Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Little Porch Time

It's windy. The Sun is shining, though, and the weather forecast for the next week sounds brrr cold. So, guess where I'm enjoying my coffee this afternoon. On my porch, of course!

I have a blanket so I'll be fine for a little while. 

I will miss being out here. This spot has been my sanctuary. 

Pumpkin spice coffee.... Yum! I like Archer Farms brand, from Target. Green Mountain or Dunkin Donut brands are ok too.

Enjoy a few shots of my view...

It looks like November, doesn't it?

I just saw the another neighbor putting up Christmas lights. Wow. The first one took down the giant spider and scarecrow decorations and out came the lights and wreaths. (And the lights are already lit every night)  I'm thinking this might be a beautiful Christmas neighborhood....we will need to step up our game, as Christy just stated :)

I got cold and came indoors. Oh how I enjoyed it!

Now there's a little girl snuggled up on me and we are watching Tangled. It's a good day. 

Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous view. Your porch/view there reminds me of the porch we had at the home we shared with mother. Even in winter, I enjoyed that porch - but of course, it's not as cold here! The other day I saw where someone put just a pinch of pumpkin pie spice in with their regular ground coffee. Have not tried that yet. You and the littles have a sweet afternoon.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a great day to me:) Love the cooler weather, sitting on the porch with something warm to sip! Enjoy your day dear friend, snuggling with a little one sounds perfect to me! HUGS!