Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Snowy Afternoon

It's snowing. Here's a few pictures after it started around noon today. 

Looking forward to having my coffee out there someday again. 

I guess It won't be today :)

I wanted to take a yardstick out to a patio table before it got dark but I got busy making dinner and forgot! We have at least 3 inches. Hubby said it's not snowing was a fast moving storm. 

I took Ellen to work this afternoon. It was snowing a lot here but as I drove to the east side of Lancaster, they didn't have much at all. It must have just started there and was snowing much more as I headed home. The highway was ok but the 2 lane roads to our house were slick. I don't drive in this kind of weather unless I must. I. Do. Not. Like. It. For most people this amount if snow isn't a big deal. 

After I got back home, Ellen soon let me know they were only cleaning at one store and would be heading back to the Lancaster store......say what?? I called her Dad to encourage him to leave the job site early to go get her. Ellen needed to wait for a little while. At least the store wasn't closing early and she could wait inside.   

Home was a welcome sight tonight!

Everyone is here except Gina. She works the later shift tonight. 

Dinner was good even though I improvised....A Lot!!

Gluten free chicken pie. 
Doesn't look pretty, but as you can see, it was well received :) If you want some, you would wise to show up soon!

Yes, it's pretty out there!


Theresa said...

The snow really is pretty! I like to look at it but not have to get out of the house:) That pie looks YUMMY! Sometimes when I make it, I improvise too and it is still tasty! Enjoy your day dear friend, hope you can stay in today! HUGS!

Karen said...

The snowfall is pretty even if it is COLD! Your front entrance is beautiful. Looks so welcoming!

Mari said...

Hi Doris! I feel like I know you already, as I've followed Jean for many years and have gotten to "know" her family and the Witmers as well.
We have many similarities. I too love Jesus, I work in a Nursing home as a charge nurse, we both live in snowy spots and we love our grandkids. (I have two granddaughters, 2 months and 3)
You live in a beautiful area and I really like the hanging star in your porch.
I'm so glad to meet you and I'll be back.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I agree with you Doris in that I also do NOT like driving in snowy road conditions. The improvised dinner looked like it was. bIg hit...sorry we couldn't make it for leftovers😉