Saturday, January 10, 2015


Friends are a blessing! On Thursday I had a friend, whom I haven't seen in about 3 years, over for lunch. Elsie worked on my team at the nursing home where I was the Activity Director. She and I connected beyond a boss/employee relationship right from the start. We both eventually moved on from that job. We got together a few times since then and sorta stayed in touch with email for a while. I guess life got busy, I moved, our email address changed, I forgot to save her email address to our new one. Sadly, we lost touch, though she was often in my thoughts. This past Fall, my SIL went back to work to help out at a job she held previously......met Elsie who works there and in conversation about previous jobs made the connection to me. Through the help of my SIL, Elsie and I re-connected. Oh joy!! We had a delightful time catching up. I told her our visit was food for my soul. Yes it was!

Today was spent with more friends....Ellen's group of friends and their Moms. Nicole was going to celebrate her birthday when we were at the beach last September. Plans changed for her and her mom and they couldn't go. Today we celebrated Nicole at her home. All the girls and all their moms were there. Love this group of friends!!

We ate together. 

The Beach theme carried on all the way to snowy January :) The girls ate lunch on beach towels. 

They played Bingo! (On beach towels)

They choose prizes from the basket. 

Of course Ellen chooses PB cups!

Nicole opens her gifts!
 Her gift from Ellen. 

Sweet friends!

Nicole gave the girls a beach themed gift.

 They loved it! 

Love these precious girls!

Happy Birthday to you!

The girls finished their time together by watching a movie and we moms sat in a circle and made plans for more gatherings. This group of friends blesses me tremendously. 

How I thank God for friends!

P.S. My blog friends are amazing too!! 


Anonymous said...

It seems God put Elsie in your path again. So glad you two could catch up.
I love these photos of Ellen and her friends. What a fun party!
I thank the Lord for your friendship!

Jean Stauffer said...

How very, very cool!!!! I just loved all the pictures of that party! I'm just SO GLAD you and Ellen have this wonderful group to have fun with.

Mary Ellen said...

I "ditto" Jeanie's comments. I am so grateful you have this group of friends.

Theresa said...

Awesome re-connection with your friend! I bet you guys won't lose each other again! What a wonderful time together, you with your friend and Ellen with hers! I love the beach themed party:) Friends are truly a blessing! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You and Ellen are both fortunate to have this great group of friends, Doris. And, yes re-connecting with a friend is always a great thing as I well know too.

Susan said...

What a wonderful testimony of friendship, Doris! You & Ellen both savoring in the bonds that last lifetimes .... and love your "beach theme" --- perfect to get through these cold days of winter!