Monday, November 17, 2014

Howdy, Partner!

Zoe's pre-school has been having a Wild West theme. Today they dressed the part. 

Zoe says.....

Howdy, Partner!

What a cutie :)

It's a dreary Monday. It's raining and so cold. I am thankful it's not cold enough today to snow!!

We did have snow last Thursday. 

This was taken early... Before it got dark outside. There was more snow accumulation on the grass than shown here. 

The next morning... 
Most of the snow soon disappeared.
We do live in a beautiful neighborhood!

I'm looking for my favorite tea that is usually found in some stores this time of year.... Candy Cane Lane. Anyone find some yet?? I rarely shop in regular grocery stores (discount grocery is my usual) so I may miss out. That would make me sad, indeed. 

Starbucks had a BOGO....I had my first, for this year, Peppermint Mocha Latte. SO good!! And it was served in the red holiday cup....ahhh. Call me crazy, but I love those red cups :)

Happy Monday to you. Cold is here to stay, so bundle up!


Jean Stauffer said...

I got 3 boxes of Candy Cane Lane at Lisa's Publix last week, but have seen none here in State College. I don't think there were any up here anywhere last year. I can't figure it out. If I find any I'll probably buy all they have - like I did 2 years ago!

Doris said...

And I plan to do the same, Jeanie!! God help the people in my way when I find it, haha!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes finding your tea. Zoe looks so cute! Hope you guys have a warm and relaxing evening.

Mary Ellen said...

I wonder if they have it at the Country Store in Mt. Joy. That is where I first found it last year. I haven't been there for probably a month or more.

Theresa said...

Cute little one:) Enjoy your day dear Doris! Hope you stay in and stay warm! HUGS!

Anna said...

Looks like it's available for purchase online.