Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Play Date

Brinley and Paityn came to play with Aidan and Zoe this morning. They had so much fun!

Zoe counted and Brinley 'hid' in the blanket...
they thought that was hilarious!

Brinley plays with the marble roller.
She wore the butterfly wings the whole time she was here.

So sweet!!

Love these kids ♥

Lunch on the porch before they went home again.
I will never tire hearing their laughter!
Good Times.


Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, What a blessing and answer to prayer these photos are. Your dream of a home big enough for you all and a space for the kids to play and grow up is a reality. Aidan is such a little gentleman!

Doris said...

Mildred, so true! Another prayer answered to be close enough to Marcy to be a help to them. Now that our other home is cleaned out and occupied, my days can include more family specials :) I'm so blessed and I so desire for this amazing home to be a blessing to others.

Jean Stauffer said...

Such CUTE pictures!! I am officially jealous of all the time you get to be with your grandchildren. But I'm happy for you.

Barb said...

Such adorable kids!! So glad you get to spend so much time with them.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Just spent some time catching up on blog posts, Doris, and it was great to see your grands and others. Yes, the new house is most definitely a home now!

Theresa said...

I never tire of that laughter either! Makes my heart happy:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend! Your porch and garden are so pretty! Love the walkway!

White Lace and Promises said...

How precious to have them all together! Adorable ones.

Justabeachkat said...

Such fun times! There is NOTHING like having silly times with grandchildren.