Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In with the new

Hubby and I decided we would buy something we needed this year as a joint Christmas gift. We thought it would be a new mattress.....a King size.....a really good king size.....because we are getting older and have some aches and pains that go with our advancing age ;-)

That purchase is put on hold for now. Dental expenses will do that. A laptop computer was the other item on our wishlist. The desktop is older.....still usable of course, but rather old. I have a smartphone which I use a lot. I have a Samsung tablet too. But, Hubby doesn't have either of those. Having a computer to use as we sit comfortably on our recliners seemed rather appealing!

Christmas month was very busy. Our resident computer guy really didn't have time to help us choose. We didn't have time to look. We were absolutely fine to be gift-less on the Big Day.

Whoo-Hoo.....fast forward to this week. Today, in fact. Corey, our resident computer guy, saw a laptop in a circular that was part of the Sunday News. He thought it would meet our needs and I was thrilled with the price. He went to the store after work today, and I'm using that computer right now! LOVE it!!

We'll have some learning to figure it all out. We'll take our time. How nice to have a resident computer guy to help us =)


Theresa said...

We stopped giving each other gifts a few years ago! We buy something we need and call it our gifts to each other or take a trip! This year we are talking about getting a new SMART TV but having purchased it yet! Enjoy your day and your new computer:) HUGS!

Susan said...

We are the same way with gift-giving! Dan & I were true Christmas Eve empty-nesters so we treated ourselves to a nice dinner out & our Christmas Eve service at church ... and we're now setting Dan up a true home-office instead of just a make-shift like he's been using. Have a great weekend!