Friday, May 30, 2014

Nifty Tool

We have this BIG new washer...

Yes, it's Big
and it's 

It's rather hard for this short Nana
to reach the last few things at the bottom.

I placed a little stool beside the washer to help me out.
I often would say as I reached for stuff....
"I'm going in"....!
Just in case I needed rescued from the depths =)

On Monday
Christy and Kim went to some yard sales.

They found this nifty contraption for me...

No kidding!
And we had plenty of laughs about it.


Well, lookie here...

It works for me.


Money well spent.
Yes indeed!

Happy Friday to you!


From the Kitchen said...

That washer looks like it can handle some big loads! I had to get a front loader for ease of getting the clothes out!!


Jean Stauffer said...

That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Great washer and I love the yard sale gadget. You would not want to fall in head first!!! I am short enough that I have to keep a stool handy for top cabinet shelves!

Theresa said...

OH MY, that is like a canyon down in there:) We have one of those contraption picker-uppers and use it for EVERYTHING! Enjoy your day dear friend, big hugs!