Friday, July 25, 2014

Hershey's Chocolate World ♥

We love Hershey's Chocolate World. So, yesterday Gina suggested taking the kids there for a fun outing....we have to do some of those before school starts in a month.

Here we go!

It's a happy place...
yes, there were crowds of people,
we knew there would be.
But it's a free activity.
We love free!

After going inside,
Gina noticed some changes...
where do we enter the free ride??
Oh, to the left past the candy and t-shirts for sale...
way back in the corner.
We found it...there was a big sign
and we were on our way for some fun!

On the car and on our way!

Look, says Zoe...

There's the cow!
She loves cows!

You hear the cows singing throughout the ride.

Ellen wants a PB cup!!

Mmm, Hershey's Kisses ♥

Aidan is always ready to come here.
We rode it twice....
he would have gone another time!

Gina takes a pic of Zoe.

Gina takes a pic of me....
and I take a pic of her ☺

We buy some candy to bring home
and it's time to leave.
Parking is free 
you leave before your 3 hours are up.
Then it's
We like free so we are sure to leave plenty of time to walk to the car.

What a pretty day!!

A stop at Wendy's is in order. Why wouldn't it be? ☺

Zoe says she is soooo tired....

Oh sooo tired!!

Aidan isn't!

Neither is Ellen!

Ellen thought wearing her Chocolate t-shirt for the Chocolate ride
was very appropriate.

Nana needs a mini van so she can take all her little Grands with her on these fun trips. Yes she does!


Blackberry Lane said...

Everyone looks happy! I love Ellen's chocolate shirt and the fact that she likes PB cups!
Wishing each of you a nice weekend.

White Lace and Promises said...

What a fun day! And free? I used to take the kids to the State Park about 15 minutes away. We could ride the paddle boats and fish and climb "mountains." Really the hill over the water fall. We did that every other week or so. That was vacation and they loved it. They have since closed it and I so wanted to do it with my kids. We can still picnic and camp there. But the paddle boats are no longer there. Glad you had a great time with the grands. ARen't they grand?


So fun. Do they give you tastes of chocolate along the way? The kids are growing.


Joyce said...

I loved your post. My family (especially my husband) loves chocolate. They would be in heaven at Hershey. Check out my blog. I am a mom of 5 and grandma of 10 and 58 years old. I live in Washington State in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Love God, my family and my life! I hope you don't mind if I link into your blog. thanks! Joyce

Theresa said...

Oh I can smell the sweet chocolate:) Looks like SO much fun and somewhere I would love to visit! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, we do enjoy Chocolate World too, Doris, and try to get there every time we have an extended stay in Lancaster.

Granny said...

Catching up on some of your posts, dear friend! What a great time at Chocolate World -- and I can smell all the freshness now!! We were at the Park 2 yrs ago before Michael left Walter Reed -- PA Wounded Warriors gave our warriors & families a free day plus Hershey dollars! Haven't taken the Chocolate World tour but would LOVE to ~~~ Blessings for you a wonderful weekend!