Thursday, July 24, 2014

Witmer Family Retreat 2014

Refreshing Mountain Camp.

It's taken me awhile to get this post written. I'll try not to bore you with too many pictures!

Friday evening we all gathered in this large meeting room reserved for our family all week end. It was a wonderful space and just under the rooms where we slept.

My hubby and my brother relaxing.

We were all so thrilled to be there and start the fun!

My youngest sister Rose (from GA) on the right
and sister-in-law Nancy.

This sweet baby Eli
was a joy!
His daddy is holding him and his mommy is on the left of this photo.
They came all the way from GA.
He is the first Grand for my sister Rose.
She has a second Grand in Hawaii. 

The kids soon decided to find the playground.

But first, Brinley decides to find more potato chips, haha!


We ate our meals in a large dining hall. 
The meals were part of the our week end plan. 
No meal prep. No clean up.
Were they as tasty as the meals we prepared in the past? 
But we didn't go hungry.
I even found enough to eat even though there were many items I stayed away from.

The young man on the left came all the way from Sweden!
He's the grandson of my sister Jean.
He's living here in PA during his senior year in High School.
He will be playing football for our home team
the Manheim Barons =)
We moved from that school district but will be attending some games.

There was a large wonderful pool to splash in or swim.

 No matter where we go,
the sisters find something to talk about!!
We laugh a lot, too!

Ellen heard there was ice cream for sale at the little shop next to the pool.
She enjoyed some!

The brave and a bit crazy (my opinion!) did a zip line and ropes course.
Oh my, not me. 
Not in a million years!!

How interesting...
this is what the on-lookers looked like!
Thanks to Scott Smith (my son-in-law)
for thinking to take this!!

We made S'mores Saturday evening.

Mm- mm, good!

Sunday morning after breakfast
we always have a Worship Service.
We sing.
Scott Kepnes always has songs for the kids.

They love Uncle Scott!

Aunt Nancy told them a story and prayed with them.

Is this precious, or what?!!

We adults take time to share.

And we pray together.
Special time, always!

The kids play games on their parents phones while the adults sing =)

Random pics.....

This just cracks me up!!
my son, Corey, and his wife, Christy 

My fam ♥

Lovely spot to relax, chat, and laugh.

Friends and cousins....
Jeremy form DC
Andrea from Arizona

Cousins ♥

Kim and Brinley

We ended our family week end with sitting on my porch
with my sisters =)

Andrea took this picture...I should have asked someone to take it so she could be included too!

what have I been up to this week??


and this!

It was time for that!!

Of course, I did other things too.

I'm off for a fun time....
tell you about it tomorrow!

Bless you today!


Jean Stauffer said...

I finally took time this morning to start my "book" about the weekend, ha! It's fun to see everyone else's pictures. I love our family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. You are so blessed to spend this time with family. The pool looked very inviting, even tho I don't swim!