Tuesday, November 18, 2014

18 Boxes :)

So after I posted yesterday, I decided to look on-line for my favorite tea, Candy Cane Lane. My first stop was Amazon because that's usually where I go. I found it and sent in an order for 12 boxes. It was close to the price I'd pay at any grocery store. The delivery date was after Thanksgiving to sometime in December. That seemed like a long wait but was happy to know I wouldn't need to keep checking the stores. Who has time for that??

THEN... I decided to check the Celestial Seasonings site. It was less expensive there AND the delivery date was much sooner. I placed an order (ordered enough to get free shipping) and canceled the Amazon order. 

What a surprise when I read an email last evening that said my Celestial Seasonings order had shipped. No kidding!! 

Look what was delivered to my door at 10:30 this morning...

Thrilled! I wasn't home when it came. When I looked up the tracking around lunchtime, it said it had been delivered to my front door. Sure enough, there on my front stoop sat this lovely stack of boxes. Thanks, Fed Ex!

18 boxes of this wonderful tea! 
It won't be enough to last till next November. Oh well, I intend to enjoy every cup I make.... That's 18 boxes x 20  tea bags per box :)
I will share. Corey likes it too!

And, I will offer some to anyone who wants to join me for a cup of delicious tea! 

Uh, that's minus 1 tea bag.....I'm already enjoying some. 
It's really that good!!

Call me happy :) 


Jean Stauffer said...

I got mine that way several times before and probably will again now that my supply is getting so low and nobody up here seems to appreciate how vital it is to existence. Maybe I'll hit up Weavers in Manheim if I get down there sometime that they're open. They are the first place I ever bought it years ago. They served me a free cup to try it out. After that I used to go there every January and buy all the boxes they had left.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's incredible service! Wish I could join you. Enjoy.


I love Candy Cane Lane tea, too.


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, that's a lotta tea! I hope you enjoy every single sip:) Have a blessed, warm and toasty day! HUGS!

White Lace and Promises said...

I honestly have never tried hot tea, well on second thought, maybe once. I dont' remember whether it was good or bad. I'll have to try again.

Karen said...

I know you will enjoy this with the cold weather we're all having!!

Anonymous said...

I bought some peppermint tea today and am enjoying a cup for the very first time. I see now that your fav is candy cane - is there much difference in the taste between the two? I am reading about the health benefits of hot tea!