chair is waiting for me for whenever it's nice enough to enjoy again.
Can't wait ♥

But not yet. More snow is on the way tonight into tomorrow morning. 

Spring will come! I know it will. 

Blessings to you this very cold Monday. Bundle up!


Theresa said...

Blessings to you too dear Doris! The snow is beautiful, the kids are precious and I hope the damage was minimal because of the pipes freezing! Sending warm HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Frozen pipes are a winter hazard and hope your problem is resolved, Doris, but younhave a great team working on it. Soon enough you will be able to sit on your porch again.

Anonymous said...

I think we all are hoping warmer temps show up soon! Love the pic of the kids taking it easy. That's what I did today. Mildred