Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow and a Clean House

Monday it Snowed again.

It was a trying day. I do not like driving in snow.. 

Yes, it's pretty.


Tuesday the sun was shining and I felt like cleaning! That doesn't happen too often....feeling like it, that is. Our house was in dire need. 

Ahh, coffee break!

I also did some decorating. I'll slowly put away the Winter and replace it with Valentine's decorations.

That's what you call a 'mixed bag'......hearts and Christmas :)

I love fresh flowers. It was about a week or so where we didn't have any on the table. One day Zoe asked me where they are...she missed the flowers! We went to BJ's and carefully chose a big bunch of fresh blooms. Some went on the kitchen table and some on the dining room table. They are so pretty!

I didn't like the white candles on the tall after-Christmas sale candle holders.  But I didn't want to buy new ones. What to do..... I looked through the leftover scrapbook paper I had used for different projects (I never scrap-booked in my life).....chose a sheet, cut it in half, folded up one edge to make it the correct size, wrapped it around the candle and taped the long side to make it stay put. I liked the results!

It works for me! I won't be lighting them :)


It's Wednesday morning. It's a cold and clear day, yeah! I must take Ellen to work this afternoon. Clear is good, very good! More snow tomorrow and maybe again on Sunday. 

Blessings to you this beautiful Wednesday!


Theresa said...

The snow is pretty! I love your pretty flowers, Valentine decorations and scrap-booked candles:) Enjoy your day dear Doris, stay safe! HUGS!

Jean Stauffer said...

You need to come for a visit so I have motivation to clean. Things don't get very dirty with just two people.

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh, I wish for snow! Where is it that you live? I want to move there. I love the winter decor. There was very little left of After-Christmas sales by the time I made it home from seeing my babies. I guess I'll go shopping for hearts:)

Linda E said...

Thank you for allowing us to become friends. I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing all the pretty pictures. My Lord, my children, and my grandchildren are very important in my life. I saw you had about the same!

Karen said...

Loved your beautiful pics! I love Valentines decorations. My neighbor decorates the yard with lights and displays for Valentines. I love it!

Mari said...

I don't like driving in snow either. Today it was icy and not nice to go to work!
Your house looks so nice! I like having flowers out too, but our cat tries to eat them. :(