Friday, August 1, 2014

Silly Bakers, Haircuts, and a Consignment Store

On Thursday my silly little helpers baked a wonderful chocolate cake.....

They had fun!

This morning I took Marcy, Paityn and Brinley to get haircuts. Jess, our hairstylist, had son Nolan there too. Nolan is a cousin and neighbor to Paityn and Brinley. 

Jess started with Marcy then it was Brinley's turn. But Nolan heard his mommy say he needs a haircut too and wanted to get on the chair before his cousin =) 

Mommy hard at work while the girls watch.

Looking good Nolan!

It's Brinley's turn!

Jess was going to use the same cape as she used for Nolan....
Brinley requested the one with the cars!

Almost finished!

Paityn's turn! Would you believe I forgot to take a picture of her getting a trim?? She had her hair washed too. Such a big girl! Here she is after the cut.

Pretty girl
and so grown up!!

That was a fun morning. Later in the afternoon Ellen and I stopped at a furniture consignment store, Stock Swap, which is so close to our new home. I enjoyed looking at all their items for sale. I was surprised at all the glass dishes they displayed. Lots and lots of beautiful stemware too. 

Ellen starts cheering tomorrow....her favorite activity! She does not mind at all that her Saturday mornings will be filled until mid October. I'm not thrilled but at least it's not so far to go since we moved....that makes me smile ☺

Bless you this Friday!


Anonymous said...

They all look so nice with their hair styled! Tell Ellen to have fun cheering! Wishing you a delightful weekend, Doris.

Karen said...

Your little ones are sure growing!! I should go to school and learn to cut hair with all these little girls in the family!

Theresa said...

Sweet babies giving you big smiles and me too:) Enjoy your weekend and tell Ellen I said "Go Ellen"! Sending HUGS and smiles your way!

Jean Stauffer said...

That would have been a fun morning! I've always loved to do girly things with Destiny - and so wish I could with Sophie.

It certainly will be better to not have to run as far for Ellen's cheering activities. I'm so glad she gets to do it again.