Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Birthday and a Show

It was time to celebrate the birthday of Ellen's friend Bri. Bri's mom invited all the girls and their moms to Infinito's Pizza then to Lancaster Bible College to see the musical Fiddler on the Roof. 

The gang's all here!
(Minus Terry, Elizabeth's mom.)

The girls.....
Ellen and Nicole

Marissa and Bri

 Sarenah and Elizabeth

Emily with her mom 

Bri blows out the candle while the girls applaud!

Bri opens her gift from Ellen.....

She looks thrilled! It's a wristlet and a Target gift card :)


Bri gives the girls a gift....Nicole and Ellen are thrilled to find Reese's PB cups!

Marissa likes the notebook!

Thank you Bri and Marge! We loved celebrating with you!!

We left the pizza place and headed towards LBC to see the musical. 

We are ready to see Fiddler :)
Elizabeth asked me to sit beside her. I was happy to do that. She was really missing her mom....I told her if she wasn't missing her, we would be worried! She giggled :) Love this girl!!

The show was fantastic!! We loved it, we laughed a lot! 

I say it so often but I'm saying again.... I LOVE this group of friends! They are such an answer to prayer...they have no idea. Blessed every time we are together. 

It was a good day!


Jean Stauffer said...

What a good time!! I would love to see Fiddler on stage! That's a really good picture of you, by the way.

Mari said...

What a blessing to have friends like this. Looks like everyone had fun!

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun day you all had! Love seeing all of those smiles among friends! Enjoy today dear Doris, HUGS!